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Chapter 296: Bad Luck!

Chapter 296: Bad Luck!

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To avoid a beatdown, Zaro's agent dragged his client to the side. If Zaro kept at it, they would be kicked off the flying transport.

Zaro's agent kindly reminded his client that his comments were problematic and that they would upset others. Zaro's agent also reminded Zaro that he had promised the Leizhou governor, in the governor's office, that he'd get along with the cast and crew and not act like a prima donna and so on.

The cabin soon went silent again.

Zaro's comments had stirred up a lot of emotions. The other passengers retrieved thoughts they had cast aside and started to get nervous.

The "Founding Era" cast and crew had been quite high profile from the get-go, the perfect embodiment of the kind of arrogance that came with being involved in a mainstream blockbuster. As far as the cast, crew, and investors were concerned, given the significance of the movie, they couldn't sneak around. They had to project a strong presence. There would be no cowering.

The cast had bragged to outsiders that they were portraying grand historical figures. They were artists on a mission to craft a milestone production. They would stand united with the production crew and face whatever difficulties and threats came their way.

There was no need to duck and hide.

Their goal was to launch the production with pride and pomp.

We have nothing to fear!

If you can't stand it, then we challenge you to make a better movie!

The fact was that a special production like "Founding Era" was bound to attract saboteurs on top of public attention.

Between the time the cast and crew arrived at the spaceport and the time they took off, the troops stationed at the Huangzhou spaceport had already fended off three attempted terrorist attacks on them, but these attempts were hidden from public view. The public had no clue.

Soon after takeoff, the spaceship started shaking. The cast and crew in the cabin were terrified.

"What's going on?"

"We never ran into a situation like this on previous flights to Wai via freight transport."

"Is the spaceship malfunctioning?"

The passenger cabin was comprised of many small cabins and a large lounge. Each small cabin contained many berths. Where Fang Zhao was sitting, folks from Silver Wing had adjoining berths in the same small cabin. Many of the Silver Wing actors started getting edgy after the spaceship started vibrating.

"Big Brother He, should you look into it?" one actor asked, his face completely pale. He Lisi was the most senior member of the Silver Wing contingent.

"Yeah, Teacher He, let's send someone to get the latest in the lounge."

"Why don't I go?"

"I'll go too."

He Lisi was already wearing a deep frown. He raised his hands and the crowd quieted down.

He gave his assistant a quick glance. The assistant took off immediately.

Ji Polun, who had managed to land a small part in the movie, approached Fang Zhao and whispered, "Big Brother Zhao, what do you think is going on?"

Fang Zhao shifted his attention away from his composition notebook. "I'm confident our military escorts will take care of the problem."

Someone who overheard the conversation pouted, apparently not pleased with Fang Zhao's response.

Soon, He Lisi's assistant returned, shaking his head.

Someone else had opened their cabin door with an eye toward getting an update only to find an armed soldier standing guard in the corridor outside.

Alerted by the sound of the opening door, the soldier glanced over with an icy stare, spooking the person who had opened the door into retreating.

Others in the cabin who wanted to do the same gave up as well.

"Return to your seats. Look how frightened you are! If any of you actors are free, spend some time reading the script and memorizing your lines. Learn your characters," Roman said in an upset tone.

The older actors had more life experience, after all. They were also more cool headed than their junior colleagues. Several of the veteran actors told the younger members of the cast who were jittery, "Come, come, come. Let's study the script together."

The young actors were reluctant. Who is in the mood to read the script at a time like this!?

One of the second-unit directors sneered at the pacing young actors. "Ya think this is such an easy gig? Did you read your contracts carefully? They clearly state the likelihood of threats to personal safety."

The comment prompted blank stares in some and puzzled looks in others. A third group was wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Clearly, not everyone had read their contract carefully. When they had signed, they'd thought they would be guaranteed fame and fortune. Who knew that the fame and fortune associated with "Founding Era" weren't so easy to harvest.

A shivering young man asked, "Should... should I prepare my will?"

"You kids! Worrying about your wills..." one of the veteran actors responded, shaking his head. "I wrote mine ages ago."

The young actors: "..."

Luckily, the turbulence didn't last much longer, and the rest of the journey was uneventful.

When the group finally arrived at the Wai spaceport and planted their feet on terra firma, their first reaction wasn't excitement about the imminent shoot or curiosity about their new surroundings—they breathed a long sigh of relief.

They had landed in one piece!

Having safely arrived at their destination, the cast and crew felt more relaxed, and they started chatting away.

"I just heard that a bomb was defused while the spaceship was in flight. Maybe that's what caused the vibrations. I was scared sh*tless."

"Some idiot kept making inauspicious comments during the journey. I kept feeling butterflies in my stomach."

"Historic missions aren't a walk in the park after all."

"It's the first time it's dawned on me that making a movie can be so dangerous. Thankfully, we had a military escort. Otherwise we may not have survived."

"It was so worth it joining this production. How many actors have gone their whole careers without experiencing this kind of treatment?"

"It's not an easy gig. I feel like I'm on a sacred mission. Let me take a picture first!"

