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Chapter 308: A Pot Falls from the Sky While One Sits at Home.

Chapter 308: A Pot Falls from the Sky While One Sits at Home.

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Fang Zhao knew what Si Lu meant, and his gaze went to Si Lu's hands. "You didn't bring the knife."

"...No." Si Lu scratched his head in embarrassment. He had not brought his knife along when seeking help. Wouldn't he get mistaken for a gang member?

However, when Si Lu heard Fang Zhao mention the knife, he had more confidence in Fang Zhao. The character he played was someone whose knife never left his hands.

"Come in." Fang Zhao poured a glass of water and handed it over.

Si Lu accepted it courteously. "Thanks."

But he didn't dare to drink.

His manager had mentioned to him many times that he should not randomly drink anything that others handed over. He was to guard against people even if they were from the same company. Everyone was a competitor—who knew if the other party might have some motives and add something else to the drink?

Before joining the cast, his manager had exhorted repeatedly that he should guard against other actors, especially those from rival companies, such as Silver Wing. Even if the other party might seem extremely cordial and friendly, he should still remain cautious. Work stress, mental stress, and the occasional bad weather already made it unbearable. With the runs added on, one would be half-dead.

Now, should he drink the glass of water that Fang Zhao had handed over?

"Do you wish to understand more about 'Qi Guan' as a person?" Fang Zhao asked.

Qi Guan was the character that Si Lu portrayed in the series.

"Yes!" Si Lu perked up, his attention leaving the glass of water. He continued earnestly, "I have read a lot of resources, but like before, his image is still indistinct. The script doesn't present Qi Guan in a detailed enough manner either. When I was acting, the previous few episodes were still all right, but season five is a crux period. I want to act this role well and portray this role, this person, even better. I heard that you were a consultant team member for the Yanzhou chapter and so probably understand more about that portion of history. Perhaps you know more than me, so I came over to seek your help."

"Qi Guan, that... that person was very special. He wasn't suited to be born in peaceful times. The Period of Destruction was considered hell for others, but he was a natural there. His ideology was more primitive, and he liked to used knives but not guns. His senses were also not ordinary. In his own words, the strong did not need help, and he only helped the weak. Therefore, he could stand aside and watch coldly as many capable and strong people died, yet he could also sacrifice himself for the sake of two weak researchers—his body was never found..."

Fang Zhao remembered this person, Qi Guan. He had once requested Qi Guan join his own squad, but he'd been rejected.

"We are not the same kind of people."

This had been Qi Guan's reply before he had picked up his long and slender knife and left without turning to look back once.

He was just like those wandering swordsmen of old. Everything he did was based on his own guts. Even if other people had differing views, he would simply not give a damn. He seemingly appeared not to care about other stuff, yet he had his own principles and was obstinate. In a sense, he wasn't one of the good guys, but he wasn't entirely a heinous person either.

After Fang Zhao's rebirth, he had looked through some resources left behind from the Founding Era. Every person that had been shifted into the Cemetery of Martyrs had had to go through many rounds of audits.

Some people were not fond of Qi Guan's style of handling things, and during the Founding Era, when graves had been shifted, there had been some people who opposed it. Ultimately, however, his body had still been moved to the Cemetery of Martyrs.

In later generations, his deeds were considered very great, because some of the people he had saved had ended up as doctors that researched many antiviral vaccines and were among the first batch of senior members that founded the Academy of Science Headquarters.

Back then, Qi Guan would never have thought that he would save such great scientists.

In Qi Guan's grave at the Cemetery of Martyrs, there were no skeletal remains, just a battle-worn knife. When his grave had been built, it had been that doctor who had personally placed that knife in Qi Guan's grave. Today, the knife in the museum was just a replica.

The prop knife that Si Lu was using for filming had been replicated according to the one in the museum.

At the moment, Si Lu sat on the sofa listening attentively to Fang Zhao's analysis of Qi Guan. When he regained his senses... he found himself midway through drinking the water.

Looking at the glass again, there was only half left.

Si Lu: "!!!"

In the 10 minutes that had passed, he had actually, unintentionally drunk half the glass!

Would he get a stomachache?

Was there any poison inside?

It was not that Si Lu always thought about the worst that could happen but that his manager frequently scared him this way.

Yet Si Lu did not have any time to remain at a loss. Compared to this, he still wished to hear from Fang Zhao more about the stuff that Qi Guan had done. What was getting poisoned compared to this?

The Qi Guan that Fang Zhao spoke about was slightly different than the Qi Guan that Si Lu had researched through various resources, but this brought the person to life even more. Si Lu couldn't help but feel that the records of Qi Guan in the resources were a little phony and incomplete, like it was a soul that was missing something important.

But when he listened to what Fang Zhao had to say, Si Lu's previously muddled thoughts seemingly started to get clearer. What Fang Zhao spoke about was the crucial point, and it was what Si Lu had been so anxious to know!

