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Chapter 293: He Is Just a Kid

Chapter 293: He Is Just a Kid

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After the deathly silence, a roar erupted in the venue.

"Fang Zhao?"

"Which Fang Zhao? Who is this person?"

"Is it really that Fang Zhao from Yanzhou?"

"Why is it this youngster!?"

"Impossible! Utterly impossible!"

Numerous eye daggers shot out and flew toward the front, itching to stab the large screen.

If it were any other candidate that had been selected, they would have accepted it, but Fang Zhao?

A pure new hand who wasn't even an actor was now going to play a leading role? Could he do it?!

This sort of important role, why should it be given to him?!

Refuse to accept!


"Roman! This person is out of the question!" someone shouted.

Standing on stage, Roman wasn't at all worried. "He has the highest vote count. How is he out of the question?"

"But he hasn't acted in any films!"

"He has acted as an eye model. He has natural acting talent and ability. Otherwise, how could he have been able to get so many votes?"

"An eye model cannot be counted! What about works? Awards? Qualifications? For someone who cannot even be considered an actor, how can we let him act in such an important role?"

"It doesn't matter. He can learn and I can guide him."

"Do we have that much time for him to slowly learn? How long will he take..." The person halted midway into his sentence.

Couldn't learn well? If he couldn't learn well, how could he have beaten the other eight candidates?

The voting results were still displayed on the screen.

Someone just could not accept it. "In any... In any case, there are no guarantees!"

"Roman, you are going crazy again!"

"I see that you have gotten itchy sitting in the position of the head director!"

Hearing these criticisms, Roman heaved a long sigh. With a rueful look, he said. "As you all know, I am someone with principles. When I select actors, I select the most appropriate. And from what I see, he is the most suitable person."

Roman did not pay further heed to them and instead looked toward the area where the Committee of 100 was. Calmly, he asked, "Old General Renault, do you have any objections regarding this outcome?"

Old General Renault was seated in the front row. He had long been retired and was also the father of the current Leizhou governor. This time, he also had voting rights. Everyone could tell how important this old man considered this film project to be.

During the voting, Old General Renault had given his vote to number 7.

Hearing Roman's inquiry, the calmly seated Old General Renault gave a faint reply: "None."

Roman looked toward the old artist with silver hair in the first row who was a Galaxy World Medal winner. "Teacher Gao Deng?"

The old man chuckled. "None." He had also cast his vote for number 7.

From what he saw, some of the candidates had acted too excessively, like they were hunting a tiger when they should have been slaughtering chickens, or too lightly, like they were stepping on ants when they should have been hunting a tiger. Only candidate seven had had the most natural acting. This old man had only voted for the one that had satisfied him the most. Even if the official result was a little shocking, he still accepted it.

Roman looked toward the third person. "Brother De Lai?"

"Heh, the votes have already been cast. Indeed, his performance was the best."

"Professor Lee?"

"Let's not change it! This young fella acts rather well."

"Director Torma?"

"I feel that... we can give this youngster a chance." Director Torma would not admit that his judgment was wrong.

"Teacher Viga?"

"I don't doubt his acting skills, but I also do not understand the rest. Since he is a person recommended by you, I have one question."

"Please voice your thoughts." There was respect in Roman's tone. Viga had been his teacher for an optional class back when he had been in university.

"Can he keep up with the pace?"

"Definitely! The moment he is a burden to the production team, I will personally kick him out and settle the problems within the cast."

"Since you have already considered this, I don't have any other doubts."

Roman turned to look at Yanzhou's Wu family representative. "Mr. Wu?"

The Wu family representative's main objective today was to audit the role of Wu Yan. However, he now wanted to pay attention and reevaluate the role of Fang Zhao.

Those from the Wu family who had voting rights originally had not found the results satisfactory. A youngster without any qualifications actually wanted to fight for the role of Fang Zhao? That was simply wishful thinking!

But considering it again, it wasn't impossible. Among the other candidates, even if they weren't top-rate film stars, they were at least first-rate actors with considerable influence in every continent, and they were very accomplished.

If the actor playing the role of Fang Zhao had too much influence, those of the Wu family might not feel comfortable.

Their Wu family had members in the entertainment circles and had quite some experience when it came to the entertainment industry. The tragic role of "Fang Zhao" was one that was liable to provoke public opinion online. If the role was acted out too well or too profoundly, their Wu family might be embarrassed. After all, during the Founding Era, Yanzhou had been officially named after Great General Wu Yan, not Fang Zhao, who had departed from the world a step earlier.

Rather than let an accomplished old actor perform the role of Fang Zhao, why not let a newcomer play the role instead? Given the current circumstances, that seemed like the best option.

After some consideration, the members of the Wu family no longer objected. "The voting outcome is acceptable."

The biggest obstacle, Yanzhou's Wu family, was out of the way.

Following Roman's inquiries, the sounds of discussion within the venue became softer.

All these big shots were indicating that they had no objections, so what else could they say? Could they make these big shots withdraw their votes? Could they make these big shots swallow their words?

Nobody had the nerve to even try!

As for those who had abstained from voting, they did not support or object to this result. What they meant was: Whatever, you can do whatever you want. I don't give a d*mn!

Other than the people from the military districts, there were also many old artists who had made names for themselves in the film circles who had also voted for Fang Zhao. Thus, when faced with all sorts of doubts, Roman wasn't anxious and instead remained confident. He also wasn't worried that these people who were protesting would talk drivel when they left. They were all smart people and knew how to carry themselves.

