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Chapter 300: I Won“t Seek Him Out Even If It Kills Me!

Chapter 300: I Won't Seek Him Out Even If It Kills Me!

Translator: BeetleBarker Editor: Tennesh
After settling the matter with Curly Hair, the cast and crew officially began filming.

Once filming officially started, the pace of everyone in the cast and crew became very hectic.

Many people had been thinking they were already very busy during the previous preparations. Never had they expected that after filming officially started, there wouldn't even be time to visit the food street. Not just the gourmet food street, even the number of people visiting the large dining hall saw a large decline. Most of the time, people from the dining hall would send food over instead.

The next time they would be able to properly sit down and have a meal would probably be when their own scenes had all been completed.

Eleven chapters would all be filmed simultaneously. There were 11 filming teams, and nobody wanted to lag behind. Being conscious of competition was one thing; besides that, the head director was still shooting dark looks as he watched from the back. Nobody dared to slack off.

Before filming had begun, Roman had seemed rather easygoing and had even joked and giggled with actors, but when he became serious, Roman was actually very scary, and he became the devil incarnate.

Roman wished that he could bring along a whip while keeping an eye on each team. Whichever team's pace was slowest would receive a lashing.

Of course, he didn't really go to the extent of using a whip, but when Roman scolded someone, he would not give any face. Regardless of whether they were top-rate or first-rate actors or directors or assistant directors of the filming teams, if anyone's mistake was caught by Roman, they would receive a scolding all the same. The scolding was so great that one would start to doubt his own existence.

For these actors, the most relaxing time was probably the two hours of precious online access time they got every seven days.

Under most circumstances, these two hours were leisure time given by the production team to everyone, and these two hours were the most relaxing period every seven days. Everyone's mind and body would be even more relaxed at this time, because they were able to seek some solace on the internet and find ways to vent. Whether it was chatting up someone or browsing online news headlines, compared to filming, it was much more relaxing.

Every week, when it came to that time, the internet would be abuzz. Every big name actor as well as the team behind them would hurry to seize the headlines.

When it wasn't the cast and crew's internet access time, other media outlets would hurry and push out other news. When it came to those two hours each week, everything else was insignificant. These two hours were termed by people as "Founding Era" time.

Fans of every actor would count down the days of the week till these two hours.

There was no need for additional publicity, nor was there any need for advertisements. When the time came, it automatically became "Founding Era" time.

Every time it reached this point, every website and every social platform's hit counter seemed to sprout rockets attached as they shot straight upward.

Celebrities and some other staff in the cast and crew would save up a week's worth of photos and videos and take the opportunity during this time to flaunt them.

Everybody in the cast and crew was handed a set of guidelines, which explicitly stated what could and could not be posted.

The matter of the three entertainment reporters at the film studio complex that had been visited by soldiers had also circulated among the cast and crew here. Roman had intentionally released this information so as to beat some sense into people who were getting restless. Don't go thinking you are too smart and try something funny.

If you did not abide by the regulations of the production team and wanted to put out content that wasn't allowed?

Roman would say this: "Go ahead and release it. If you can get it out, I'll accept the loss! Do you really think that nobody monitors the internet? When the military comes knocking on your door, don't come looking for me. You can help yourself out the door!"

On an online interactive platform, a third-rate actor updated their status:

"Received my bento box [photograph]."

The accompanying image was a photograph of a bento box. The dishes appeared very tantalizing, attracting a lot of views and making people's mouths water just looking at it.

In the comments section below, lots of fans who did not know the truth were laughing and joking.

"The cast and crew's food doesn't seem bad at all. There is sufficient food too."

"Previously, I heard that the filming conditions are really arduous. Seeing you guys eating well makes me feel reassured."

"If you look closely, there are eight dishes, including fruits and a beverage; how luxurious! Most importantly, I actually see six dishes that I have never eaten before! Those are probably planet Wai specialties, right?"

"I have never had such a sumptuous lunch box banquet before. I'm so jealous."

"I want one portion of this lunch box too!"

But very quickly, another actor who was on good terms with the one who posted the picture posted: "Take care my brother [candle]. I can still persevere for a few more days."

Another actor from the same continent also joined in the fun: "[Candle] You guys go on first. I will follow after in a bit."

Following that, there were other actors who also replied to this post.

Fans were puzzled.

"Observing their posts, I feel like something isn't right."

"Is there some sort of hidden meaning here?

Some people also went over to the official "Founding Era" account to make inquiries.

"Founding Era" officially released a status explaining the special significance of this bento box.

The large dining hall would prepare a sumptuous bento box for cast that had finished filming all their scenes in the serial.

Seeing this, fans hurried over to their own idol's accounts and followed them in "lighting candles."

This also interested the average netizen.

