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Chapter 26: Mailman

Chapter 26: Mailman

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"Kyaaa! Wang Tong! He’s here!" Wang Tong felt like a movie star, walking on the red carpet.

"Wang Tong! You are finally here!"

"We have been waiting for you for an hour!"

The girls looked excited, some were blushing as they watched Wang Tong ardently, each with an envelope in their hands.

Presently a paper letter always meant something sentimental, for example, a love letter, since most ordinary messages would be communicated online.

Wang Tong was feeling agitated, he had never had the attention of this many girls. His family was poor, and his face wasn't handsome, no girl would like a no account like him, plus, he had been busy in between studying which meant that he barely had any time to participate in any activities to meet any girls.

"Wang Tong, there is a favor we all would like to ask you for," one of the girls walked out of the throng, she seemed to be talking on their behalf.

The word "favor" cooled Wang Tong’s head. He had guessed right, these girls were not here for him.

Wang Tong smiled reluctantly and said, "No problem, what is it?" The last thing Wang Tong wanted was to p*ss off the girls that live next door to him.

"Could you please forward our letters to Hu Yangxuan in your class?"

"Hu Yangxuan? I am afraid that I do not recognize the name," Wang Tong stopped and thought for a second, but still could not recall anyone in his class with that name.

The girls started to get impatient after seeing that Wang Tong was unaware of the name of their most adored idol, they only put up with Wang Tong’s ignorance because they still needed a favor from him.

The leader of the girls seemed to be calmer, she said, "Yes, he has just been transferred to our school, and since he has not yet taken the monthly test, he was assigned to the F class. Would you please do it for us?"

Wang Tong noticed that the girl's eyes suddenly shined with anticipation. Wang Tong accepted the request and packed the letters in two big boxes. He felt that he didn’t have any other options as Mr. Simon had warned him about the sensitivity of the matter that he was living next door to a girl’s dormitory. Should any of these girls complain about him to the principal, he would have to move out of his precious accommodation.

As soon as Wang Tong returned his own room, Mr. Wannabe appeared out of the crystal quietly and said, "Kiddo, I am going into a long meditation, it will be a while before I meet you again."

Wang Tong was shocked at Mr. Wannabe's announcement, and then a sad expression appeared in his eyes. Although he was annoying, Mr. Wannabe had kept him company all the way through. "Why would you need a long meditation?"

"Well I am tired, you idiot. I should have done it a while ago, but I wasn’t sure if you would be Okay being on your own, so I had to keep on showing up which drained my soul energy tremendously, you know, if you died, I would have been trapped in that crystal as well."

"Ha Ha, don't you worry about it, we are in the Confederation now, I will be fine," Wang Tong nodded as a reassurance to Mr. Wannabe.

"Stop pulling my leg, I just wanted to tell you something before I left for my recuperation. I had reckoned that the Tactics of the Blade I had taught you was indeed the real deal, and I knew that you have realized that fact as well, although you didn’t want to admit it.

But it seemed like you have only scratched the surface, I recommend you not to show off in front of anyone until you have absolutely mastered everything.

One more thing, you still need experience in real combat so keep on going to the TPA. Anyhow, listen to me or not, those are my earnest suggestions to you, but I can’t live your life for you."

Mr. Wannabe ended his statement in a serious tone. Unknown to Wang Tong, it took Mr. Wannabe a tremendous amount of soul energy to emerge from the crystal in order to offer him “guidance” and not until today, after seeing Wang Tong's victory, had Mr. Wannabe felt that Wang Tong would no longer need him and that he could finally start his meditation to regain some of that lost soul power.

Having his ruse of eluding the true power of Tactics of the Blade being seen through by Mr. Wannabe, Wang Tong felt embarrassed, after all, Mr. Wannabe had gone through a lot with him.

"Kiddo, no need to be embarrassed, you did the right thing, the Tactics of the Blade wasn't mine, we simply made a deal. It's not always so chivalrous in the world of martial arts, do what you really want to do, and don't get slowed down by trivial things like this."

"Einherjar, take care… farewell—"

"F*ck off, I am not leaving forever, I will be back as soon as I am recuperated, and remember not to bother me!"

Mr. Wannabe disappeared into the space crystal as soon as he finished the last word, leaving Wang Tong sitting alone in his dormitory.

Old Fart had left him, Charcoal was still in a box, and then Mr. Wannabe was gone, Wang Tong felt lonely and empty inside. It was easier said than done to not miss them. "Perhaps," Wang Tong thought to himself, "Perhaps, Mr. Wannabe had left because he was upset that I still haven't taken him to the Hall of Valhalla yet."

The Hall of Valhalla, the mystical place that existed only in legends, was a place where Wang Tong really wasn't confident he could reach. However, since he had promised Mr. Wannabe, he decided that he had to give it a try no matter how hard it would be.

He clenched his fist; at least he had the Tactics of the Blade. With such a powerful tactics, it didn't matter where his destiny would take him, his fate would always be in his own hands.

Over the centuries, many families and super organizations had attempted to recreate General Li Feng's legend, Mr. Wannabe was sure that whoever mastered the Tactics of the Blade would be the second in history to become an invincible legend; therefore, he wanted to believe that the Tactics of the Blade was real and he didn't teach Wang Tong any other tactics out of the fear of diluting its power. Meanwhile, Mr. Wannabe had always doubted the credence of the Tactics of the Blade, since no one had seen it, just like no one had ever seen the Blade Warriors.

Wang Tong watched the two boxes of love letters, feeling lost. He had always wanted friends, but over the sixteen years of his life, he had lost all of them. The loneliness deprived him any appetite for studying, he hoped that sleep would bring him some comfort and by tomorrow, things would get better.

Wang Tong arrived early in his classroom, but the entrance was already crowded with boys who were waiting for Ma Xiaoru, and more girls who were waiting for the handsome Hu Yangxuan. Wang Tong lumbered into the classroom with two boxes of letters, looking like a tired mailman.

Although it was still early in the morning, Wang Tong found that all of his classmates had already started their studying, since everyone knew that Ma Xiaoru would be assigned to A class after the monthly test, and everyone wanted to follow her there.

Inadvertently, this had caused a lot of stress among students who were already in the A class, because the seats of the A class were limited, and more qualified students meant that the bar would have to be raised.

Very quickly, everyone in Ayrlarng had been studying hard as they all wanted to be in the A class.