Thus, the outcome could no longer be changed.

Roman was pleased and chuckled inwardly. It didn't fall short! Taking this risk wasn't in vain!

Fang Zhao, this youngster, had popularity.


The voting results were proof.


Insanely good! They were said to be of a special grade.

Furthermore, in the few audition videos and from the understanding Roman had of Fang Zhao after interacting over that short period, he greatly anticipated Fang Zhao's performance in the series.

"What sort of age is 25 years old?" someone in the venue lamented ruefully.

Considering the average age of the Committee of 100 was close to 120...

"He is still a kid!"

Handing the role of Fang Zhao to such a young person, would he be able to perform well?

Afterward, the meeting continued with the other two more important roles. After the situation with Fang Zhao, this round of voting saw many people being more cautious. They were especially guarded against those that could not be recognized easily. They were afraid that another Fang Zhao incident might occur.

Even those who had previously voted for Fang Zhao actually felt some regret after knowing the truth. As a newcomer, Fang Zhao had no guarantees. If he did not perform well in the series, then it would be their fault and there would be criticism.

Luckily, all the candidates for the later two roles were old faces. Roman himself had only dared to take a risk just once. He wouldn't dare to tempt fate too many times. He really didn't want to be removed from his position as head director.

As the selection for the other two roles was underway, on an online social platform, Wang Tie uploaded a new status:

"The role of Fang Zhao in 'Founding Era' has already been decided. It is somebody nobody would expect, heh~~~. Can anyone guess who it is? [Image][image][image]..."

Wang Tie posted 9 successive images. These nine were of the nine candidates in the final selection for the role of Fang Zhao. From the 'heh' and '~~~,' the rippling ecstasy in Wang Tie's mood could be clearly seen.

It had to be said that Wang Tie indeed had information from a reliable source. At practically the same time that the vote had been fixed in Huangzhou, he had already received information. Even Fang Zhao, who was involved, found out later than Wang Tie.

But Wang Tie knew that Fang Zhao had not yet officially signed the contract and was not part of the cast yet, so he wouldn't cause too much of a ruckus. He could use this matter to fish for some cash and sell some news, but he would do so in moderation. If he created a commotion and caused Fang Zhao to lose the contract that was in his grasp, even if Fang Zhao did not pay him a visit, Silver Wing would not let them off either.

As an entertainment reporter that had safely lasted so long, Wang Tie knew some skills for surviving in this industry.

Until the contract had been signed, he would not release the news. Those parties at the conference would not make irresponsible remarks outside, so Wang Tie could still make some money with this news.

However, Wang Tie knew how to whet people's appetites. Eight of the nine celebrities were seasoned actors. All of them could be considered an expected result, the only one unexpected being the seventh photograph: Fang Zhao.

The photograph's backdrop was a cruise, and the words "Teasandsea Cruise Ship No. 9" could be clearly seen.

Many netizens that saw Wang Tie's status started to make some noise.

"What Old Wang means is that they have settled on Fang Zhao?"

"I have pondered hard over this. Among these nine people, the most most most unexpected one can only be Fang Zhao!"

"Is Fang Zhao really going to play the role of Fang Zhao? This is a joke, right?"


"A trick, this is definitely a trick."

"Why choose him? Because he looks like Fang Zhao?"

"I have given up all hope on this superficial world of ours!"

"My *ss! There are plenty of people who look more the part. I feel that the reason is probably because he has the exact same name."

"That's even more ridiculous! Do you actually think that with that name he can do as he pleases?!"

"This series is a historical epic, not some comedy flick! Is letting a fresh newcomer perform really such a great idea?!"

"If this is real, I really suspect that there are some hidden details that cannot see the light of day!"

"Can this person who is still wet behind the years really act as a great warrior who has experienced the vicissitudes of life?"

"Fang Zhao also came from the military. He won't lose out to anyone!" supporters of Fang Zhao retorted.

"That isn't the same thing! There's an old saying, 'different trades, worlds apart.' The boundaries that Fang Zhao needs to stride across are just too vast! Furthermore, if his age and qualifications were put out, how could he have been selected?"

Some fanboys and fangirls were so excited they lost all logic. "There is really nothing that my Zhao God can't do!"

"If your steps are too big, be careful you don't step on eggs!" someone added in sourly.

At this current moment, Fang Zhao was getting bombarded with calls from close friends and even other actors within the company who he normally did not interact with. They were all trying to inquire as to whether or not he had really been selected.

Fang Zhao's reply was this: "No news as of yet."

At the moment, all these people were excited. Fang Zhao's "No news as of yet" meant that what Wang Tie had said was the truth. Fang Zhao just hadn't been informed or signed the contract yet!

When Duan Qianji saw the status that Wang Tie had posted, she had used her own means to find out about the voting results, and when she informed Fang Zhao about it, she specifically exhorted, "Don't be too bothered about public opinion. The company's public relations team will handle that. All you have to do now is prepare to join the cast!"

"Shen Wei, you have to guide Fang Zhao properly for this period," Duan Qianji instructed.

"Don't worry. I will surely do all that I can!"

When he had found out about the voting results, the way Shen Wei had viewed Fang Zhao was slightly envious and frustrated, plus a hundred other feelings. However, after he had sobered up, Shen Wei had suddenly felt a sense of purpose.

On the whole, he was nurturing a great person!