Whenever any actor's new status update was an exquisite, tantalizing, and filling bento box, they would head over to light candles. A long line of [candles] would appear in the comments section below.

"Finished filming so quickly? [Candle]."

"We still have no idea when we will get to see it. When exactly is this serial going to be broadcast? So excited! [Candle]."

"Just finished my game, does this mean that this character in the serial is dead? [Candle]."

"Take care [Candle]."

"[Candle]. Saw quite a number of similar statuses today. The 'Founding Era' production team seems to be distributing these bento sets at a rather high frequency."

"There are so many stars from all twelve continents, of course there are a lot of bento boxes."

Although the frequency of bento boxes and candles had a sort of inauspicious feel, the majority of online audiences found it amusing. This merriment only occurred once per week, so naturally, netizens wanted to have fun to their heart's content, and they had fun with their anticipation for "Founding Era" and tried to guess for which episode their idols would receive the bento box.

While fans were having a lot of fun, actors in the crew were suffering.

Filming intensity was high. For some actors that had decades of experience, this wasn't considered much, as they were used to it, but when weather conditions were not good and filming still continued, that was when it became somewhat unbearable.

Just yesterday, there had been an abrupt change in the weather and it had started hailing. Everyone thought that outdoor filming would be halted and they would be able to take a break. However, Roman had been especially delighted. "Faster, faster, faster! Hurry! These are favorable conditions at the right time! Every group, make your adjustments. Start filming whichever scenes are appropriate here!"

The hailstones weren't considered very big and would not cause injuries when they struck bodies, but it would still hurt.

Because the lead director was watching attentively from the side, the actors could only clench their teeth and soldier on.

There was also a medical team on standby at the side. After the scenes were shot, they would provide a checkup, medicine, and injections to ensure the actors did not fall sick. Roman controlled this well and would not let the actors get caught up in any life-threatening situations.

They had to suffer hardship and wouldn't fall sick, but their bodies and hearts were extremely tired. The actors felt as though they were being tortured.

They recalled the start where the instructors and coaches had told them to eat more. Now, they felt that they had eaten too little, as they often felt very hungry during filming and they were quite tired, yet they had no appetites.

An actor from Muzhou scoffed in private. Simply treating humans as beasts of burden!

Regardless of whether they were willing or not, in order to not keep up the pace of filming, these actors still had to do perform nonetheless.

Even extremely pretentious superstars that had brought along a whole entourage when filming in the past had to follow the production team's demands and force themselves to adapt.

What else could they do? Anyone that was sent back would lose all face. Furthermore, they weren't stupid. Who was even willing to give up such a chance? As long as there were able to endure it, the gains would be even greater than in their wildest dreams.

Every business-minded company had already warned their own artists that if anyone courted disaster or caused trouble and affected the production team's filming, without even a word from the production team, the company would go ahead and remove this "stain" to prevent the matter from involving the company's other artists.

But after two months of filming, there were still some experienced and big-name film stars who were unable to bear it and made suggestions to the director.

Technology had developed so rapidly. In the past, when they had shot films with similar scenes, all of them had been done with special effects. All they had needed to do was act indoors. As long as their acting skills were up to scratch, with technology supplementing it, the results had been good, and they had won awards for such scenes. It had always been this way. Now, it was fine if they were to shoot at physical sets. It wasn't like they have never filmed at such sets before, but now, some scenes needed to be shot when the weather was nasty. This wasn't right. Obviously this could be avoided, but did insisting on filming on a real set at this time and with such weather mean that their technology was on the decline?

Thus, they banded up, wanting to fight for some benefits and hoping to avoid these sorts of situations. These scenes could still be shot on the same set; what need was there to suffer so much?

After that, they received a merciless rejection from Roman. "Act if you want to act. Scram if you don't! Didn't actors back in times when technology hadn't been so advanced act all the same? If you want to act as a heroic character yet are unable to even take 1% of their hardship, you will never be able to understand the situation back then. You will never be able to act profoundly and you will never be able to interpret the script perfectly. Nothing else will be able to save you from acting skills that aren't even comparable to a newcomer's!"

Nothing else will be able to save you from acting skills that aren't even comparable to a newcomer's...

Acting skills that aren't even comparable to a newcomer's...

These film emperors and empresses with countless awards felt as if their chests had been stabbed by a few knives.

As for the "newcomer" he spoke about...

Who else could it be?

Fang Zhao!

Everyone knew that Fang Zhao was the newcomer actor that Roman had recommended and also the only actor under 30 that shouldered a full important role in "Founding Era."

When weather conditions were poor, if Roman said to film, Fang Zhao never had any objections and did as he was told. Most importantly, there were no issues with his acting skills. Everyone could see that he was indeed very suitable for this role and acted well.

At the same time, Fang Zhao was the only person who, in the two months of filming, had never used a body double. Whether it was acting or doing stunts, Fang Zhao handled them himself.

