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Chapter 43: Weekend Visit

Chapter 43: Weekend Visit

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"Very well, from now on, we shall be both allies and adversaries at the same time. To that end, I'd like to offer you a piece of information as a token of our alliance. The Tactics of the Enchantress might have made Ma Xiaoru skeptical to any relationship; however, if she ever falls in love, her passion would be almost irreversible.

“Anyhow, I suggest you make a move as soon as possible, time is of the essence, there would be more opponents the longer we drag it out."

Wang Tong shrugged and replied, "I am not yet as invested in it as you are. I like to take things slowly. I don't even know her that well yet."

A grin flashed across Hu Yangxuan's face; he heaved a sigh and said, "If I had heard it from anyone else, I would have thought that he was, excuse my language, bull-sh*tting... But for some reason, I am convinced that you have told me the truth."

Hu Yangxuan's openness had surprised Wang Tong, he paused a moment and said, "I have to say, the more I know you, the more different you are from my impression of you. I have always thought you were a pretentious introvert."

"Pretentious introvert? Haha, everyone knew me as an ostentatious extrovert, if not a pompous *sshole. Haha!" Hu Yangxuan's profanity had made him seemed even more approachable to Wang Tong.

"What should we do next?"

"We should act. She is not going to fall into your lap if we just sit around. She lives in a floating mansion in Shangjin. Let's pay her a visit."

"You want me to share the burden of embarrassment when she gives you the cold shoulder?"

"Haha, nah, I only wish to share the stage," Hu Yangxuan didn't hide his motive, but honesty made him even more charming to a girl, perhaps even to Ma Xiaoru.

They wasted no time and walked down to Hu Yangxuan's Mag-Lev(Magnetic Levitation) car outside of the restaurant. Wang Tong's suspicion was not unfounded; Hu Yangxuan was well prepared for the seemingly random encounter, he even prepared the means of transportation necessary to go to the floating mansion.

Wang Tong knew he might have walked into a trap, and there was a possibility that he might regret his actions, but the impetuousness bloomed fiercely like the wildflower of youth inside of him; the promise of seeing Ma Xiaoru on the weekend was too tempting to resist.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the entrance of the mansion. Even at a distance, the mansion's enormous size made it look formidable. They passed the security check, and Hu Yangxuan buzzed the doorbell.

"What are these two doing here?" Samantha asked Ma Xiaoru. She buried her face in the headrest, while a masseuse was working her back muscle.

"I am not sure; I hope they would stay and hang out with us."

"Silly girl. I know what you are thinking about, no need to hide it from me. Girl just wanna have some fun, I get it." Samantha laid on the massage chair languidly, a piece of towel draped loosely over her back, but not enough to conceal her curvaceous thighs.

"I am not the only girl here." Ma Xiaoru turned her head to Samantha.

"Nah, I had enough of men. They are either too stupid or only want to take advantage of me. I have decided to stay single forever."

"I don't believe it for a second. You just have to find the right one," there was a determination in Ma Xiaoru's voice. She had always believed in love. The difficulty in finding it did not amount to its nonexistence.

A faint smile crept onto Samantha's face. Truth be told, she never lacked admirers when she was studying at Capth. Some had given it all they got to impress her but lacked real talent, and some had pretended as her equal but reeked pretentiousness. Perhaps because she was too smart and level-headed, she could never find a boy that was able to knock her socks off. Love, to Samantha, might as well be a fairy tale. She had decided to dedicate herself to something more meaningful, such as revitalizing Ayrlarng.

Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan drove slowly toward the mansion. Although Hu Yangxuan was from a relatively prominent household, he could not help noticing that this mansion would make his family residence seemed squalid and chintzy. From the decors to the layout, Hu Yangxuan could sense the exquisite taste of the owner.

Wang Tong, on the other hand, lacked the vocabulary necessary to discern the nuances of the styles and the flavors of the decorations; he found it was simply lavish, like all other lavish houses.

Their jaw dropped when they saw Samantha who was sitting right beside Ma Xiaoru. Nervousness was written all over their faces in a dozen tight places.

"What the heck are you guys doing here? What are you guys afraid of? I don't bite!" Samantha hissed and threw them an accusatory look.

"Principal Samantha, I am here to hang out with Ma Xiaoru since it's the weekend today," Hu Yangxuan spoke with confidence.

"What about you." Samantha turned her attention to Wang Tong.

"I am here… I am here to... to discuss homework." Wang Tong regretted immediately. The others faces froze for a brief second, and then they burst out laughing.

"What a convenient excuse! Anyhow, today is the weekend, I will let it ride." Samantha turned on her heel, a cascade of dark current swirled above her shoulder, the color accentuated the snowy white of her bare feet.

Wang Tong cold not help but keep on ogling at that pair of delicate feet as Samantha sauntered off. He never thought Samantha could look so devastatingly cute when she acted like a normal human. He figured that it might have something to do with the drastic difference with her usual image of a cold and harsh principal with heavy glasses that hid half of her emotions.

Ma Xiaoru gave the two visitors a tour of her house. Unlike Hu Yangxuan, who was nodding and responding from time to time, Wang Tong's mind had drifted away as they walked from room to room. He could think of nothing but Samantha's milky feet and her charming laughter.

"What do you think of this, Wang Tong?" Wang Tong heard Ma Xiaoru's voice, he jerked his heads slightly and pulled himself back into reality.

"Ah… good… good, very good..." Wang Tong replied without knowing what she was asking about.

Hu Yangxuan interrupted Wang Tong's perfunctory reply, "The design of this garden was unmatched. In my humble opinion, this could easily be the best garden on Earth! This intricate decoration, for example, I bet there are less than five of them in the entire Confederation."

Wang Tong's eyes darted from left to right, and suddenly he found what he was looking for. Samantha stretched her long legs on a bench while she was listening to music. Her immaculate toes bobbed up and down with the beat of the music.

Wang Tong was stunned by the image. His heart pounded heavily in his chest and blood flushed toward his brain. He felt a sensation that didn't even occur to him when he saw Ma Xiaoru for the first time. He gathered the remaining consciousness, and with great effort, he pinched himself hard.

The pain alerted Wang Tong. He tasted embarrassment in his mouth and quickly gathered himself before the other two noticed any trace of his carnal thoughts.

"Wang Tong, you seemed distracted," there was an edge in Hu Yangxuan's voice.

"Nah, I am just shocked by how comfortable this house is," Wang Tong shrugged as he spoke, pretending there was nothing on his mind.