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Updates:Chapter 174 Meeting a rival in love again makes eyes even redder

He is the ruler of the mercenary realm, an overlord that gives headaches to the leaders of any country! For the sake of his friends, he’s willing to sacrifice himself; for the sake of his family, he does not hesitate to spill blood! He is a dragon, one that soars above even the highest of heavens. He’s a power that advances triumphantly through unstable situations, stirring up both the winds and the waters. Associated Names Cauji Bing Wang Overlord of Mercenaries SSK 超级兵王
《Super Soldier King》 Text
Chapter 1: Hijacking
Chapter 2: Hijacking(2)
Chapter 3: Returning Home
Chapter 4: Father
Chapter 5: Inquiry
Chapter 6: Search
Chapter 7: A Man’s Tears
Chapter 8: Lin Rou Rou
Chapter 9: Vendetta
Chapter 10: Arrested
Chapter 11: How Dare You?
Chapter 12: Harrassment
Chapter 13: A Dragon in the Prison
Chapter 14: Visit
Chapter 15: Challenge
Chapter 16: Brothers
Chapter 17: Daily Family Chats
Chapter 18: Don’t cry until you see the coffin
Chapter 19: Date
Chapter 20: Bitchy Couple
Chapter 21: He’s an ordinary kid?
Chapter 22: Young masters pretending to be bold
Chapter 23: Masochists
Chapter 24: Old friend, we meet again
Chapter 25: Er sao is a hero among women
Chapter 26: The way of a career man
Chapter 27: Kindred Spirits
Chapter 28: Prince of Gossip
Chapter 29: Do you know how to write the word “die”?
Chapter 30: Simple and Honest Expert
Chapter 31: Also Wolf Fang
Chapter 32: Zhao Tian Hao
Chapter 33: Seven Kills
Chapter 34: Wolf Fang vs Seven Kills
Chapter 35: The Brotherhood
Chapter 36: Who is the mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 37: The Con
Chapter 38: The Report
Chapter 39: Let me call you Yue Yue
Chapter 40: Fiancee
Chapter 41: Lika a married couple
Chapter 42: The heart of a woman is a needle on a seabed
Chapter 43: Fate
Chapter 44: I’m her boyfriend
Chapter 45: The bastard that had a chance but lost it
Chapter 46: Adorable
Chapter 47: Boss, you’ve gone soft
Chapter 48: Turns Out You’re This Wild
Chapter 49: Qin Yue’s Mysterious Identity
Chapter 50: Framed
Chapter 51: Two Women Fighting Part 1
Chapter 52: Two Women Fighting Part 2
Chapter 53: Bodyguard
Chapter 54: Return to the Police Station
Chapter 55: Father and Daughter Conspirators
Chapter 56: Conspiracy
Chapter 57: Kidnapping
Chapter 58: Forcing a Confession
Chapter 59: Father and son go into battle
Chapter 60: Negotiation
Chapter 61: Political Party
Chapter 62: Stroke of Luck
Chapter 63: The police station becomes a pot of porridge
Chapter 64: See the Ghost
Chapter 65: Comradeship VS The Law
Chapter 66: The Word “Trust”
Chapter 67: Talking Big
Chapter 68: Can’t help it
Chapter 69: Shopping
Chapter 70: Jewelry Auction (part 1)
Chapter 71: Jewelry Auction (part 2)
Chapter 72: Jewelry Auction (part 3)
Chapter 73: Jewelry Auction (part 4)
Chapter 74: Jewelry Auction (part 5)
Chapter 75: Jewelry Auction (part 6)
Chapter 76: The Ball (1)
Chapter 77: The Ball (2)
Chapter 78: The Ball (3)
Chapter 79: The Ball (4)
Chapter 80: Robbery(1)
Chapter 81: Robbery(2)
Chapter 82: living together
Chapter 83: Release Her
Chapter 84: The Fate of Assassins
Chapter 85: Meeting the Family
