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Chapter 304: Innate Talent That Isn“t too Mainstream

Chapter 304: Innate Talent That Isn't too Mainstream

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Because Fang Zhao saw Zaro as a junior and knew Zaro's character, he would not get too bothered about Zaro's bearing, which was especially good at offending people.

"Being an actor isn't easy. Studying the script, memorizing lines, attending training classes, refining our roles, polishing our artistic concept—all this is really tiring!" Zaro grumbled. Most importantly, he felt that he had already worked hard, but other people did not agree. Zaro was really sullen. If not for the fact that he wished to be vindicated, he would have packed his bags and called it quits on the spot.

Fang Zhao smiled. "From an artistic aspect, you all are also people that change the world. The time and energy invested is worth it."

Zaro totally did not pay attention to the more profound meaning of "you all." When he heard what Fang Zhao had said, Zaro felt rather proud of himself. Changing the world indeed!

Right. A while back, he had seen a reviewer say that "Founding Era" had impacted people of the New Era in spirit and ideology.

"Cough, that's what we ought to do. Although I act really well already, I still wish to have an even more profound portrayal of this role! And impact even more people's spirits and ideology!"

Saying this, Zaro waited for Fang Zhao to give some suggestions. No matter how important or pretentious his position was, Fang Zhao would still give some suggestions, right? Otherwise, there would be no meaning in all this!

Fang Zhao did not understand much about the Leizhou chapter, especially the earlier chapters. Fang Zhao wasn't too familiar with it and had not finished looking through the Leizhou script. In the consultant team, he had only handled the Yanzhou chapter.

Zaro spoke about the scene he was going to act in and the role he would be playing. Fang Zhao listened attentively and then pondered it.

Actually, those training classes had still had some effect. At least when it came to understanding the role, Zaro had indeed made some improvements. It was just that the coach's professional acting knowledge and practical techniques had not been absorbed by Zaro.

For the next scene, Zaro would be playing a character that had clashing views with a comrade. These sorts of conflicts had frequently appeared in the Period of Destruction, but they weren't easy to act out well, at least according to Zaro.

Given Zaro's own personal experiences and the abnormal way his brain worked, producing a result that the director wanted was too much of a challenge. Even if he could understand the what sort of character he was portraying or he knew what sort of mood the director wanted, he still wouldn't be able to act it out. When he acted, he directly fell into his own character, and the role he was supposed to be playing was twisted.

This was the reason Zaro felt he was acting very well and was immersed in his character but other people felt like he was destroying the character.

Zaro wasn't suitable for acting in this sort of solemn historical flick, but since he had already come all the way over, Fang Zhao would think of something to help out.

After pondering seriously, Fang Zhao said, "If you want to act according to what the director requests, that isn't entirely impossible."

In season three, the character Zaro played saw an increase in screen time, but as before, his role wasn't important. Therefore, if there was no way to improve Zaro's acting skills from the basics, then an alternate path had to be taken—finding a way to save him.

"If we are just looking at the filming outcome, there is one method that might be suitable for you," Fang Zhao said.

Zaro jolted up. "What sort of method?"

"There might be a little suffering involved," Fang Zhao continued.

"...How much suffering?"

"It can't be considered suffering, just enduring a little pain. However, it is only for the duration of the filming of the scene."

Zaro pondered it seriously for a bit and then asked, "Will it hurt my face?"

"It won't."

"Say it!"


Elsewhere, Zaro's agent, who had gone to the gourmet food city to purchase mineral water, had been gone for two hours.

Actually, the entire thing would have taken half an hour, but Zaro's agent had been able to guess what Zaro was up to with one look. He had not left after stepping out and had watched as Zaro went to look for Fang Zhao. Only then had Zaro's agent gone to the gourmet food city. However, Zaro's agent would pretend that he did not know anything, and he even sat at the gourmet food city for more than an hour after purchasing the mineral water.

It was rare that this Senior Master Zaro would actually lower his head and seek help. His agent was just worried that a conflict might arise.

Actually, there were still famous actors among the cast that had some relationships with the Renault family, such as the actor playing the role of Great General Renault. He had graduated from a military college. After becoming famous, he'd had frequent dealings with the Renault family and had both means and power. This time, he had been specifically selected by Old General Renault for this role.

Because of his relation to the Renault family, this actor would also show concern for Zaro, but with a lead role, his assignments were too important and he had greater pressure than others. He had been unable to find time to chat with Zaro, and when he had finally managed to free up some time, the conversation had not turned out well. Zaro had straightaway pissed the other party off.

