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Chapter 233: Act of Heroism

Chapter 233: Act of Heroism

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Although she knew Ye Mo wouldn’t lie to her, Tang Beiwei was still shocked by the effects of the Face Preserving Pill. After eating it and taking another shower, even Tang Beiwei couldn’t believe she changed so much.

Before eating the pill, she was a top grade pretty girl, but now, she thought she had become a goddess. Was the girl in the mirror really her? She couldn’t even imagine.

Her skin was pearly white and her already perfect face was smoother.

"Brother, this pill is really magical…." Tang Beiwei ran out and yelled in joy.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Of course, you think it’s easy to make? Although it’s not very complicated, but one of the materials is very precious."

"Thank you, brother." Tang Beiwei run in front of Ye Mo then hugged him and kissed him. No girl didn’t like beauty. Tang Beiwei was no exception. She was really grateful that her brother gave her that pill.

Ye Mo patted Tang Beiwei’s head and said, "Beiwei, I need to go in the mountain again. Wait for me here." He wanted to go to the auction but knew he wasn’t from the hidden sects and thus wasn’t sure if he could go in. It would be inconvenient to bring Tang Beiwei.

She nodded and said, "I know brother, I want to go see mom today."

Ye Mo thought it would make Tang Beiwei quite worried for her to wait here by herself so he took a bottle and gave it to Tang Beiwei. "Give your mother the medicine in this bottle and wait for me to come back and cure her."

Tang Beiwei agreed and took the bottle. "I’m at Tan Du Shifan Uni. If you come, just go to the English campus to find me."

"Okay, after I’m done with the things over here, I will go find you. Remember, if that Wei Yongqian does anything to you, just burn him with the fireball. If anything happens, I will take the blame for you," Ye Mo said. Tang Beiwei felt very warm from her brother’s concern but was still shocked by Ye Mo’s words. No one could escape killing people in the city, but she knew her brother was doing it for her good and didn’t argue.

Ye Mo sent Tang Beiwei on the taxi before heading back to that canyon. After entering the forest, Ye Mo kept seeing some strange people. They rarely talked to each other. Ye Mo thought these people were probably all going to the auction. He wanted to ask someone around but found everyone was very careful and discrete. Many people used black masks to cover their face.

Ye Mo cursed. It was just a mere hidden sect auction, but they made it like the cultivation realm. However, he thought that he was only Stage 3, so he also took out a black cloth and covered his face.

After entering the canyon, Ye Mo found that most of the people at the auction were Yellow and Black Level. There were a few Earth Level masters, but compared to Black Level, there were very little. This made Ye Mo feel relieved.

He was only one line from tertiary stage of Stage 3 Chi Gathering. Once he reached that level, he would have the confidence to fight with Earth Level masters.

Just when Ye Mo entered the canyon, he saw a circle of people watching something, so he also squeezed over.

When he came in, he saw a familiar person. It was the girl whom he cut one arm off, but this girl’s arm was reattached. There was a beautiful serene looking nun beside her who only looked in her 30s.

He didn’t expect this girl to appear here. She was working with Lang Ji for Qian Longtou before, and her flying swords were quite good. Was she also form the hidden sects? Regardless, Ye Mo had no interest to care. As long as they didn’t annoy him, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so easy to mess with. Next time, it wouldn’t just be an arm but becoming ash.

Ye Mo focused his attention in the circle. Two men were at a stand off. One was Yellow Level tertiary stage, and the other one was Black Level tertiary level. Their difference in power was too great. The Yellow Level person already had a slash mark on his chest, and the blood kept flowing. It was obvious that the two were fighting.

"Xu Ping, you’re just a solitary ghost, how dare you fight over things with me? You ran last time, but if you don’t hand it this time, this place will be your burial ground." The Black Level man sneered.

Xu Ping wiped the blood from his mouth and said, "You’re so shameless, just because you’re from Broken Fist Hall, you think you can do whatever you want? I found the Red Meteor first, and I got it first, what right do you have to take it? Shameless."

Everyone had understood now. It was definitely because the Broken Fist Hall man wanted someone else’s thing and wanted to rob it from him. No one would believe that a Yellow Level fighter would try to rob from a Black Level warrior.

