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Chapter 303: Immense Pressure Too

Chapter 303: Immense Pressure Too

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The internet was full of praise for "Founding Era." There was also a reputable reviewer that claimed "Founding Era" was the most realistic historical drama ever made in the New Era.

As for the actual history? According to Fang Zhao, it was still far off.

However, this was but a film series and a form of art. To come close to the original history was hard enough.

Seeing news reports about people visiting graves that saw no visitors other than cleaners in past years, Fang Zhao felt rather happy. Having someone remember them was a good thing, even if they were only remembered now.

As a milestone historical drama, "Founding Era" was sure to air again in the future. There were certainly going to be even more online broadcasts. Even many years later, as long as people watched it, they would know about these martyrs and the things that had been done.

Being remembered was fortunate. There were many more people that never got to leave behind their names, let alone gravestones.

Fang Zhao agreed to Fiery Bird's endorsement contract extension. Fiery Bird's conditions were decent, and all Fang Zhao needed to do was find some time to take some photos for an advertisement. This wasn't a lot and would not delay filming.

In the cast, there were many people that accepted endorsements and advertisements. The production team allowed the cast to accept these endorsements; their only requirement was that it did not affect filming. Advertisements could only be filmed during the few days of break after a season of the series concluded filming. Also, the advertisements could only be done at the region designated by the production team. As before, actors could not leave the filming area. Commercial firms were also required to apply to enter the filming area and needed to sign confidentiality agreements. Also, not every commercial firm could send people to planet Wai.

Therefore, some actors that had finished filming felt that they could not wantonly accept advertisements while staying here, which would affect their earnings, so they decided to leave the cast and return home.

Roman was actually rather unwilling. He hoped that his actors would not accept endorsement deals or advertisements during the filming period, but "Founding Era" was a little special as it touched on the dark side of human nature. Even if it was unable to be portrayed completely in front of the cameras, the actors would deeply be affected when they analyzed the characters they played.

"There will be problems if it goes on this way. Just let them find other things to take their mind off things. After all, shooting a commercial won't take long, perhaps half a day," the head of the psychologist team told Roman. "I don't even know how those people during the Period of Destruction lived. Under that sort of living environment, it is really easy to be forced to become crazy or perverted, right? Those that didn't break were really strong people."

Roman gave a "tsk" and did not say more. Deep down, however, he agreed with what the other party had said.

Sometimes when Roman thought too much about it, the darkness and bloodiness of the Period of Destruction made him feel breathless. There was a lot that wasn't suitable for audiences, and Roman was clear on that. Thus, although he wasn't very pleased with actors accepting endorsements during filming, he ultimately approved of it. He was almost going crazy himself, and he shouldn't make others go crazy with him.

"I heard that Fang Zhao accepted a commercial?" the head psychologist asked.

When talking about Fang Zhao, Roman's face beamed. "It's a Fiery Bird endorsement, just some photographs and a short video. It can be completed within an hour. Furthermore, with Fang Zhao's condition, filming for another day won't be an issue. I feel at ease when it comes to him."

Roman had also seen those evaluations online, and naturally, he was pleased.

"Have you watched it yet? How was it? Didn't this young fella act really well?" Roman asked.

"Very well indeed," the psychologist replied. "Fang Zhao... is very suitable for that role."

He had heard from the psychologist in charge of the actors from Yanzhou about Fang Zhao's circumstances, and it was something that they could not resolve.

In private, they had previously discussed a type of black: Period of Destruction black.

Deep inside Fang Zhao was this sort of color.

Roman, who was currently very pleased with himself, did not take much note of the strange expression on the psychologist's face when Fang Zhao was mentioned. When Fang Zhao was mentioned, Roman could not help but think about another member of the cast that was giving him a headache. The smiles that had just appeared on his face were wiped clean in an instant.

Zaro, the person that Leizhou's governor had personally called about.

Fang Zhao and Zaro were two extreme opposites in the heart of the lead director.

One was incomparable, and the other was... incomparable.

When it came to Fang Zhao, Lead Director Roman felt that there was nobody in the entire cast that could compare to Fang Zhao.

And when Zaro was mentioned, Lead Director Roman felt that even if he just randomly picked an actor from the cast, they could act much better than Zaro!

The training classes that had been arranged for Zaro previously might as well have been for the dogs!

There was simply no effect!

Zaro only had two appearances in the second season. He had spent three takes and the result still hadn't been satisfactory. Finally, after some guidance, his results had been finally passable.

In the second season, Zaro basically only had to show his face, and the number of lines he had could be counted with one hand, yet such a simple task took many takes. The director in charge of the Leizhou chapter hadn't been in a good mood these past few days, and he looked gloomy. As the head lead director with high requirements, Roman was even more irritable. Thinking about it made his stomach hurt.