Zaro's agent had lamented on countless occasions. If Zaro wasn't a Renault and didn't receive the family's protection, he would have long been beaten to death.

There were other actors with ties to the Renault family as well, but basically, nobody could calmly have a conversation with Zaro that lasted for more than five minutes.

Zaro's agent knew what those other people were thinking when they talked to Zaro.

I'm not even your granddad, what reason is there to go along with everything you want? Who can afford to take your mood into consideration at all times! We also have status and power!

Who in the cast isn't busy? Who doesn't feel heavily pressured? Being dog-tired every day and emotionally affected by the roles, I don't even have the time to see a psychologist, yet I still have to contend with your moods? How thick skinned can you be? Which Renault of your generation isn't better than you? At most, I can hug the thighs of other people in the Renault family! If you were not a Renault, you would have been slapped to death a long time ago!

Among those of the same age, there didn't seem to be anyone that could stand Zaro.

Thus, this time, Zaro's agent was very worried about Zaro going to look for Fang Zhao.

Given Zaro's moral character, what would happen if he accidentally offended the other party?

Given Fang Zhao's military prowess, he could beat up 10 Zaros without breaking a sweat.

However, Zaro's agent never expected that when he was nervously waiting for Zaro to return, Zaro would actually come back bubbling with joy, the sort where one had just gotten a cheat code for a game and couldn't wait to try it out.

His agent tried to probe. "Something good happened?"

"Not telling." Zaro's face was full of mystery. He wanted to give everyone a surprise.

The day of filming the scene arrived.

After many actors in the Leizhou film unit had finished their own scenes, they did not leave right away and instead found a spot to observe.

Today, Zaro, who was being talked about by all the Leizhou netizens, had a scene. Zaro could not be compared to those few leads or important supporting roles, but he was a character that was where the winds and waves were the strongest.

The actors also naturally paid attention to this. They were worried that it would be just as those netizens had said, that Zaro would destroy everything. If that was really the case, all their efforts would have been for naught!

However, today, Zaro was full of drive and was brimming with confidence. There wasn't any hint that he had been affected by all the opinions online.

"He seems to be handling the pressure well," someone muttered.

"Most likely he just has a simple mind," another actor whispered.

Today, the Leizhou film unit director was looking all gloomy as usual.

"Are you ready yet?"

"Wait a moment..." Zaro stuffed something into his mouth and signaled the director. "All right!"


A thunderous roar that seemingly contained a mixture of emotions resounded. "Save people? Who can you save? You are just sacrificing another life!!"

That roar wasn't the sort of shout that Zaro had previously so painstakingly forced out. The emotions here were too intense and too real, so much so that it deceived the ears of older actors.

When he finished his line, Zaro took a large gasp of air. His facial muscles were twitching, his eyes were all red, and they were even glistening with tears. This sort of oppressive fretful feeling that gripped the heart could be even felt from 10 meters away!

The director could not help but do a close-up.


A huge surprise!

This was exactly the result he wanted!

The director's previously overcast and gloomy expression became clear and sunny.

All the other actors and staff that were sitting around spectating had blank looks of shock. Their jaws were almost touching the ground.

Is that Zaro?

Is that really Zaro? How has he portrayed it so precisely? Could it be a body double wearing a Zaro disguise?

Can Zaro do an emotional outburst as and when he wants to?

Nobody could understand it—how could this idiot have suddenly gained enlightenment? All the previous training classes had not been effective, yet after a few days without seeing him, he had actually transformed so much?

At the moment, the other actor opposite Zaro was also performing at a high level. His lips were trembling and veins were bulging out of his temples as he silently endured. His fists were clenched, and it appeared as if there were about to fly up to beat the other person if not for him forcibly restraining his emotions.

The other person was acting rather well too. His skill could deceive everyone's eyes as well.

Previously, the two had kept having frequent flubs; how were they coordinating so well now?

Could it be that these two had rehearsed together? Had they been practicing in private?

After this portion was over, the director was extremely stirred up. "Pass!"

The gloom on his face had faded, and the director flashed a rare satisfied smile at Zaro. "Very good, very good! Keep it up!"

When he had seen those evaluations online, he had really thought that Zaro would be a burden and the Leizhou chapter film unit would become the laughingstock of other film units. But now it appeared that Zaro wasn't too bad when he was serious.

Therefore, he still had to give the youngster a chance and some time. He could not be prejudiced against Zaro because of what had happened in the past.

It seemed like Zaro's condition today was really sharp!

Sure enough, with a little pressure from the outside world, hadn't Zaro achieved this state?

Standing at the side, Zaro's agent's eyes were feeling irritated. He was so stirred up that his eyes were brimming with warm tears. If not for his surroundings, Zaro's agent would be crying.

