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Chapter 50: I Shall Stay

Chapter 50: I Shall Stay

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Zhou Sisi had known that Aysen did not live up to his reputation, but she didn't expect him to be defeated by a meek first-year rookie. She bit down her lower lip and watched Aysen as he scurried away as if a demon was hot on his heels.

Wang Tong bowed gently to the onlookers, "Thank you for your moral support. My name is Wang Tong, and I am your new caretaker. Don't hesitate to stop by if you require any help. I will help as much as I can."

Wang Tong turned on his heels without caring to find out the expressions on the girls' faces, but he could register the cold and hostile stares that landed on the back of his neck. "So, it is on," Wang Tong thought quietly.

Zhou Sisi stomped into the meeting room of dormitory number five where her comrades had already gathered around and were waiting for her. The failure had taken the wind out her sail; her face turned pale, and her brows furrowed deeply.

One of the girls patted her shoulder gently and offered consoles. "Sisi, perhaps it was for the best, at least Aysen would never come back and bother you again."

"Hey, everyone! Take a look at this, it's Wang Tong's grades." One of the girls pulled out a piece of paper and waved it in the air.

"Gee, he got 100% on two subjects and failed the rest."

"He scored sixteen meters in METAL combat! That is better than Ma Xiaoru, probably the best score so far in our school!"

The girls started to realize that Wang Tong would be a harder nut to crack than they had thought.

"Ah… I remember him now. He is the dude that scored a 100% at the dissection class! I have heard of him from a friend who was attending the same class with him. According to my friend, Gansus went nuts about this first-year student and thought that he was a genius."

"Gansus? Now that's rare. He had never complimented anyone, and I have been here for three years."

"That's him, I am sure of it. I was wondering why Wang Tong's name sounded so familiar."

"Please, everyone! Our first and foremost task is to find out a way to drive him out of his office, not babbling about his grades!" Zhou Sisi slammed her hand on the desk in a fit of frustration. Group discussions were always easy to go off tangent, so she decided to rein in everyone's attention.

"That's easier said than done. You have seen his strength out there yourself."

A few of the girls nodded in agreement. Wang Tong defeated a fourth-year senior student and didn't even sweat.

"How about this: let's leave it at that for now, and everyone will think of a method of dealing with him tonight. If no one can come up with any good ways of handling the situation, I say we should just let sleeping dog lie. After all, some of us here still owe him gratitude for sending our letters to Hu Yangxuan," the speaker was Xue Wei, leader of the dormitory number five. Her suggestion resonated among the girls, and many of them nodded their heads. Truth be told, none of the girls had any issue with Wang Tong before he became the caretaker. Perhaps they were overreacting this time.

"Fine, since most of you agree with that, I will let it ride... for now," Zhou Sisi announced. The school was still looking for a full-time caretaker, and hopefully, that wouldn't take too long.

Meanwhile, in the caretaker's office, Wang Tong was mulling over the methods required to halt the pestering animosity toward him once for all. It had become a problem to him not because Wang Tong cared about what the girls thought about him, but because he could not afford to spend much time dealing with this nonsense.

After given the matter much thought, he decided to lure the girls in with something they really wanted, like a juicy bone hanging in front of a dog’s nose. The combination of force and temptation were the easiest receipt for compliance, such as what he had learned from Old Fart. A light bulb moment came to Wang Tong as he pondered about his next step, and soon after that, a poster appeared outside of the caretaker's office.

"As of today, I, Wang Tong, will deliver letters to Hu Yangxuan every day for the residence of dormitory number five (To make sure the letter will be read by my best friend Hu Yangxuan, only one letter will be delivered per day). Once the residents of dormitory number five have chosen the letter to be delivered, please place it the mailbox outside of the caretaker's office."

Zhou Sisi was reflecting on her defeat when her train of thoughts was interrupted by one of her classmates. "Sisi, come look! Downstairs..."

Zhou Sisi gestured her to slow down, and then waited.

"Wang Tong posted a notice." Zhou Sisi's classmate went on to reel off the contents of Wang Tong's notice, and Zhou Sisi immediately resisted its implications. One letter a day would make Wang Tong's service even more highly sought after than before, and the fact that he was Hu Yangxuan's friend would add more credence to his words.

The news spread throughout the building like a wildfire, and the girls swarmed to the caretaker's office, quickly forming a lineup. In a matter of minutes, the end of the line had already extended into the dormitory, up through the stairs, all the way to the second floor close to Zhou Sisi’s room. Zhou Sisi's head reeled; all hope were lost.

"Wang Tong, you sleazy pig!" she cursed as she was unable to do anything else.

Wang Tong swaggered toward his room. He had been through a lot with Old Fart, and today's act was nothing but a child-play to him. He wore a smug on his face as he thought to himself, "These teenage girls, ha ha, too young too simple, sometimes naive." Wang Tong had already forgotten about what his announcement would have meant for his best friend, Hu Yangxuan.

The chaotic scene outside of the dormitory number five didn't show any sign of winding down until the moon appeared brightly above the sky. After many heated discussions, the girls had at last unanimously agreed upon a method of choosing the letter: Each day, the floor leader would randomly select a letter; starting from the first floor, and the day after will be the second floor, and so on.

Although peace and quiet were finally restored, the more rebellious girls were forced to come to terms with Wang Tong's irrevocable position as the caretaker.

Despite the noise of girls arguing with each other, Wang Tong had a sweet dream that night. He woke up the day after with a mood as beautiful as the bright sunlight that kissed the green grass blades. He took out an overly-decorated envelope from the mailbox; the fruity fragrance that was carefully applied filled his nostrils. Wang Tong cracked a smile and wrote on the notice board: "Hu Yangxuan's favorite juice: sugar cane."