The cast and crew didn't linger at the spaceport. They soon set off for the movie set in batches on several flying transports.

The set for "Founding Era" wasn't located at the Wai film studio complex. The first batch that arrived headed for the dormitory complex to locate the rooms they were assigned.

The actors were assigned rooms based on how important their roles were. There was a full array of rooms ranging from singles to dorm rooms that housed up to 10 people. Each room was equipped with a private bath and kitchen.

"Wow, how long has it been since I last lived in dorm conditions like this?" someone said.

Violin prodigy Fay Harmonik was part of the sound effects team and was one of the first to arrive at the dorm complex. After settling in, he made for a dirt slope nearby. His bright-red shoulder-length hair flowing in the wind, he set his sights on the vast desert on the horizon.

One's brain cells were bound to be excited by a new environment. Fay Harmonik was in a deeply emotional state. He could feel the inspiration oozing from him, a deluge of notes percolating in his head. The notes didn't form a melody, but he felt compelled to play them to quiet his restless soul.

He raised his arm and bellowed, "Violin!"

Only after belting out the command did he remember his assistant was banned from this shoot. There was no one to hand him his violin, so he rushed back to his dorm room for the instrument before climbing the slope again.

Fay Harmonik closed his eyes briefly, then gazed toward the distant clouds and desert as he cultivated his mood. I'm a lone whale swimming in the deep ocean, surrounded by...


Fay Harmonik cursed. He was getting ready to bolt, but it was too late.

Zaro was scurrying toward him, waving frantically. "Fay Fay!"

Fay Harmonik: "..."

Uh, do we know each other that well?

"Fay Fay," this term of endearment typically used by affectionate fans, suddenly felt revolting.

Fay Harmonik's hand that was carrying his violin shivered as he watched Zaro appear before him. He was weighing the pros and cons of getting into a fight with Zaro.

Forget it, I'll just bear with him.

He couldn't afford to mess with Zaro—and he didn't want to lose his violin.

Zaro was completely oblivious to the calculations going on inside Fay Harmonik's head. He was thinking about his agent's reminder to be friendly and not act like a prima donna. He summoned the most polite face he could muster and asked, "I've always been dying to ask you something, but I'm not sure if I should." Fay Harmonik knew Zaro's temperament oh so well. Before he could say anything, Zaro had already blurted out, "When you're engrossed in playing the violin, how do you make sure your bow doesn't get tangled up in your hair?"

Fay Harmonik: "..." How the f*ck do you not lose it with this guy?

Ignoring Zaro, Fay Harmonik wore a cold expression. He silently turned around and left the slope, thinking to himself, Bad luck!

When he was heading downhill, he saw a gorgeous figure emerging from the dorm complex.

Weather conditions were rough. Apparently, a sandstorm was in the making, yet here was Barbara wearing her princess dress. She had an umbrella in one hand, the other lifting her dress slightly. She was accompanied by an assistant, who was carrying Barbara's handbag and forging a path for her. In contrast to her surroundings, Barbara looked like a rose that had sprouted in the desert.

Fay Harmonik looked like he'd stepped on a piece of sh*t.

You're on a friggin' foreign planet. Will not dressing up kill you?

Such bad luck!

I shouldn't have gone out at all today.

Zaro was number one on Fay Harmonik's blacklist, and Barbara was second. Unfortunately, he couldn't afford to piss off either of them.

A furious Fay Harmonik headed for the dorm complex only to run into Fang Zhao, who was dragging a suitcase.

Fay Harmonik got even more upset.

Three blows of bad luck!

Fang Zhao was the last person he wanted to see.

Because of Fang Zhao, Fay Harmonik's fan had persuaded him to give acting a try. If a composer like Fang Zhao can act, why can't our Fay Fay make a splash in the movie industry?

Fay Harmonik's first response had been, "Ha! Am I the type to spread myself so thin?"

In reality, the thought had indeed crossed his mind, but he set his sights high. If he was going to act, he was going to be the leading man. It had to be a big production too. Otherwise it would not befit his status.

He had even appeared on some variety shows to show his face, appease fans, and promote an upcoming concert at the same time. Yet acting-wise, he never came across the right part that also struck his fancy. He had been about to lower his standards when Fang Zhao had snatched a leading role in "Founding Era." At that point, he hadn't been able to drop his standards. He was too proud.

Fay Harmonik felt someone had gotten the upper hand on him, so seeing Fang Zhao was quite upsetting as well. He grunted and went on his way, clearly miffed.

Fang Zhao arched his eyebrows. He had wanted to compare notes with this violin prodigy, but it looked like it wasn't going to happen.

Due to the importance of his role, Fang Zhao was assigned to a single room. There was internet coverage, so Fang Zhao checked the headlines while his fellow cast members resumed posting photos.

Fang Zhao told his family and friends that he had arrived safely, then got in touch with Yan Biao and Zuo Yu. His two bodyguards would join him on Wai soon. They were supposed to bring Curly Hair, whose paperwork was almost in order.

Given Curly Hair's special talents, Fang Zhao felt it best to keep him close.