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Strongest Abandoned Son

Author:Goose Five

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Updates:Chapter 473: Dark Windy Slaughter Night

When Ye Mo suddenly woke up, he realized that everything around him seemed to have changed: He has been transmigrated into the modern Earth where spiritual energy is scarce. His pretty master from his former world was nowhere to be seen. Most importantly, he found himself in the body of a young man who has been abandoned by his clan for an embarrassing reason… 最强弃少
《Strongest Abandoned Son》 Text
Chapter 1: Is My Doodle Alright?
Chapter 2: Ning Family Wants To Break Marriage Engagement
Chapter 3: The Psychotic Who Sells Charms
Chapter 4: First Customer
Chapter 5: Renting A House
Chapter 6: Spirit Cleansing Charm
Chapter 7: Super Zhai Nan
Chapter 8: House Mates
Chapter 9: Prettiest Girl In Ning Hai University
Chapter 10: I Genuinely Want To Invite You To Dinner
Chapter 11: Complicated Substitute
Chapter 12: Do You Want To Treat The Symptoms Or The Disease?
Chapter 13: Not A Fraud
Chapter 14: He Doesn't Exist
Chapter 15: Sent To Police Station
Chapter 16: Su Jingwen's Tantrum
Chapter 17: Got The Wrong Person
Chapter 18: Ning Qingxue's Plight
Chapter 19: The Girl At The Door Of The Classroom
Chapter 20: Invitation
Chapter 21: Su Shen Gun
Chapter 22: If Life Was Just Like First Meeting
Chapter 23: Ning Qingxue's First Impression
Chapter 24: Shabby Gift
Chapter 25: The First Dance
Chapter 26: Taking Ning Qingxue Home
Chapter 27: Is This A Business Deal?
Chapter 28: Stalking
Chapter 29: Ning Qingxue's Second Impression
Chapter 30: Life After Marriage
Chapter 31: Helpless Blood Donation
Chapter 32: Embarrassed Merciless Bing
Chapter 33: The Person Who Sells Fake Medicine
Chapter 34: Young Master of The Song Family
Chapter 35: Ye Mo Didn't Come Back
Chapter 36: It Should Be By Ye Mo
Chapter 37: Sorry Ye Mo
Chapter 38: The Woman Who Got Off Midway
Chapter 39: Such A Powerful Woman
Chapter 40: Making Money Seems To Be Really Easy
Chapter 41: I Should Believe Him
Chapter 42: Three Beads
Chapter 43: This Money Isn't Easy To Earn
Chapter 44: Lethal Trap
Chapter 45: Who’s Going To Piss Off
Chapter 46: Borderland Flowing Snake Town
Chapter 47: So That’s It
Chapter 48: Robber Stopping You In The Tracks
Chapter 49: Slow Paced Walk
Chapter 50: Chaotic Flowing Snake
Chapter 51: Ning Hai Magical Doctor
Chapter 52: Far Off Living Place
Chapter 53: The Results of The Song Family’s Investigation
Chapter 54: The Leisurely Person In The Forest
Chapter 55: Lend A Helping Hand
Chapter 56: Chi Wanqing
Chapter 57: Treatment
Chapter 58: Found The Place
Chapter 59: Tibetan Characters
Chapter 60: Green Eyed Small Snake
Chapter 61: Was It Just To Repay A Debt Of Gratitude
Chapter 62: Why Be Used By Her
Chapter 63: Departure
Chapter 64: Ye Mo’s Rage
Chapter 65: What Is Really Cruel
Chapter 66: Where Did He Go
Chapter 67: Injury
Chapter 68: Ye Mo’s Return
Chapter 69: Qi Masterp
Chapter 70: Arrogance
Chapter 71: What is Truly Crazy
Chapter 72: Descent of the Crow’s Butt
Chapter 73: Famous
Chapter 74: Ning Qingxue’s Last Words
Chapter 75: Treatment
Chapter 76: Master
Chapter 77: Hesitant Yun Bing
Chapter 78: Whose Blood
Chapter 79: Was it Ye Mo?
