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Chapter 49: Caretaker Wang

Chapter 49: Caretaker Wang

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Although the marks were posted, the students had to wait until tomorrow for the change of classes. Lots of Wang Tong's classmates were perplexed as to why Wang Tong didn't choose to major in the METAL Combat since his METAL combat scores would have easily leveled him up to the A-Class

However, unlike his classmates, Wang Tong didn't care about climbing the ladder, he was quite content with remaining in the F-Class.

After school was over, Wang Tong sauntered toward the dormitory number five, ready to start his first day as the caretaker. Upon approaching the entrance, he saw a poster with his picture on the front door of the caretaker's office; the news had spread fast.

Most girls in the dormitory number five had acquainted their neighbor since he was their only connection with Hu Yangxuan through letters, but they knew very little about Wang Tong himself, except for that he seldom came out of his room and spent most of his time burying himself in textbooks.

His appointment, needless to say, had stirred up strong resistance among the girls. The fact that Wang Tong was a boy was the focal point of their argument, it was treated as a blatant assault on girl's traditional territory. They had quickly gathered banners and planned a secret rebellion against their caretaker.

The caretaker's office was only a few paces away from Wang Tong's room, squarely set at the otherwise wide-open front entrance. The room had a window that faced the outside of the perimeter. Wang Tong sat by the window, resting his elbow on the windowsill and making sure that no male student had sneaked in. Principal Samantha had forbidden such act, and it became the caretaker's duty to enforce that policy.

The task had quickly become boring, so Wang Tong took out his textbook and started to study. Although he had passed the first monthly test, that was far from his last one, so he reminded himself to prepare ahead of time. Truth be told, this monthly test had made Wang Tong realize that the reason for his miserable grade wasn't because he was stupid, such as some people wanted him to believe, but rather because he had never spent enough time on study. Old Fart rarely brought home enough for both of them, so he had to spend most of his after-school time helping Old Fart to get by. Old fart had never liked the Academies neither. "Academies are useless, might as well call them daycares," as he put it.

A raucous noise of heavy boots thudding on the ground disturbed Wang Tong's train of thoughts; someone was approaching. He saw a girl walking toward the dormitory with a male student following her. Wang Tong pushed his books aside; time for Caretaker Wang to shine.

"Excuse me, no male students are allowed beyond this point. If you two would like to chat, feel free to do it here; if it is more intimate business, please do find a corner as far as possible," despite the edge in his voice, Wang Tong's wore a blank smile on his face that he had practiced in front of a mirror many times.

"It’s none of your business, buzz off!" The male student was one of the fourth-year seniors. It was not his seniority that had given him the overconfidence to blatantly violate the school's policies, it was his dad's position on the school's board of directors. Many times he had come and went at will through this entrance, even Samantha had to be circumspect when dealing with him.

"I am afraid I can't, not without a good reason." Wang Tong shook his head.

Hearing the commotion, the residences of the girls' dormitory quickly gathered around, slyness glimmered in their eyes. They were not here to help Wang Tong, but to witness the unraveling of their coup. Wang Tong had expected as much from the girls, and he was aware that the leader of the girls was the one that brought the director's son here; her name was Zhou Sisi, the leader of the second floor.

"Stinky pig!" Zhou Sisi hissed in her mind as she leered at Wang Tong. The school's decision had initially sent her head reeling, and after her protest was ignored by the Principal, she had decided to take the matter into her own hands. Her plan was to coax one of her many admirers, Aysen, the director's son, into a confrontation with the new caretaker. Although she was and would never be interested in Aysen, his family background and seniority would make things much convenient for her.

"Aysen, give him a reason."

Aysen had been chasing after the first year beauty Zhou Sisi ever since the first day she entered Ayrlarng, and this was the closest he had gotten so far to his sweet prize. The girl's dormitory was right in front of him, and the only roadblock was a first-year fledging. He rolled up his sleeves, laughing in his mind for his extraordinary luck.

"Reasons ah?" Aysen slanted his eyebrows and pouted his lower lip. Contempt was written all over his face.

"That is reason number one. Number two, I am going to kick your a*s and shovel dirt in your trap if you don't move away." Aysen jabbed at Wang Tong again.

"Third, half of this school is mine, so I do whatever the f*ck I want, understand?" Aysen puffed out his chest and stood with his arms akimbo, trying to look as big as he could. A smug etched on his face as he looked down on his nose at Wang Tong. He chortled at Wang Tong's seemingly sheepish appearance and then turned his head around, seeking out the approving eyes of Zhou Sisi.

For the sake of her dignity and for the sake of the greater good, Zhou Sisi managed a contrived smile on her face, but deep down, she found it hard to erase the revulsion to Aysen's bully-like demeanor. If she could punch Aysen's face without spoiling her plan, she would wear a brass knuckle while she was at it. It turned out that Zhou Sisi wasn't alone, many other girls had furrowed their eyebrows, but when they thought about the greater evil, they thinned their lips and tried to endure the churnings of their stomachs.

"Why did they send Wang Tong?" one of the girls thought in her head, "We want Hu Yangxuan!"

"Well met, brother Aysen. It is such a pleasure to meet you!" Without notice, Wang Tong griped Aysen's hand in a handshake.

Aysen tried to pull his hand away, but Wang Tong's grip was iron. The smug had left the corner of his mouth as he realized what had happened, and then, they both tightened their grips. Aysen started to channel his GN force into his fingers. His face turned pale while trying to endure the ever increasing pain. Meanwhile, Wang Tong still held the blank smile that he was so proud of as if he hadn't yet use a fraction of his strength, and then he spoke, as slow as he could.

"Fellow brother, I had heard about your name and had been admiring you secretly for a while now. If I remembered it correctly, I started to admire you when I saw you got turned down by Zhou Sisi for the first time..." Wang Tong watched as pea sized sweat seeped out of Aysen's forehead; he was almost at his limit now, but Wang Tong hadn't finished yet. "Oh-no... excuse me, it was the second time... or was it the n-th time after that? Bah... I can't remember. Anyhow, she was so rude, and you were on your knees and begging her..."

"Led' ger'f.. me! You will pay'fur ... this's!" the pain had reduced Aysen's threats into unrecognizable gibberish.

"Oh…What's that? Are you begging Zhou Sisi again? Impressive!" Wang Tong's face suddenly changed, no more blank smiles; instead, sharp and cold edges etched into his face, and dark lights gleamed in his eyes as he locked them onto Aysen's.

Aysen gasped, the pain suddenly became unbearable and paralyzed him. Before Aysen could steady himself, Wang Tong had loosened his grip, and his face had returned to that blank smile again.

Aysen's body shivered, and he whimpered in a raspy voice. He looked like as if he would collapse at any moment.

It wasn't so much the pain that had terrified him; it was what he saw in that fleeting moment before Wang Tong released him: the burning eyes of a demon.