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Chapter 895: Embryo

Chapter 895: Embryo
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With Heavy Arrow's strength with the Fei Mo poison, Luo Feng stood in the distance casually tossing the six sealed stars out. Each of them were incredibly heavy. Even though Luo Feng didn't use any of the laws with them, they could at least affect the two Qiu Jia brothers who were fleeing.

Hence…the two of them fell quickly.

After killing Black Crow and the others, Black Crow had treasures worth about thirty billion mixed elements, while the other two had a total of about eighteen billion.

"I actually failed, hm, on to the next prey then." Luo Feng contacted the star tower and large amounts of information instantly poured into his mind, allowing him to make his choice.

"Good, the target will still be emperor pinnacle soul masters."

"Star tower, open a pathway."

Luo Feng gazed ahead.


The torn up forbidden space suddenly had an exit appear. Luo Feng and Heavy Arrow flew right through the exit into the space pathway into another space. There were four bug camp warriors there, of which there was one emperor pinnacle soul master.

"Let's hope it works this time." Luo Feng anticipated.


Three minutes later.

The space was left in a mess, and the sea had been reduced to nothing as a large half of the sea bed had vanished. Silver winged Luo Feng stood high above, as Heavy Arrow stood still respectfully by his side.

"Master, the many treasures add up to about sixty billion." Heavy Arrow said respectfully.

Luo Feng nodded, after which he shook his head and sighed, "We failed again!"

"Master, to control a soul master is extremely hard. They are all warriors that have spent countless years studying how to control soul techniques. Since they are incredibly adept at the soul techniques, to capture them…requires quite a bit of luck." Heavy Arrow said respectfully, "However, our earnings are still huge."

"Killing more warriors would create anger in others, making the absolute beings appear." Luo Feng said softly. "Hence I have to succeed this time."

"Yes master." Heavy Arrow's expression went serious.

There were a few hidden rules known in the universe, like how a knight could easily kill emperors and officials. Naturally the emperors and officials wouldn't dare offend the knight, as they had their own pride. If they offended one, they would naturally be killed! However the knights would not go about massacring large amounts of undyings, if they did so…

Everybody would get enraged, the other knights would team up to deal with this one!

Same theory, like True Yan, an invincible emperor, he needn't head to the outer region wars. As for Seven Blade, Da Long, Life fall etc, if they took out their trump cards, they could easily kill pinnacle officials or even emperor limits. Killing once or twice was fine, even killing ten of them consecutively, was ok.

However if they went overboard, it would lead to many others getting enraged.

Afterall a pinnacle emperor and an emperor limit…were the elites of the many races. If they were massacred in large numbers, the super beings of their race would natural want to take revenge!


Luo Feng brought Heavy Arrow along and began to hunt…

The first day, they battled three times, killing all the enemies, and not even succeeding once. They acquired treasures worth about 160 billion mixed elements.

The second day, they battled three more times, killing all of them. As for soul control? They still failed. But they did acquire about 210 billion.

Third day…

Four days in a row! A total of twelve battles were fought. The targets were all emperor pinnacle soul masters, however all twelve of them fell, and not one succeeded. Of which only nine of them managed to spread the news of Blade River being the killer. The other three died too fast, as they didn't even have time to inform others.

Nine pinnacle emperor soul masters fell, and the culprit was Blade River!

Luckily the nine of them were from three different camps.

The camps were all enemies of one another, and news wouldn't travel between them too quickly However, within each camp itself, the news had spread that Blade River had begun killing emperor pinnacle soul masters.

Automaton camp…Four were killed.

Demon camp…Two were killed.

Bug camp…Three were killed.

"This Blade River emperor sure is powerful. A total of four emperor pinnacle soul masters all died by his hands. I heard that his defense was heavenly, and was able to withstand the strongest flame god crystal explosion! I didn't expect him to be so intrepid even against soul masters, killing four consecutively! Material defense, soul defense…both are so strong, he truly is terrifying."

"Terrifying Blade River emperor."


The name Blade River had begun to spread again after 6,000 years of silence.

The last time, Blade River had Heavy Arrow as his slave and could withstand the strongest flame god crystal. His terrifying material defense had made many not underestimate him. However no matter what…from what happened, he still relied on many external factors to kill so many.

This time however!

Against the falling of the soul masters, this had completely terrified all the other warriors.

Material attack? Soul attack?

Blade River would withstand it all, how could they deal with such an absolute warrior with no weaknesses?


Even though his name spread fast, within the short time, it wasn't too absurd.