As he spoke, Fang Zhao walked over to where a music keyboard was placed. This was where he normally went to when he wanted to compose. Qi Guan was someone Fang Zhao had not seen in a long time, and when he was brought up, Fang Zhao subconsciously placed his hands on the keyboard.

A key was pressed, and the sound of a string instrument pinged out.

"Regarding the person named Qi Guan, in life, he was the wind. 1 In death, he drifted away in the wind. It wasn't that different."

Si Lu had no idea whether it was the impact of Fang Zhao's words or the magic from the musical notes, but he found himself being thoroughly immersed in his thoughts.

To heed not the outcome, to spare no effort.

A moment, a day, a month, a season, a year, a cycle, a lifetime.

Directly delving into his conscience.

Perhaps this was his life's principles.

When Si Lu had obtained the script and when he had researched his character, what he had seen was a loner in the wilderness who had no companions, but maybe that wasn't the case.

Si Lu had thought that when Qi Guan had been facing death's door, he might have been like other people and have had more sentiments. However, that might not have been the case.

It was as if Si Lu could peek into his own mind and see those gloomy and depressing sentiments.

When the sun was hidden behind the earth, there would only be chills when the wind blew.

He apparently saw the solitary figure in the wilderness, but at the end of the journey, his heart wasn't as fretful as it had been in the beginning.

When contemplating, he was seemingly unresigned and somewhat desolate.

But after that, those emotions were gone.

It was as if he could hear the songs in the night breeze, as if he could see a star falling into a lake and glowing as brightly as before.

The surrounding world was as quiet as the deep sea.

Shutting his eyes, opening his eyes, faintly smiling.

No more being unresigned, no longer desolate.

In life, he was the wind.

In death, he drifted in the wind.

A wanderer wasn't bound by borders!

Si Lu clenched his fist, yet his heart was empty.

"Where's my knife?" Si Lu muttered.

"You left it in your own room." Fang Zhao removed his finger that had been striking the keyboard.

Si Lu turned around and left. If this were the old him, he would have courteously said something, but now, he did not say anything.

Fang Zhao watched the door close and sighed.

It had already been 500—going on 600—years since those people had left!


Elsewhere, having returned from Fang Zhao's place, Si Lu spent the next few days staying in his room, all the way until filming for season five of the "Founding Era" Yanzhou chapter began.

In the cast, Si Lu lost his normal reserved and polite demeanor and was more unrestrained. He was more unbridled, yet he constrained himself to a small area. His knife never left his hands.

The people in the cast and crew were aware of the change in Si Lu, but they did not say anything unnecessary. They were all in the same industry and could understand what these circumstances implied.

The director was happy knowing that Si Lu had found his form, yet he was also worried, worried that Si Lu would not be able to shed his character after filming concluded.

On the day when filming for his role wrapped up, the director noticed Si Lu still standing there blankly, and he went over to pat Si Lu on the shoulders. "Go pay a visit to Dr. Dai after this."

The director also got someone to collect the prop knife and put it away. Since Si Lu's scenes in the series were completed, it was better to collect these sorts of props, just to be safe. The directing team had too many people that had the same sort of circumstances as Si Lu. This wasn't a rare phenomenon. As the series went on, there would be even more actors like this. Yesterday, he had even heard someone from the psychologist team advise Director Roman to increase the number of psychologists.

"Hey, yet another one who has sunk in and can't get out," said a staff member of the production team to his colleague as they watched Si Lu, who seemed in a daze.

"After some visits to the psychologists and some time, he'll be fine and will be able to shed his character."

The cast and crew were too busy. Even if they were actors from the same company or even good friends, nobody could spare the time to take care of others. Therefore, the production team's staff that was in charge of handling these people would bring these actors over to the psychologists as soon as possible to receive therapy. The production team did not wish for the actors' mental states to be affected because of this series.

Si Lu was just like a robot, and he listened to the staff's instructions, changed out of his costume, washed the "bloodstains" off his body, took a bath, put on a set of new clothing, and headed to the psychologist to receive treatment.

By the time he returned from the psychologists, it had already turned dark.

Si Lu wasn't as dazed as he had been before, but the staff did not leave. They instead brought him to the dining hall to collect the fragrant, extravagant, and abundant bento box.

"Have a good meal, and rest for the next few days. You must be tired after filming for so long, but you can wake up as late as you want to tomorrow!" the staff member said as he handed the bento box to Si Lu.

Receiving the bento box, Si Lu mumbled, "Thanks," and then turned around to leave.

When he returned to his quarters, Si Lu placed the bento box on the table and did not move as he sat in front of the table in a daze.

The dishes were clearly impeccable, but Si Lu just had no desire to eat. As before, his hands felt empty, and he didn't wish to pick up any utensils. Si Lu covered up the box and continued to stare blankly.

When Fang Zhao came over after finishing his filming, Si Lu's boxed meal still hadn't been touched.