Chapter 80: Confirmed It’s Him
Chapter 81: Awake
Chapter 82: Yun Bing’s Sigh
Chapter 83: I Can’t Let You Go
Chapter 84: The Prince Charming That Descended From The Heaven
Chapter 85: All Right, We’ll Both Sleep On The Bed Then
Chapter 86: Leaving Ning Hai
Chapter 87: Being Followed
Chapter 88: Perhaps They Came To Give Us the Helicopter
Chapter 89: Fighting For Power
Chapter 90: Plan
Chapter 91: So What If You Steal It
Chapter 92: On The Train
Chapter 93: Do You Think You Can Leave?
Chapter 94: The Dragon Crossing The River And The Local Snake
Chapter 95: The Second Beautiful Lady Who Comes To Flowing Snake
Chapter 96: The Old Ginger Song Yuanyi
Chapter 97: First Patient
Chapter 98: Last News
Chapter 99: Luo Susu
Chapter 100: Stopped
Chapter 101: The Battle in The Desert
Chapter 102: Tear Like Milan, White Hair Like Silver Sand
Chapter 103: Yellow-Clothed Woman
Chapter 104: Kulu
Chapter 105: The Person Trapped in the Desert
Chapter 106: Chase
Chapter 107: Underground Desert
Chapter 108: Re-encounter
Chapter 109: Terrifying Human-eating Bugs
Chapter 110: Bitter Well
Chapter 111: Third Level Chi Gathering
Chapter 112: Birthday Present
Chapter 113: People always meet at departure
Chapter 114: Nan Qing Lang Ji
Chapter 115: Intimidation
Chapter 116: Tactics
Chapter 117: Er Hu Apprehended
Chapter 118: $100,000 Waiting List Fee
Chapter 119: People Will Always Change
Chapter 120: Magic Artefact Social
Chapter 121: Ye Mo’s Stall
Chapter 122: Buying Spree
Chapter 123: Not Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 124: Hidden Sects
Chapter 125: Unable To Buy It
Chapter 126: Relocation
Chapter 127: Qian Longtou’s Irresolution
Chapter 128: Dongfang Xi’s Shenanigans
Chapter 129: I Miss Him
Chapter 130: Seeing Metal Nails Once Again
Chapter 131: Lang Ji
Chapter 132: Leaving Casually
Chapter 133: Qian Longtou’s Strongest Man
Chapter 134: Change of Mind
Chapter 135: That 1%
Chapter 136: Must Not Offend Ye Mo
Chapter 137: Fang Nan’s Lackey
Chapter 138: Eye
Chapter 139: Sister Ye Ling
Chapter 140: I Am Ye Mo
Chapter 141: Black Hearted Song Shaochen
Chapter 142: Brother and Sister
Chapter 143: Helpless Song Qiming
Chapter 144: Big Bluff
Chapter 145: Winnings of the Battle
Chapter 146: No One Can Force Me
Chapter 147: Each Having Their Own Calculations
Chapter 148: Ye Ling’s Problem
Chapter 149: Too Freaking Awesome
Chapter 150: Ye Mo’s Fury
Chapter 151: All of You Stand Out
Chapter 152: Good with Both Sides
Chapter 153: The Ye Family’s State
Chapter 154: Who's the Other One For?
Chapter 155: Uncle Ye Mo
Chapter 156: Artificial Cause of Disease
Chapter 157: Silver Heart Grass was Robbed
Chapter 158: School Mate Reunion
Chapter 159: Want to Go Luo Cang
Chapter 160: Kill All at Once
Chapter 161: Annihilation of Luo Cang Metal River
Chapter 162: Su Jingwen’s Means
Chapter 163: So It Was Him
Chapter 164: The True Hidden Sects
Chapter 165: Battling Daoist Xian
Chapter 166: First Patient
Chapter 167: Indeed Very Chaotic
Chapter 168: Cruel Means
Chapter 169: What, You Have A Problem?
Chapter 170: Predecessor
Chapter 171: Strange Patient
Chapter 172: Emotional People
Chapter 173: Small Girl
Chapter 174: Jiao Bianyi’s Idea
Chapter 175: Meeting Yun Bing Again
Chapter 176: The Nightmare in Yun Bing’s Eyes
Chapter 177: Is There Going to Be a Spark?