As of now, filming for the second season had concluded and was in postproduction. The third season's filming was underway as well. In the third season, the character that Zaro played saw a significant increase in screen time. Included was a scene where Zaro's character argued with another character. From what the lead director had seen, Zaro was still a long way off from portraying the emotional outburst a capable actor could do in an instant.

If Zaro really wasn't able to do it, the director might have to adjust the angle of filming and place the focus on another character. However, he could not always do so. Lead Director Roman was seriously contemplating making a call to Leizhou's director and just sending Zaro back.

Zaro could roughly guess the directing team's opinions, because when the lead director had gotten angry with him, he had clearly said. "If you can't act, we will change you."

When Zaro had started filming for the second season, he had received a face full of spittle from the lead director after his first scene. Zaro had swallowed his anger and had not dared to take it up straight away with the lead director. Otherwise he would receive a call from his governor granddad.

But thankfully, back then, the lead director had brought him aside to scold him. If he had done it in front of everyone, Zaro would have lost all face.

Filming is so tiring!

Zaro slightly regretted entering the cast. This was a whole different experience from his previous movie filming. There were times when he felt the entire atmosphere of the cast and crew was really stifling.

In Zaro's own words, face was very important. He could quit himself, but he could not be driven out by the directing team. Thus, Zaro had spent more time studying the script over the past few days. The more he studied, the more difficult he felt it was.

How to portray an emotional outburst? Zaro felt that he acted rather well every time, but other people had expressions like the spectacle was too horrible to endure.

News online was full of praise for "Founding Era." Leizhou people would surely focus on the Leizhou chapter, and when Leizhou people talked about the Leizhou chapter, they could not avoid mentioning someone who always generated discussion: Zaro.

Since the first episode of Leizhou chapter, Leizhou netizens had not seen Zaro at all.

"I didn't see Zaro at all in the first episode. Did I miss him?"

"I also tried searching, but I could not find him. Could it be that his makeup is so good that we can't discover him?"

"Has anyone found out where Senior Master Zaro appears?"

"It's best if he doesn't appear. Zaro's acting skills are fine if it is for kicks and giggles, but for 'Founding Era,' he is sure to get bashed."

"When I think about Zaro's acting skills, I actually reckon he will get killed in the show right away."

"Haha, I can't wait to see Zaro."

"I'd rather not. It is better to not let the Leizhou chapter become a laughingstock for other continents to joke about."

"Zaro will destroy everything when he appears! Without a doubt!"

"I say, Senior Master Zaro, for the sake of the whole of Leizhou and the Leizhou chapter that was produced at great length, it's best if you withdraw from the cast."

"I support Zaro! But Senior Master, when will you appear? Could it be that you can't act well so you have already left the cast? Perhaps you are hiding and not uttering a single word."

"Haha, it might be just that. Even if he has the support of the Renault family, could a lead director with such high standards as Roman bear to see his series get destroyed?"

"The illustrious name of the Renault governor is just ruined at the hands of this grandson."

The many inquiries on social platforms were very effective against Zaro.

Seeing all these messages and comments, Zaro was pissed. This time, even he could not even filter them out if he wanted to. It simply could not be disregarded!

A furious Zaro straight away updated a new status on his social platform account: "Appearing at the start of the second season! Commit suicide if you ask again!"

Zaro could not reveal which episode he would be appearing in, but the second season would be released soon, and Zaro leaking that he would appear in the second season was acceptable, so the production team would not find fault with this. This also helped increase audience anticipation levels. How many people in Leizhou were waiting to watch and joke about Zaro?

The moment this status was updated, many Leizhou netizens came rushing over to join in the fun.

"This 'commit suicide'... Does Zaro mean he will kill himself or does he want the askers to commit suicide?"

"Rubbish! Certainly Zaro commits suicide!"

"Yes! That's right! Zaro is talking about himself!"

"So I see. Zaro, are you really going to appear in season two?"

"Can't wait! Senior Master, are you certain you will appear in season two?"

"I didn't see it just now. Zaro, which season will you be appearing in again?"

"When I heard that Zaro wanted to commit suicide, I stopped whatever I was doing and came over to spectate."

"I'm here to see how Zaro kills himself too."

In no time, many Leizhou mainstream entertainment media's push-notification headlines were about "Zaro committing suicide."

With regards to this, many Renault family members hurriedly contacted planet Wai. Leizhou's governor even found some time to make an inquiry.

Zaro's agent had to explain one by one that it wasn't like what the media had reported. The agent was also worried about Zaro's filming later on. There were so many people in Leizhou watching him and people from other continents waiting to joke about it, yet Zaro was still causing trouble. Zaro's agent was so worried he felt he was going to go bald soon. What can I do? I am under immense pressure too!