Ye Mo heard the name Broken Fist Hall and frowned. This name was so familiar. At this moment, the Black Level tertiary stage man walked forward and punched Xu Ping on the chest. Xu Ping spat out more blood. A bag had fallen into the Broken Fist Hall’s man’s hands from his chest.

Although everyone witnessed this happen, no one wanted to go up and say something fair.

Ye Mo scanned the thing in the bag and was shocked. That wasn’t some Red Meteor, but instead it was a Star Jade. Star Jade was very rare even in the cultivation realm. That was something strong people fought over. It could be used to make extreme grade spirit artefacts.

Star Jade was very hard to form. It was formed from meteor that had undergone countless modifications by space time. The redder the Star Jade was, the higher the grade was. This jade was already red, meaning that it was very high quality.

Ye Mo’s eyes went cold. He had to get this Star Jade no matter what. With that, his flying sword could be forged. But what excuse was he going to make to rob this?

Looking at Xu Ping on the ground, Ye Mo thought and walked out. He helped Xu Ping up and gave him a medical pill, saying, "Friend, eat this first, I don’t believe there is no justice in this world."

Xu Ping took the pill and looked gratefully at Ye Mo. "Thanks, brother, I’m Xu Ping. But you have no business here, move aside. That man is Zheng Chengze, he’s from the Broken Fist Hall."

It was obvious that Xu Ping was implying Ye Mo couldn’t mess with the Broken Fist Hall. Ye Mo smiled; no matter how strong the sect was, he wouldn’t pass the Star Jade. If he could use the Star Jade to make his flying sword, he would be able to kill Earth Level masters.

He didn’t believe a mere Broken Fist Hall was full of earth level masters. Broken Fist Hall, Ye Mo suddenly remembered that he got a dagger from killing Ou Tanhu, and the dagger had the words broken fist. So that was it. Ye Mo knew that Ou Tanhu and Zheng Chenze were in the same group. In that case, the Broken Fist Hall would come looking for him sooner or later. Thus, he might as well kill one first. Thinking about this, Ye Mo’s killing intent rose.

"Punk, justice is in the hands of the strong, f*ck off, our Broken Fist Hall’s matter is not something you can intervene with." Zheng Chenze saw there was someone helping Xu Ping—someone so young with a covered face—this caused him to become immediately angry.

Ye Mo slowly stood up and coldly looked at Zheng Chengze before saying heroically, "I like to intervene in things I don’t see right. Broken Fist Hall? Very strong? I’m going to intervene today, what are you gonna do?"

Then, Ye Mo felt a little guilty. Xu Ping was not a bad person, but he used him.

Although he did it for the Star Jade, Ye Mo’s words immediately got the agreement of the surrounding people. It was obvious Zheng Chengze’s overruling actions had made people unhappy, but no one said anything. Now that Ye Mo came out to say something, people immediately conformed.

Zheng Chengze coldly looked around before glaring at Ye Mo and Xu Ping and said, "You two are lucky today, don’t make me see you again."

Then, he turned to leave.

Ye Mo came for the Star Jade today, and saving Xu Ping was just a part of the package. How could he let the main thing escape. He didn’t even think and stopped Zheng Chengze. "You want to go? Stop dreaming, you think you can leave after taking other people’s thing?"

"Punk, you want to die." Zheng Chengze was really angry now. Although he was annoyed that Ye Mo saved Xu Ping, he got the thing so he didn’t care. Now that he wanted to leave, this insolent punk dared to stop him.

Zheng Chengze didn’t even think and swung with the long sword he pulled out from his back.

However, Ye Mo didn’t dare to block with his long sword because he couldn’t expose that he had a storage ring. Second, he knew that sword was troublesome. If people knew Bian Po’s sword was on him, he would be the primary suspect.

Without a weapon to use, Ye Mo wanted a flying sword even more.

In a moment’s time, Zheng Chengze’s sword was already in from of Ye Mo. People couldn’t bare to look. After all, Ye Mo was only in his 20s. Even if he learnt martial arts at a very young age, and even if he was extremely talented, he could only be Yellow Level at most. How could he be a match for Zheng Chengze?

However, Ye Mo didn’t care about that much. He locked Zheng Chengze’s sword with his spirit sense and struck out with his fist.

No one dared to believe that Ye Mo dared to fight a long sword with his fist. Everyone thought Ye Mo was crazy.