Chapter 178: Ou Family’s Dependence
Chapter 179: The Killing Blow That Was Not Used
Chapter 180: Attack
Chapter 181: Nie Shuangshuang
Chapter 182: Warning
Chapter 183: I Want to Hit the Ye Family
Chapter 184: Luo Ying
Chapter 185: Mission
Chapter 186: Date With Nie Shuangshuang
Chapter 187: I’m Still A Virgin
Chapter 188: Escape
Chapter 189: Between Life and Death
Chapter 190: Inquiry
Chapter 191: Relax
Chapter 192: Strong Enemy
Chapter 193: Life on the Line
Chapter 194: Shocking Battle
Chapter 195: Trouble at the Tourist Group
Chapter 196: Bottom of the Cliff
Chapter 197: Which Bracelet is More Precious
Chapter 198: Re-entering Shen Nong Jia
Chapter 199: Fright
Chapter 200: A Night of Running
Chapter 201: So Hard to See Each Other
Chapter 202: I...
Chapter 203: I Know
Chapter 204: She Will
Chapter 205: Touched
Chapter 206: Danger Again
Chapter 207: Gave Me an Ocean
Chapter 208: Return
Chapter 209: Terror Reappearance
Chapter 210: Secret Plans
Chapter 211: Killing Through Another's Hands
Chapter 212: Don't Try to Guess a Girl's Heart
Chapter 213: Returning to the Sky Ditch
Chapter 214: Shen Nong
Chapter 215: Powerful Nun
Chapter 216: Headed Towards Wuliang Mountain
Chapter 217: Unlawful Daughter
Chapter 218: The Honest Person Isn't Honest
Chapter 219: Bizarre Revenge
Chapter 220: I Am a Hooligan
Chapter 221: Being Serious
Chapter 222: Struggle
Chapter 223: Bottom Line
Chapter 224: Discovering the Evil Plan
Chapter 225: Crying Out Loud
Chapter 226: Deep and Meaningful Talk
Chapter 227: The Most Satisfying Way of Revenge
Chapter 228: Escape
Chapter 229: Carnage
Chapter 230: Fated Coincidental Encounter
Chapter 231: Interrogation
Chapter 232: Turmoil
Chapter 233: Act of Heroism
Chapter 234: Decisive Kill
Chapter 235: Ferocity
Chapter 236: Auction by Request
Chapter 237: Face Preserving Pill
Chapter 238: Competition in Auction
Chapter 239: The Best Thing
Chapter 240: This Is Wealthy People
Chapter 241: A Daughter and a Son
Chapter 242: Ambush
Chapter 243: How Is This Possible
Chapter 244: Jing Xi
Chapter 245: A Clear Well
Chapter 246: Heart Breaking Feeling
Chapter 247: Mountains of Swords and Seas of Flames
Chapter 248: I Came Late
Chapter 249: Meeting
Chapter 250: Jing Xi’s Killing Blow
Chapter 251: Insane Killing Intent
Chapter 252: Flying Sword Made
Chapter 253: I Will Make Sacrifices to My Sword
Chapter 254: Make Sacrifice to the Sword, Exert Dominance
Chapter 255: Not a Minor Thing
Chapter 256: Meeting Beiwei Again
Chapter 257: Fury
Chapter 258: Tang Jing’s Love
Chapter 259: Same Place
Chapter 260: Who’s More Gruesome?