After explaining to various parties, the agent was preparing to have a proper chat with Zaro when he saw Zaro sitting quietly and staring at a mirror. There was a rare hint of self-doubt on his face, and he seemed desolate.

Zaro had put on a forced smile when he had replied to the call from the family elders and promised to act properly and film seriously with all his heart. After that, when the call had ended, he had sat in silence, staring at himself in the mirror.

One minute.

Two minutes.

The room was eerily quiet.

"Handsome!" Zaro slapped the table as he got up. "Motherf*cking handsome!"

A powerful and resonating voice full of self-confidence!

The dispirited Zaro a moment ago had disappeared and been suddenly replaced by one with a glowing spirit who was full of vigor and radiating self-confidence!

Zaro's agent: "..."

Self-doubt. Bullsh*t!

Where did you suddenly get that f*cking self-confidence from?!

After his mental state recovered, Zaro's mind starting revolving. Thinking about it for a bit, he turned to his agent and said, "Go and get me a bottle of water, the packaged spring water from the gourmet food city."

Zaro's agent looked carefully at Zaro and then nodded. "All right." Without saying anything else, he stepped out.

Once his agent stepped out, Zaro also went out. He had decided to endure the humiliation and would look for Fang Zhao to ask for any good suggestions. He had sent his agent away, as he did not want to let his agent see him going to look for Fang Zhao personally. Not long ago, he had said that he would not seek out Fang Zhao even if it killed him.

Currently, it was getting late here on planet Wai, and the majority of filming teams had wrapped up filming for the day. Only a few night scenes were currently going on outside.

Like a thief, Zaro ran over to Fang Zhao's quarters. Everyone here stayed in single rooms. Rooms were allocate based on two criteria: one was based on the roles, and the other was based on special privileges. Actually, the two did not have much difference.

When Zaro got there, Fang Zhao was eating.

For today's dinner, Fang Zhao had eaten three portions of packaged meals. After filming concluded for the day, Fang Zhao had returned to continue and have his supper.

When he saw this, Zaro thought to himself, He can really eat! Fang Zhao's supper was rather lavish. It wasn't food the production team provided, nor was it from the dining hall.

"This, where did you buy it?" Zaro asked as he glanced at the few delicately made pastries. He had never tried them before.

"These were sent from the people at the base," Fang Zhao replied.

They were actually a new foodstuff produced at a certain experimental plot. A scientist there loved experimenting with food and would create a lot each time. Every time he did this, he would send some to Wai base. When it was sent to Wai base, it would be sent straight to Commanding Officer Huo Yi.

Recently, Curly Hair had rendered some meritorious services at the port, which pleased Huo Yi. The buzz of "Founding Era" on the internet had also brought about quite a lot of popularity to planet Wai. Thinking back, planet Wai's change in fortunes started when Fang Zhao had come.

And when Huo Yi heard that the filming conditions here were tough and many people could not eat well, Huo Yi felt that he should take care of Fang Zhao, or at least show some concern, so he had gotten his men to deliver some food to Fang Zhao when they headed over. He would get his men to send some stuff to Fang Zhao from time to time as a form of gratitude.

Fang Zhao brought out a clean plan and distributed some food to Zaro. "These are pretty good, try them."

The food displayed on the plate in front of him looked really appealing and was very fragrant, but...

One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions! 1

But when he thought about it, Zaro felt that he was wrong. It was the other way around. He was the one looking for Fang Zhao; it was not Fang Zhao who had a request to make.

Looking at things this way, Fang Zhao was just sharing some food.

"You are a pretty good person." Zaro did not worry about his table manners and started eating.

Zaro had not eaten much for dinner. He had been pissed by all the opinions online and had lost his appetite after talking with those family members. Now, when he saw Fang Zhao eating something so fragrant, he felt famished.

After finishing his food, Zaro awkwardly brought up his purpose. He had come over to exchange pointers about acting experience.

Although Zaro had not said it very clearly, Fang Zhao understood his intention. Zaro had come to ask for help, but he was too conscious about his reputation and had to find other excuses, so he couldn't spit it out properly.

Fang Zhao felt that Zaro still had ambition. Most importantly, no matter how much pressure he was under, his vigor was always very strong.

Zaro normally acted lowly but made himself out to be impressive, but he had never done anything that was really exceeding low. In the cast and crew, where the atmosphere was tense and stifling most of the time, having a bubbly person like Zaro around was rather meaningful and fun.

This was probably the reason Leizhou's governor doted on his grandson so.

Zaro felt goosebumps appearing on his skin under Fang Zhao's gaze.

This... was exactly the same sort of gaze his grandfather had had during the video call!

Zaro thought to himself, You really think you are more senior than me? Yet another person who has become too obsessed with the role he plays!