Fang Zhao had seen the filming of Si Lu's scenes today. The filming had been very good, but as before, Si Lu's mental state seemed a little bit off. Even though Si Lu had visited the psychologist, Fang Zhao couldn't help but worry and had come over to visit.

"Can't bear to?" Fang Zhao asked.

"Mhmm," Si Lu replied softly.

Unresigned, reluctant, apprehensive, melancholic, just like a cavalryman who had lost his horse or a monk who had lost his religious way. However, these feelings were not because of the role—rather, they were Si Lu's own feelings. Even though his part in the series was over, he was still being impacted by the role.

When filming, Si Lu had felt that Qi Guan was himself in another world. And now, it was time to part with the role he played, time to bid farewell to his other self.

Sighing deeply, Si Lu removed the lid of the box meal once again with trembling fingers. Picking up his utensils, he starting eating ceremoniously, one bite at a time. He was unable to control his tears as large droplets trickled into the bento box.

Si Lu finished every single grain of food and every single drop of his drink. Following that, he wiped his face and told Fang Zhao. "Please wait a minute."

With that, Si Lu hurried into the washroom. When he came out, his face no longer showed any trace that he had been crying.

"Let's take a photo together. I'll post it up on my social platform to thank you for your help. I am really very grateful!"

Fang Zhao had no objections. After taking the photo, he didn't stay and bother Si Lu. Right now, what Si Lu needed was some personal space and time to recover his mental state.

After Fang Zhao left, Si Lu edited the photograph and set it to automatically upload to his social platform. The assignment his manager had given him was to update his goings-on whenever he had internet access, so as to let his fans know what he was up to.

The psychologist had scheduled a follow-up session for three days later. Only when he was given the all clear would he be able to leave the cast. Now he just felt really tired. His body and soul were weary, and he needed to have a few days of good sleep.

On the second day, Si Lu was woken up by the reverberating beeps of his communications device.

Si Lu opened his eyes just a little. Not knowing where he was, he reached out mechanically to answer the call.


The thundering howl of his manager came through from the other end. "Do you wish to change jobs?!"

At a loss, Si Lu looked at the time and was astonished to find out that today was actually internet access day!

Time passed by so quickly?! I thought there were still two days!

However, on the other end, when his manager saw him not saying anything, he assumed that that was indeed Si Lu's intention. He got even angrier, and his roars were louder.

"You didn't even take a photograph of the bento box, but you took a photograph with Fang Zhao, even saying 'thank you'? What are you trying to imply? Do you want to jump ship and join Silver Wing? Now that you are famous, you have more guts and want to revolt!? I have said this many times, stay away from Silver Wing's personnel! Is this how you repay me?"

Si Lu thought back and suddenly remembered. Oh, I forgot to take a photograph of the bento box!

It seemed like his manager had even told him to find a proper angle when taking a photo of the bento box before and had mentioned many photography techniques. He had actually forgotten all about it.

"Now that you have found a new backer, a new master, you wish to kick away all of us that have put in our utmost to help push you up?! One moment I was guiding the teams to help you chart out your developmental plans, and the next moment I find you posting this sort of stuff. Si Lu, you f*cking have the guts!"

"No, you are mistaken!" Si Lu hurriedly explained.

Si Lu had gone from being a small insignificant actor to where he was today thanks to the toiling from his manager and the teams behind him. He really had no intention of jumping ship; all he had wanted was to tell everyone that the reason he had been able to find the best form to portray his character was thanks to Fang Zhao. Because his mood had still been somewhat stifled when he had edited his status, he had only written down two words: "thank you." He had never expected it to cause this sort of trouble.

After Si Lu had explained the before and after, only then did his manager on the other end of the call calm down.

"Don't do this sort of funny stuff in future. It is very easy to misunderstand your post! You don't know it yet, but because of your photo, many Yanzhou media outlets are in a frenzy circulating news that you want to jump ship. They're saying that Fang Zhao is planning to poach from Neon Culture! Fang Zhao is really good at duping people. When he was gaming, he helped Silver Wing's gaming department poach a few e-sports gods. Now that he is acting, he is surely thinking of poaching their rivals' assets! Oh, right, the actor that joined Silver Wing last week was surely conned over by Fang Zhao!"

"I don't think Fang Zhao is that sort of person... How about, I delete that post now?" Si Lu asked cautiously.

"Delete my ass! That makes it seem like you have a guilty conscience! Post another status, a more detailed one, explaining the circumstances clearly... No, after you have written it, send it to me first. After I have vetted it, then you can send... Forget it, I think it will be best if I write it for you. You can continue sleeping first. Remember to visit the psychologist after you have woken up!"

After the call ended, Si Lu's manager lamented to the others in the team, "I'm probably the most dedicated manager among all managers."

Elsewhere, Fang Zhao was also being bombarded by messages. There were some inquiries from Silver Wing, and there was some probing from other companies.

Only after he had seen the "evidence" being circulated by all the different entertainment media did Fang Zhao know that he had started "poaching from rival companies" again.

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