Because the body doubles and stunt teams were not able to perform as well as Fang Zhao, Director Roman, who was always in pursuit of the perfect film, had said one line right away: "Fang Zhao, do it yourself!"

In the eyes of the cast and crew, Fang Zhao was someone who dared to fight and strive. From a director's viewpoint, there were no complaints. He was excellent and had obtained the acknowledgment of many older seniors within the circles.

But acknowledgment was just that. Every time Roman brought out Fang Zhao's name to strike others, who could bear that?

"Take a look at Fang Zhao!"

That was Roman's most common phrase.

This time, they had been a little stubborn and raised a suggestion but had gotten Roman's line of "Nothing else will be able to save you from acting skills that aren't even comparable to a newcomer's." Even their hearts felt weary hearing this.

It had to be said that Roman's ability to draw enmity to Fang Zhao within the cast and crew was top-notch, so much so that whenever Fang Zhao went to the dining hall to eat, he always received many faint gazes.

Over at Zaro's end, he had not yet started filming his scenes. Now he was undergoing a training period and was practicing his acting skills every day.

But he was listless.

Zaro had not even finished his second training class of the day, yet he had returned from the washroom seven times. His whole body was limp from having the runs.

Having taken some medicine his agent had just bought for him, Zaro felt a little better. However, his spirits had not yet returned when he raised his head and saw Barbara. She was even holding a fan in her hand.

Barbara's scenes had not started either, and she was also having training lessons during this period.

Zaro checked the outdoor temperature. It was negative seven degrees Celsius. Although there was a heater indoors, he wasn't hot either. Who would head outdoors at such low temperatures and carry a fan?

Zaro stared at Barbara as if she was a lunatic.

Barbara slanted her eyes and looked toward Zaro as if she was looking at a heap of trash. "I heard you are not acclimating well?"

"I'm well! Which part of me isn't acclimating well?!" Zaro retorted immediately.

"Your weak stomach and intestines..." Barbara sneered as she looked on disdainfully. "Useless person."

Barbara might look pretentious most of the time and always have the poise of a noble, but her constitution was really strong and she had inherited the "Lakalina royal bloodline." Members of the Lakalina clan might appear feeble, but in actuality, they had freakishly strong constitutions. Barbara also looked down on Zaro's resources.

Barbara's evaluation of Zaro as "trash" made him stomp his feet in anger. Turning his head to his agent, he uttered, "Go bring me a 40-meter great sword! I will duke it out with her!"

Zaro's agent hurriedly held on to Zaro and whispered, "...Senior Master, let's not bicker with her. It's better to study the script. After you have strived so hard and filmed it, when the time comes for it to be broadcast, the governor will watch it. Old Master will surely watch it too."

When his agent mentioned the governor, Zaro did not think much about it, but when he mentioned "Old Master," Zaro's entire body clenched up.

After considering this in his heart, Zaro raised his hand and pointed at Barbara twice. "Just you wait!"

Afterward, he turned around and left quickly together with his agent.

"How do you feel after taking the medicine?" Zaro's agent was anxious. He was doubling as Zaro's assistant now and had to manage Zaro's clothing, food, transport, and housing. For the sake of his high salary, he could not let anything happen to Zaro.

Zaro's vitality had returned after taking the medicine. Hearing his agent's question, Zaro thought about it seriously and replied, "I feel much better now! I reckon that all the toxins in my body have probably been eliminated."

Zaro's agent: "..."

No, you were sick because you ate wantonly! The reason you can hop around happily is because I went to buy medicine!

Puzzled, Zaro asked, "Hey, are there any methods that can rapidly improve my acting abilities? I feel like my acting isn't bad right now; why does the coach still want me to improve it?"

Zaro's agent stared at Zaro blankly for a few seconds. Governor Renault had pulled some strings to get Zaro this role that would not appear until the second season. This sort of arrangement had been done so that Zaro would have ample time to polish his limited acting ability!

For past serials and movies that Zaro had invested in himself, with a little difficulty, his acting could still be watchable. This was because the other actors did not act very seriously and everything had been done to magnify Zaro's stronger aspects in his role as the main character. However, in the "Founding Era" serial, compared to others, Zaro was still a long way off. His acting was so awkward that even his agent was ashamed.

After pondering seriously, Zaro's agent said, "How about you look for Fang Zhao and ask for some advice? He will surely have some ideas. Luckily, we have collaborated a few times with him before, so he wouldn't be a stranger."

Zaro fumed. "Don't mention Fang Zhao to me! Looks? Figure? Family Background? Qualifications? Reputation? In what way am I inferior to him?!"

Zaro's agent: "..." I actually have no idea how to respond. Whatever I say will be wrong. Zaro was still brooding about not having gotten a role with more screen time. "I won't seek him out even if it kills me!"