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Updates:Chapter 146: A Trap Called Custom

The main character is suddenly summoned to another world…..and the one who shows up next is a malicious and scheming noble…..obey or die. I’ll try to rise in this world and live on by any means! It’s the story of such a hero. Comedy and serious scenes? I’m the type that won’t let his guard down even when my magical powers are at a cheat level, I take my medicine while scheming wickedly. Was I only scared of my surroundings in the beginning? Well, I’ll do my best to become an indispensable hero! Isekaijin no Tebikisho Otherworlder’s Handbook 異世界人の手引き書
《Stranger is Handbook》 Text
Chapter 1: Hello, New World
Chapter 2: All alone
Chapter 3: Proof this is Another World
Chapter 4: World Structure
Chapter 5: Frontier Count’s Ambition
Chapter 6: The Decided Time Limit
Chapter 7: Marriage Partner
Chapter 8: Magic Master
Chapter 9: The First Encounter
Chapter 10: Young Lady’s Secret
Chapter 11: Quiet talk – Dog Knight Al’s Shock
Chapter 12: Training Reward
Chapter 13: A Present for the Young Lady
Chapter 14: A New Family
Chapter 15: A Too Fast Reply
Chapter 16: Training with the Soldiers
Chapter 17: Something Called Bento
Chapter 18: In Order to Never Make a Bento Again
Chapter 19: Exchange Diary
Chapter 20: A Man Beyond Expectations
Chapter 21: As Her Fiancé (First Part)
Chapter 22: As Her Fiancé (Latter Part)
Chapter 23: Cleaning Up after the Turmoil
Chapter 24: The Frontier Count’s Household’s Secret
Chapter 25: The Characters until Now ※Contains Spoilers ※
Chapter 26: Celebration Banquet
Chapter 27: Finding Excuses for the Suspicion of Infidelity
Chapter 28: Journey to the Imperial Capital
Chapter 29: The Adventurers’ Excuse
Chapter 30: The Bandits Showed Up
Chapter 31: Arrival
Chapter 32: The Exchange Diary Arrived
Chapter 33: Audience with His Majesty, the Emperor
Chapter 34: Secret Meeting with the Emperor
Chapter 35: Quiet Talk – The Unknown Soldiers
Chapter 36: The Emperor’s Decision
Chapter 37: Morning Sparring?
Chapter 38: A Secret Affair
Chapter 39: Sparring at the Training Ground
Chapter 40: Zest, the Mentor
Chapter 41: She Came!?
Chapter 42: Greetings to my Mother-in-law
Chapter 43: The Reason I Can’t Be Her Husband
Chapter 44: The Awakened Feelings
Chapter 45: Bea’s Smile
Chapter 46: Ears Covered in Blood
Chapter 47: The Man Who Aimed at my Fiancée
Chapter 48: Stupid Dog, Albert
Chapter 49: It Looked like Bed-Wetting, but it Wasn’t
Chapter 50: Who Did It?
Chapter 51: When There’s no Toilet Around, Do it in a Cup!
Chapter 52: A Title Bestowal Ceremony during which We Must Absolutely Not Laugh
Chapter 53: The Nightmare Weapon’s Revival
Chapter 54: If I Could Only Get Used to It……
Chapter 55: A Stupid Noble
Chapter 56: Why Did It Turn Out Like This?
Chapter 57: Return to the Frontier Count’s Domain
Chapter 58: Preparations for the Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 59: The Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 60: First Book – Epilogue
Chapter 61: The Characters until Now ※Contains Spoilers ※
Chapter 62: A Messenger from the Neighboring Country
Chapter 63: Battle at the Border
Chapter 64: Meeting at the Fortress – The Secret of the Frontier Count’s Household
Chapter 65: A Fixed Fort
Chapter 66: Conclusion
Chapter 67: Reward for the Greatest War Merits
Chapter 68: A Short Return
Chapter 69: Quiet Talk – Media and Tasel
Chapter 70: To the Battlefield, Once Again
Chapter 71: Talks with the Rebel Army
Chapter 72: Role-sharing
Chapter 73: Blessed with a Moment of Peace
Chapter 74: A Dodge Ball-like Conversation
Chapter 75: Duke Zest’s Territory Change
Chapter 76: The Birth of a Cat-Eared Civil Official
Chapter 77: Quiet Talk: Zest’s Wish
Chapter 78: An Important Gift
Chapter 79: Reuniting with My Family
Chapter 80: The Aim of Her Rage
Chapter 81: The Noble’s Way
Chapter 82: The Imperial Family’s Scheming
Chapter 83: Relaxation
Chapter 84: It Can’t Be Helped, for this Is Training in Homemaking Arts
Chapter 85: Training and Education
Chapter 86: A Lady’s Style
Chapter 87: Congratulatory Gifts for the Pregnancy
Chapter 88: Wisdom from a Different World
Chapter 89: Reasons for Prosperity
Chapter 90: The Pope’s Reply
Chapter 91: The Holy Country of Lilac
Chapter 92: The Pope’s Confession
Chapter 93: An Enjoyable Spar
Chapter 94: A Sudden Notice
Chapter 95: The Head of the Demon Race
Chapter 96: Let’s Go Sightseeing
Chapter 97: It’s Been a Long Time
Chapter 98: A Notification from Home
Chapter 99: My Mother-in-law’s Wish
Chapter 100: One Thing after Another
Chapter 101: The Style of the Duke’s Household
Chapter 102: Long Time no See, My Parents
Chapter 103: Neebel, Again
Chapter 104: Returning Home
Chapter 105: Family Council
Chapter 106: Quiet Talk – Suu’s Resolution
Chapter 107: Dealing with Suu
Chapter 108: Arriving at the Imperial Capital
Chapter 109: Secret Talk with Mother-in-Law
Chapter 110: Terrifying Nobles
Chapter 111: How to Use the Merchants
Chapter 112: The Prince’s Plan
Chapter 113: Study Meeting with Kalfa
Chapter 114: Knowledge is Important
Chapter 115: The Outcome of Our Secret Talk
Chapter 116: Enemies and Allies
Chapter 117: Education and Training
Chapter 118: Second Book – Epilogue
Chapter 119: The Characters until Now ※Contains Spoilers ※
Chapter 120: Strategy Meeting
Chapter 121: Dragons and Magic Attributes
Chapter 122: Cute Dragons
Chapter 123: A Sudden Notice
Chapter 124: A Noisy Childbirth
Chapter 125: The Daughter’s Name
Chapter 126: Naming
Chapter 127: Finally, a Moment of Break
Chapter 128: Discussing with the Guardian
Chapter 129: Turn Calamity into Good Fortune
Chapter 130: Bea’s Feelings
Chapter 131: The Last Stop
Chapter 132: Arrival! The Country of Elves
Chapter 133: Elven-style Reception
Chapter 134: Quiet Talk – Katalina’s Busy Schedule
Chapter 135: The Mysteries of the Elves
Chapter 136: An Illness Called Mating Season?
Chapter 137: Tactics from Now On
Chapter 138: Prime Minister Heinz’ Mansion
Chapter 139: A Battle Called Reception
Chapter 140: The Forgotten Thing
Chapter 141: Party at the Bar
Chapter 142: Returning Home for a Short Time
Chapter 143: Bea’s Unusualness
Chapter 144: Increasing Work Arrangements
Chapter 145: Albert’s Depression
Chapter 146: A Trap Called Custom