Chapter 261: Ungraduated Doctor
Chapter 262: Magical Doctor
Chapter 263: Don’t Mess with Me
Chapter 264: You May Call the Police Now
Chapter 265: Plan for Revenge
Chapter 266: Fight to the Last Gasp
Chapter 267: Qiao Family Meeting
Chapter 268: Please Hold Up
Chapter 269: Qingxue’s Calamity
Chapter 270: Dangerous Race Ground
Chapter 271: Fight Fire with Fire
Chapter 272: Go, Immediately Go
Chapter 273: Blood Coral
Chapter 274: Short Sight of Importance
Chapter 275: I need power faction
Chapter 276: Please Leave
Chapter 277: That’s all there is to it
Chapter 278: Cheating Self
Chapter 279: Conflict Resolved
Chapter 280: Animal
Chapter 281: Starting from Scratch
Chapter 282: Re-entre Flowing Snake
Chapter 283: Diminished Family
Chapter 284: Attack On Amphibian Gang
Chapter 285: Su Jingwen’s Worry
Chapter 286: The Island
Chapter 287: Can be robbed
Chapter 288: School Mate
Chapter 289: All the world knows
Chapter 290: Found the clue
Chapter 291: Troubled with what to do
Chapter 292: Frightening Means
Chapter 293: Scheme for the blood coral
Chapter 294: Seen through
Chapter 295: Danger
Chapter 296: leaked
Chapter 297: Hunt
Chapter 298: Escape
Chapter 299: Finding A New Residence
Chapter 300: Cheap Apartment
Chapter 301: The Chick Next Door
Chapter 302: The girl who went ghost hunting at night
Chapter 303: Footprints That Appeared
Chapter 304: The woman on the 12th floor
Chapter 305: Took the wrong medicine
Chapter 306: Tricking a little girl
Chapter 307: Feeling Guilty
Chapter 308: Catching the thief and loot
Chapter 309: Chi gathering middle stage
Chapter 310: The elevator that went up by itself
Chapter 311: News of Taiyi
Chapter 312: You need to be responsible
Chapter 313: Identity Exposed
Chapter 314: Is Great Heaven Very Strong?
Chapter 315: Encounter with old friend
Chapter 316: Sworn as Brothers
Chapter 317: No one can be saved
Chapter 318: Someone you shouldn’t mess with
Chapter 319: No need to leave
Chapter 320: I am Ye Mo
Chapter 321: Who is the insect
Chapter 322: Beg for mercy
Chapter 323: Re-encounter with Nie Shuangshuang
Chapter 324: Lost
Chapter 325: Letter to Ye Mo
Chapter 326: Change
Chapter 327: Of course we’re going to go annihilate the ghost
Chapter 328: Don’t say such words so casually
Chapter 329: Lost Memory
Chapter 330: The conversation with Wu Guang monk
Chapter 331: Encounter with old friend
Chapter 332: Marks that disappeared very quickly
Chapter 333: Spirit Sense Mark
Chapter 334: The Vicious Earth Fiend
Chapter 335: Conflict
Chapter 336: Subdue
Chapter 337: Seek Vengeance
Chapter 338: Can’t stand a blow
Chapter 339: If you don’t die, I can’t rest easy
Chapter 340: Sha 1
Chapter 341: Know One’s Face But Don’t Know One’s Heart
Chapter 342: Hurt
Chapter 343: Wuliang Dian Cang
Chapter 344: You dare to go to Dian Cang
Chapter 345: Internal Conflict
Chapter 346: Grapple
Chapter 347: Shocking Means
Chapter 348: Start of Luo Yue
Chapter 349: Sensation
Chapter 350: Those memories
Chapter 351: Ye Mo’s Wife
Chapter 352: Luo Yue Looking For Partnership
Chapter 353: Strange Night Club Woman
Chapter 354: Confusing
Chapter 355: All Have Secrets
Chapter 356: Luo Fei with nowhere to go
Chapter 357: The Secret of The Inner Hidden Sects
Chapter 358: Join The Luo Yue Corporation
Chapter 359: Adversity
Chapter 360: Third Bracelet
Chapter 361: The talk between father and son-in-law.
Chapter 362: Using Authority For Selfish Motives
Chapter 363: Like Water
Chapter 364: Crazy Conference
Chapter 365: Danger At Sea
Chapter 366: Reject
Chapter 367: Slamming the tables
Chapter 368: Unexpected
Chapter 369: Special Care
Chapter 370: Being a hostage
Chapter 371: Chinese Gang
Chapter 372: Kicking the door
Chapter 373: Aggressive Coercion
Chapter 374: Too Careless
Chapter 375: You Dare Play With Flying Daggers?
