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Chapter 29: Investigation

Chapter 29: Investigation

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As soon as Wang Tong walked out of the classroom, he was immediately troubled by another pressing issue: the Math test. Unlike some subjects that Wang Tong could rely on his memory for, there seemed to be no methods to improve math without having a tutor. But, everyone in F class had been busy with their own studying; Wang Tong figured that there would be no one available to help him. He almost wanted to give up on the subject entirely.

Gansus turned on the CCTV recording. Everyone in the classroom encircled the screen out of curiosity.

To everyone's surprise, Wang Tong didn't use the hammer but his fist to crack the hard shell. He then slid the knife into the crevices forced open by the punch. He finished the whole set of moves in one go, in a perfect control of his power. Gansus watched his moves as he nodded in approval.

Wang Tong peeled off the entire shell and went on to separate the rigid skeletons from the intricate muscle tissues which was the hardest part of the entire dissection procedure. However, the labyrinth of organs didn't slow down Wang Tong as his knife swam inside of the Zerg's body, separating even the most delicate glands.

Gansus knew that every effortless slash required a stunning degree of control of the GN power since the relentless force would only slow things down.

Wang Tong finished separating the entire Zerg's body into eighteen piles in one go without a single error. It had then become apparent that Wang Tong not only possessed robust GN power, but he also knew the anatomy of the Zerg by heart.

Gansus drew a clear conclusion: Wang Tong was an exceptional student with greatly underrated talents.

Everyone in the classroom found it hard to believe what they had just seen on the screen. No one would have expected such power from any F class student, other than Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan.

"Wang Tong?" some classmates chewed over the name as it sounded unfamiliar to them.

After watching the recording, Gansus drew a few large gulps of the stench-filled air in the classroom and cried out at the top of his lungs: "This is… awesome!"

Judging by Wang Tong's fluid knife technique, Gansus would have never thought Wang Tong was a 16 years old boy. It was every teacher's dream to discover and unlock a student's potentials, and Gansus felt like he had hit the jackpot in that aspect.

A genius with almost freakish talent such as Wang Tong was what Ayrlarng truly needed, and it was a shame that the school had ignored his talent and assigned him to the F class.

Feeling indignant for Wang Tong, he walked out of the classroom towards the principal's office elated beyond eloquent. The rest of the class could wait, as none of the students but Wang Tong were of any interest to him anymore.

Gansus walked into Samantha's office carrying glee with his footsteps. Samantha cracked a smile, "Mr. Gansus, you must have good news for me."

Being caught off guard by Samantha's greeting, Gansus said, "How would you know that I have good news for you?" He looked at the principal as if he was looking at a psychic.

"Well, to you, I am just a babe in the woods; I believe that you wouldn't even care to come and say hi to me unless you have something important to say."

Gansus was impressed by Samantha's observation. Despite Samantha's long if not redundant list of rewards and honorary titles, he had mixed feelings about her. Although Gansus liked her no nonsense and unapologetic attitude, he had doubted the effectiveness of her new rules.

"You are joking with me, principal. I am here to recommend a student to A Class. It is our teacher's fault to assign this genius to the F class."

Gansus had been looking for students like Wang Tong for his entire life. Like a jeweler discovering a flawless diamond, the discovery of Wang Tong had filled Mr. Gansus's shining eyes with joy.

"Ah, Mr. Gansus, were you talking about Hu Yangxuan?" Samantha smiled, finally, her hard work was noticed and appreciated by her arrogant colleagues.

To her surprise, Gansus shook his head and said, "No, he is good material, but he’s still within the normal range, nothing exceptional."

"Oh? Not him?" Samantha felt perplexed at Gansus's reply.

She had spent a whole week going through even the most meticulous details of each student's background. Samantha possessed a superhuman memory, a natural gift that the Gods had offered her for her lack of martial arts talents. So it was impossible that she had missed anyone, or that she had forgotten any exceptional students.

Samantha watched as he set up the screen to play the recordings. To her amazement, the brash and direct Gansus didn't let the cat out of the bag like he always did. Samantha had to discover the answer for herself.

She was shocked as soon as the screen lit up with Wang Tong’s, the "bad apple", face. When the clip reeled to its end, Samantha was frozen; she couldn't believe her eyes.

Although Samantha was not a METAL fighter, she had registered that something fishy was up in the air.

Gansus said in a pleased tone, "Principal Samantha, don't you think Wang Tong would be qualified to attend the A?"

Samantha straightened her eyeglasses as she pondered for a while. She looked mature and pragmatic.

"Mr. Gansus, thank you for your recommendation. Like you said, this student indeed seems to be a genius. I am confident that he would bring our school many honors and awards, especially under your guidance.

But, as you already know, I have promised to treat every student the same. Even students like Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan had to remain in the F class until the monthly test. It would be a good thing for Wang Tong to take the monthly test as some hardship is always good for youngsters, don't you think?"

Gansus chewed on her words for a second as he reckoned that this young principal indeed had a few aces up her sleeve. The way she carried herself was impressive.

"Fine, but I am still going to give him a 100% for my test."

Samantha nodded, "Of course, that is your prerogative. Congratulations to you again Mr. Gansus for having discovered such a true genius."

Gansus laughed proudly, his candid but obnoxious laughter echoed throughout the principal's office. Having achieved his goal, Gansus turned around and sauntered back towards his classroom; he still had a class to finish.

The tip of Samantha's fingers drummed a rhythmical beat against the desktop as she watched the tape over and over, in slow motion.

She froze the screen at the frame that captured Wang Tong's eyes, finding it hard to relate what's on the screen to that timid and helpless "bad apple".

By then, the truth seemed to have surfaced into plain view. The real persona of Wang Tong that he had exuded all the while was caught by the recorder and realized on the screen to be a relaxed, confident, and powerful fighter.

Samantha decided to re-investigate Wang Tong's background. She connected the line with the sky-net, "Colonel Kolan, how are you doing, this is Samantha."

"Ahh, my dear lady, what an honor it is to have received your call, I thought you were busy with your principal matters?"

"Come on, my dearest fellow sister, I have a favor to ask of you," Samantha's voice had never sounded so sweet and innocent before.