On the second hunt during the fifth day, within a burning island space, a human like silhouette with crystals embedded in his body stood there covered in little diamonds. From a glance, he looked like a diamond man! He lay on the island.


His soul imprints within his body were all struggling madly, however after the Fei mo poison's attack, he only had 36% of his undying body left, and his strength was greatly diminished. Within the past few days, Luo Feng had battled three times each day, and each battle lasting at most a few minutes.

What was he doing with the rest of his time?

He was studying the 10,000 soul control, embedding the laws within to make it even more powerful, studying it over and over, making his technique grow more refined.

"Submit!" Luo Feng felt the enemy's resistance get stronger, pressing on.


Vast soul threads instantly invaded his soul.


"I've finally succeeded." His eyes revealing joy. It wasn't easy at all, as he had spent so much effort. By using the star tower's ability to pick his targets, only after so many tries did he succeed for the first time.

"Pa Luo Wa race." Luo Feng looked at the diamond man.

He stood up, his gaze towards Luo Feng filled with utmost respect. Luo Feng had become this being's most important person. He bowed respectfully, "Master."

"Hm." Luo Feng nodded and smiled, "Honed Heart emperor."


A distant silhouette flew over. It was Heavy Arrow emperor. He landed beside and said respectfully," Master, I've killed the other two warriors, these are the items left behind."

"Hahaha…" Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh loudly.

Heavy Arrow glanced over at the diamond man Honed Heart emperor when he saw this, immediately saying, "Congratulations master on controlling Honed Heart emperor."

"It wasn't easy, not at all. I spent so much time and effort to get this one." Luo Feng continued laughing, "Luckily the Fei Mo poison is very strong, causing him to lose so much strength. Only then could I succeed. With him…it'll be much easier to get more slaves."

Honed Heart could burn his undying body, causing his soul control to instantly surge in power. That way, the chances of controlling another slave was much higher.

"With him here, our next target should be an emperor limit." Luo Feng was filled with ambition within.

"Take a rest Honed Heart, recover your strength."

Luo Feng took out some items he acquired before to help Honed Heart recover. Afterall, he had killed many emperors before and they all had quite a few such items for recovery. It was obviously kept for use in times of emergency, to recover quickly.

At this time, Luo Feng had given them to Honed Heart emperor.

There was no choice!

Only a fully recovered Honed Heart emperor was useful to him.


Everything went according to Luo Feng's plan. After he got Honed Heart, his control proficiency rose greatly.The only trouble was that he couldn't let the enemy burn his undying body, the moment they did…even if Honed Heart burnt his undying body, controlling them would be hard.

Before, without Honed Heart to help him, the moment the enemy burnt their undying bodies, Luo Feng immediately gave up on capturing, and chose to kill them instead.

With the Sha Wu wings and star map, he could forcefully kill them.

Heavy Arrow had the ancient clock on him, and he wasn't afraid of the enemies burning their undying bodies. He too could easily kill them.


After acquiring Honed Heart, Luo Feng's probability of success had risen from 20% to 33%. Hence, he gradually began to not show himself, but letting his slaves make the moves instead. Two emperor limits combined together with treasures he provided…the Fei mo poison and the sealed stars, the hunt had begun.

Everytime a sealed star fell, it would be a huge ruckus. Almost all the fallen sealed stars were recorded in history.


Even though he had given his slaves the sealed stars, he had told them strictly to not use its sealing abilities. Only shrinking them to little crystal balls to attack! With the sealed stars infused with the laws within…just its offensive abilities, though far from its sealing strength, was powerful enough. Afterall the plan…was to simply use the sealed stars to attack.

Become a crystal ball to attack.

The other warriors wouldn't be able to recognize them as sealed stars. Afterall, it's true use was normally for more than to completely seal the enemies! And these crystal balls were hard to determine.

"The sealed stars are linked to the star tower."

"This cannot be divulged."

"You two, unless I allow it, you must never use its sealing abilities." Luo Feng made a strict order, not only on the soul slaves but to himself. He could only use them to attack. And unless it was truly critical, he never allowed his soul slaves to even use them. After the battle, he would collect them back, preventing an occasion where his slaves were killed and others acquired the sealed stars.

He didn't even give any to his teacher True Yan.

Afterall…the star tower had a huge implication, he couldn't gamble with that kind of danger.

This entire hunt was within his own territory, the star tower. Everything was within his control. Only because of this, was he confident enough to let his soul slaves use the sealed stars.


Without a doubt.

The proficiency left him pleasantly surprised.