This was too easy!

Zaro had acted in so many shows, but this was the first time his expressions had radiated the surroundings. Even standing so far away, Zaro's agent could really feel that outburst of emotions. That was something only really capable actors could achieve!

He had finally taught Zaro... Finally brought Zaro up!

He had finally accomplished the heavy responsibility he had always been shouldering.

Accomplished the mission of a specially appointed agent!

All sorts of feelings welled up in the agent's heart. As he saw Zaro running over, he grinned widely.

There was a spring in Zaro's every step as he half hopped and half ran like an antelope till he was in front of his agent's face. Before his agent could say anything, Zaro exhaled deeply in his face.

A dizzying odor wafted into his nostrils.

"Can you smell it?" Zaro asked proudly.

Zaro's agent: "..." There was a hint of despair in his smile.

B*llshit acting skills!

Zaro did not take note of what his agent was going through. Currently, he was elated. This time's success had made him extremely excited.

The director that had always had a gloomy face when facing him had actually given some praise! Actually, this director wasn't that bad; he had foresight!

The more Zaro thought about it, the more pleased he became. Although eating that stuff had been awful indeed, to stimulate his state of mind and for the sake of achieving the result the director wanted, it had all been worth it!

"Hehehe, how satisfying!"

That day, Fang Zhao had said that one could invoke some emotions by eating some stuff—for example, garlic. It was best to have the sort that was grown natively on planet Wai. The stronger the flavor, the more stimulating it would be. Zaro had developed it further and added a little sauce as well. That feeling... he had been able to understand what his character was going through in just a short while.

After he had shared his thoughts, Fang Zhao had suggested Zaro try it out.

Zaro had never expected that he would succeed in one try!

A pass in one take!

Just as he was gloating, the other actor that had just shot with Zaro came over. He had a complex expression on his face as he made a sincere request: "Senior Master, in the future, if you are going to do this again, please give me a warning first."

Back then, when the odor had wafted over and assaulted his nostrils, his brain had suddenly gotten all dizzy and he had nearly forgotten his lines.

"No problem, no problem!" When Zaro was in a good mood, he was very easy to deal with. Zaro turned towards his agent and said, "I acted well, right? Was it gut wrenching? But my gut was really wrenching. That was my first test—I probably ate too much garlic and sauce, so my stomach really felt uncomfortable. Didn't Fang Zhao say tea, milk, or other stuff can alleviate it? Hey, I forgot to bring the stuff he helped prepare! Hurry, hurry, hurry, let's go back!" Zaro dragged his agent along as they left.

Zaro's agent wasn't too bothered by the scent, which reminiscent of smelly feet. He was worried that Zaro might have eaten some unhygienic food. If anything happened to Zaro, he would have to carry Zaro on his back. No time could be wasted; they did not even return back to their quarters. Instead, Zaro's agent brought Zaro to the area's hospital for a check. He wouldn't rest easy until Zaro had had a thorough check-up.

Having gone to the hospital, Zaro took some relieving medicine, as there weren't any big problems. After that, Zaro fished out a phone and impatiently called someone to share his joy.

There was no internet access in the filming area, but everyone here had been issued a phone. This phone could only be used for calls and was limited to the filming area.

"Fang Zhao, I have to really thank you this time! Once season three's filming wraps up, I'll treat you to a meal at the gourmet food city! Hey, by the way, if anybody mentions me, you can just tell them that from now on, in the cast of "Founding Era," I, Zaro, only need one take to pass! Hahahahaha!" Zaro's laughter was especially loud.

Zaro's agent thought to himself, Worry about diarrhea instead of talking nonsense!

Zaro felt like he was opening a door to a new world. His success today had let him find the navigation lights in his own acting pathway.

It was not that he did not have the fundamentals for performing but that he was unable to produce the result that other people wanted. However, if he integrated these sorts of techniques, he would be able to achieve it!

On the other end, Fang Zhao had just finished filming a scene. He was currently resting at the side with a few other actors from his unit. In a bit, they would have to continue filming.

After Fang Zhao answered the call and learned of what had happened, he had also laughed. In his past life, he had seen a subordinate do something similar for the sake of an assignment. When he had been analyzing Zaro's character, Fang Zhao had thought about this method. Zaro wasn't a newcomer that knew nothing. With a little oriented stimulation, perhaps this method could be effective.

Looking at it now, it really seemed to have been effective.

Observing Fang Zhao, an old actor beside him asked, "Who called? The sound of his laughter sounds a little familiar."