Chapter 86: Honorable Uncle
Chapter 87: Rou Rou’s story
Chapter 88: Memories
Chapter 89: Meandering
Chapter 90: Hunter
Chapter 91: Meeting The Municipal Committee's Deputy Secretary
Chapter 92: Cooperation
Chapter 93: Birthday Present
Chapter 94: Rukawa Kaede
Chapter 95: Melting the iceberg
Chapter 96: Wife’s Younger Brother
Chapter 97: A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Chapter 98: No news whatsoever
Chapter 99: entering the border
Chapter 100: Guerilla Group
Chapter 101: Business Deal
Chapter 102: A business with no loss
Chapter 103: Swapping Notes
Chapter 104: The Wolf Fang’s Anger
Chapter 105: The Wolf Fang’s Anger (2)
Chapter 106: The Wolf Fang’s Anger (3)
Chapter 107: Mystery Man
Chapter 108: Juzi of Mohism
Chapter 109: Asking for Trouble
Chapter 110: Mother-in-law (1)
Chapter 111: Mother-in-law (2)
Chapter 112: Mother in Law (3)
Chapter 113: Hidden Dangers
Chapter 114: Zhao Ya is Missing
Chapter 115: Qin Yue Loses Her Temper
Chapter 116: Fooling around
Chapter 117: Ouyang Tianming’s Threat
Chapter 118: Sniper
Chapter 119: Psychologically Twisted
Chapter 120: A Man Has Gold Under His Knees
Chapter 121: Hongmen Heiress
Chapter 122: Never Give Up and Never Give In
Chapter 123: Zhao Ya – The Wise Woman
Chapter 124: What's your superpower
Chapter 125: The Fallen Qin Yue
Chapter 126: The All-Knowing Hu Ke
Chapter 127: Ye Qian, You really disappoint me
Chapter 128: Simple and straightforward face
Chapter 129: A fierce horse is a good horse
Chapter 130: Going to the doctor
Chapter 131: Love Triangle
Chapter 132: Mummified Wang Hu
Chapter 133 Best Words of Love to Hear
Chapter 134 Rou Rou’s Thoughts
Chapter 135 I’d want to see how you'll make me
Chapter 136 The Assembly (Part 1)
Chapter 137 The Assembly (Part 2)
Chapter 138 Ye’s Qian’s Dilemma
Chapter 139 Rival in Love
Chapter 140 If you want my hand, come get it yourself
Chapter 141
Chapter 142 Qin Yue’s Unique Charm
Chapter 143 The beauty throws herself into the embrace
Chapter 144 Picking a Fight
Chapter 145 Gone Mad
Chapter 146 A person leaves a hand behind
Chapter 147 One-armed Youth
Chapter 148 Bewitching Girl Song Ran
Chapter 149 What a charming alluring woman
Chapter 150: The Dong Xiang Corporation’s Scheme
Chapter 151: Ye Qian’s Far-sightedness
Chapter 152: Is this considered a love rival?
Chapter 153 A woman’s heart for revenge is strong
Chapter 154 Dinner Party
Chapter 155 Lin Rou Rou is leaving home
Chapter 156 Make-believe becomes reality
Chapter 157 Movements in the undercurrents
Chapter 158 Blackmail
Chapter 159 Nasty Character
Chapter 160 A wicked person will be tormented by another wicked person
Chapter 161 Warm Family Dinner
Chapter 162 Awkward encounter with Wang Yu
Chapter 163 Striving for Secretary Wang’s Support
Chapter 164 Attack the Weak Point
Chapter 165 Lesson in giving a gift
Chapter 166 A battle with no fire beacon
Chapter 167 Verbal Battle (I)
Chapter 168 Verbal Battle (II)
Chapter 169 Sniper in the dark night
Chapter 170 The Ugliest
Chapter 171 A valiant person doesn’t have to explain
Chapter 172 A valiant person doesn’t have to explain (2)
Chapter 173 A valiant person doesn’t have to explain (3)
Chapter 174 Meeting a rival in love again makes eyes even redder