Chapter 376: Zhu Hongsheng’s Cold Sweat
Chapter 377: Who Is It
Chapter 378: Looking For Memories
Chapter 379: Those Who Came Are All Beautiful Women
Chapter 380: Jason’s Game
Chapter 381: To Be Caught In One’s Own Trap
Chapter 382: Hanwen’s Descendants
Chapter 383: The Person Enduring the Most Hardship
Chapter 384: He Feng Yuan Family
Chapter 385: Sha 1’s Horror
Chapter 386: Vietnamese Gang Annihilated
Chapter 387: Hijack plane
Chapter 388: Abduction
Chapter 389: Abjected Shi Xiu
Chapter 390: Looking For Trouble
Chapter 391: Newly Risen Family
Chapter 392: Shi Xiu’s Destination
Chapter 393: I Really Don’t Believe It
Chapter 394: Capture Ye Mo
Chapter 395: Ye Mo’s power
Chapter 396: Song Xiaotan
Chapter 397: Ning Family Couple
Chapter 398: Gathering the Hong Kong Mafia
Chapter 399: Exerting Dominance
Chapter 400: Incident at the Mansion
Chapter 401: I am Ye Mo
Chapter 402: Great Name
Chapter 403: Preparing To Tax
Chapter 404: Clue
Chapter 405: Burning worry
Chapter 406: Investigation results
Chapter 407: Black Widow Xu Yuehua
Chapter 408: Plotting Against Ye Mo
Chapter 409: Ning Qingxue in danger
Chapter 410: The Eerie Skull Flag
Chapter 411: Island With Sulfur Smell
Chapter 412: Searching the Seas
Chapter 413: Saving on the Ocean
Chapter 414: People on the Island
Chapter 415: Recovering Memories
Chapter 416: Heart Longing for Return
Chapter 417: Boarding the Ghost Ship
Chapter 418: Volcano on the Sea
Chapter 419: The Fishing Boat That Didn’t Avoid
Chapter 420: Encounter Like A Dream
Chapter 421: Pirates
Chapter 422: Don’t Want to Leave You
Chapter 423: Each Having Their Own Calculations
Chapter 424: Join
Chapter 425: You Overestimate Yourselves Too Much
Chapter 426: Snow Mountain Ancient Tomb
Chapter 427: Caused Big Trouble
Chapter 428: Overlord Business
Chapter 429: Problem with Flowing Snake
Chapter 430: So It Was About Lu Lin
Chapter 431: Who Kills, Pays
Chapter 432: Silent Retreat
Chapter 433: It’s Over
Chapter 434: Want to Watch the Tigers Battle It Out
Chapter 435: What are you going to do?
Chapter 436: Cruel and Nasty Person
Chapter 437: Ambushed
Chapter 438: Fully Seated
Chapter 439: Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine
Chapter 440: Underground Research Base
Chapter 441: Keep Running
Chapter 442: Very Cool Indeed
Chapter 443: Yuan Family’s Signature Product
Chapter 444: Asking Xiao Lei Out
Chapter 445: Asking to Die
Chapter 446: Rapid Reaction
Chapter 447: Prepare for Live Broadcast
Chapter 448: Taken By the Unexpected
Chapter 449: Incisive Q&A
Chapter 450: One-Sided Battle
Chapter 451: Unexpected
Chapter 452: Won’t Be a Pig Twice
Chapter 453: Ning Qingxue’s ideal
Chapter 454: Mutant
Chapter 455: 9 Moon Sect In Ruins
Chapter 456: Battle of Sect Members
Chapter 457: Treasure Gone to Waste
Chapter 458: Hidden Sects Tournament
Chapter 459: Space Flower
Chapter 460: Gifted Pill
Chapter 461: Hotel Conflict
Chapter 462: Cruel Person
Chapter 463: Ye Mo’s Suite
Chapter 464: Increasing Power
Chapter 465: Surname Ye
Chapter 466: This Is What The World Is Like
Chapter 467: Hidden Sects' Meeting
Chapter 468: Six Outer Hidden Sects
Chapter 469: I’m Worried That He Won't Come For Me
Chapter 470: Conflict With Xiang Mingwang
Chapter 471: Shameless to the Extreme
Chapter 472: Making a Contribution
Chapter 473: Dark Windy Slaughter Night