"Zaro. He says that filming at his end went well. It took just one take," Fang Zhao replied.

The other actors taking a break had shocked expressions on their faces and were doubting their own ears.


The one from Leizhou? The one who has a good family background but nothing else and only drags everyone else down?

Only one take?

Were the standards of the Leizhou film unit's director so low? Did the lead director approve?

In any case, this was unimaginable.

"You believe that?" someone asked Fang Zhao.

"I do," Fang Zhao replied. "We will be able to see it for ourselves when the broadcast is out."

After Zaro ended the call with Fang Zhao, he made calls in succession to people he knew in the cast.

"Bar~bie, I heard that for your Lazhou film unit, you take at least two takes for many of your scenes? That's no good! I only took one take here. I'm not bragg—"

On the other end, Barbara expressionlessly hung up.

Zaro's lips curled as he heard the beeping sound through the phone. Then he dialed another number.

"Hello, Woo Tianhao? I heard your Tongzhou film unit's filming didn't go so smoothly yesterday. You too should attend more training classes and polish your acting skills. Don't just read novels every time filming ends..."

"Go f*ck yourself!!"

There was the sound of Woo Tianhao smashing something followed by beeping from the phone.

Zaro inhaled sharply. "How petty."

His agent stared blankly at the ceiling.

Zaro continued to make calls to others.

Didn't you people use to mock me? Now I only took one take! Feeling foolish now?

Zaro continued to provoke others. "If you can't act, just leave the cast yourself!"

In the past, you people provoked me. Now I'm the one returning the favor and giving you all pressure. Any slaps I get, I return tenfold!

Zaro's round of flaunting finally ended and he was in a good mood. He asked his agent, "Fang Zhao has rendered a great service this time around. Do you think I should give him a big red packet? His compensation for this series isn't very high either. How pitiful."

Zaro's agent calmly said, "I heard that his endorsement fees have increased multiple times."

"How much?" Zaro asked, but he wasn't particularly interested.

His agent mentioned a figure.

Zaro, who was prepared to do a charitable deed, felt as if his face had been splashed with cold water. "What the!? His endorsement fees are that high?!"

His agent continued dousing him with cold water. "From what I reckon and from some calculations, I'm telling you that he has more money than us. He really isn't pitiful at all. However, if you act well, when the third season broadcasts, your rates when accepting endorsements won't be too shabby either."

"Certainly!" Zaro's self-confidence, which had just taken a beating, swelled back up. He tossed his phone aside and went to look at the script, studying what he should eat for his next scene and what else he should add in.

Lead Director Roman had also heard about Zaro's one take in the Leizhou film unit. He heard about it not from Fang Zhao but rather from Zaro himself. Roman was full of doubt when he went to watch the segment filmed by the Leizhou film unit. It was as if he had seen a miracle, and he said, "That improvement is really huge."

"I heard he employed some tricks," said a member of the directorial team who had asked around.

Roman shook his head. "Not just anyone can use such methods. Do you think nobody has tried this in the past? How many can actually produce a result that is so fitting to the storyline? Zaro still has some innate talent, but his innate talent isn't too mainstream."

It seemed like he wouldn't need to make a call to Leizhou's governor.

As he was lamenting, Roman again asked, "Who gave Zaro that idea? This is a good method that has quick effects fit for Zaro's character."

"I'm not too sure about this, but I heard from someone that Zaro went to seek out Fang Zhao. After that, he completed his scene in one take," the director in charge of Leizhou film unit said.

Roman's creases became deeper from his smiling. "Oh my, Fang Zhao still his this ability!"

Fang Zhao could produce a miracle when given a rotten piece of wood. What did this mean?

This meant that Fang Zhao could still guide others!

It meant that Roman's foresight was good!

Look, this is my recommendation!

Three days later, there was yet another scene. Zaro, who had once been publicly known as a burden, did it in one take yet again.

In no time, everyone in the cast knew about this matter.

After that, the lead director go-to line changed. Now, if anyone was out of form, had other ideas, or were not acting conscientiously, Roman would spout, "Take a look at Zaro!"

All the actors felt that this stab by the lead director was especially ruthless.

If he spoke about Fang Zhao, they could accept it. Given Fang Zhao's ability and energy in the past few months, they could not find any fault and were already immune to it. However, if Roman brought up Zaro, none of the actors could acknowledge it.


Due to the global acclaim and public praise the first season of "Founding Era" had received, some actors had become conceited when all of it had gone to their heads. Now that they had received such a stab from the lead director, though, they were compelled to return back to before. If they could not compare to Fang Zhao, then so be it, but now they could not even compare to that idiot Zaro?