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Chapter 51: Ahead of the Game

Chapter 51: Ahead of the Game

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
A huge change had occurred in F-Class — Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan were no longer there, and it seemed like another five of the classmates had also decided to pursue their idols and advanced to A-Class. With half of the class gone, F-Class was left with the rest half of the dejected long faces and crestfallen newcomers, except for Wang Tong, who was still able to maintain a good mood.

The moody atmosphere of the class suddenly vanished the moment Ma Xiaoru stepped foot into the classroom. Everyone was surprised by her unexpected appearance in F-Class. It was definitely an unbelievable moment.

“Hello everyone, I will still be in F-Class for the rest of the month since my performance in a couple of subjects are not up to my expectations, so I’ve decided to stay and work harder with everyone!” Ma Xiaoru said with a smile upon noticing the unusual atmosphere in the class.

Ma Xiaoru was able to achieve 1st place in almost every subject, all except METAL Combat Class and Anatomy which she got 2nd and 3rd place respectively. But her score was not the concern, it was her decision to stay that has uplifted the atmosphere and sent the whole class cheering — this meant that all of them were granted a second chance! Everyone felt like they were in heaven again!

“Another sly move from Samantha, bravo.” Laughed Wang Tong when Ma Xiaoru sat beside him again.

“Hey Wang Tong, how dare you address the Principal by her name.” Ma Xiaoru grinned, “And I’m not going anywhere from now on, NOT before defeating you with my bare hands!”

Wang Tong shrugged his shoulder in ignorance. He wasn’t going to address Samantha as the Principal anyway, calling her by her name is what Wang Tong preferred, Samantha sounded more comfortable.

“Where’s Hu Yangxuan?”

“Oh him? ‘Emotionally’ attended A-Class I presume?” Ma Xiaoru spat her tongue and made a cute expression. Poor Hu Yangxuan definitely got fooled by Ma Xiaoru again. “Why? Not happy with the fact that I’m stuck in the same class with you?”

“Nah, why would I? In fact, I was actually wondering if you could tutor me after class since the lessons are getting more complicated, and it was pure luck for me to pass my previous exams,” said Wang Tong.

Since the last weekend, Wang Tong had got quite familiar with Ma Xiaoru, even the way they addressed each other had become much more natural and comfortable, but for some reason, Wang Tong was not as comfortable as he used to be in front of Samantha.

“No problem, so how are you gonna thank me in return?” Ma Xiaoru asked in a happy tone.

“In return, whenever and wherever you need me, heaven or hell, I’ll definitely be there for you!” answered Wang Tong as he confidently pounded his chest.

“Aw shut up!” Ma Xiaoru chuckled.

Then the lessons began and ended when the bell rung. Yet everyone was upset with the teacher for not extending their classes because the whole class would do whatever it took to be in the same room with Ma Xiaoru for a little longer. The teacher, however, assuming that the students were attracted and amazed by his “excellent” lectures, had decided to repay their sincerity by finishing his classes right on time in the future.

During lunchtime, Wang Tong was seen hanging around Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan. It used to be normal to see Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan having lunch together, but somehow the view became funny ever since Wang Tong joined the two of them. However, fans of both Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan seemed to have accepted the presence of Wang Tong amongst the duo. Hurray!

“That’s not fair!” Hu Yangxuan whined when he was queuing up for lunch with Wang Tong. The young man just had a bad day after being fooled by Ma Xiaoru and attended lessons with a horde of crazy girls in A-Class.

As he was grumbling, Wang Tong handed over a love letter and said, “Hey, this is for you. Please give it a good read as this is a life and death matter to me.”

Everything became clear to Hu Yangxuan as Wang Tong explained what on earth was going on, and then, he cleverly replied, “Alright, I’ll keep this, and I’m willing to cooperate with you on this matter; however, you have to promise me one thing — never take advantage during lessons to approach her!”

“Deal!” The two men high-fived as they happily reached an agreement.

Years later, Hu Yangxuan became a famous warrior. Whenever he was asked to summarize the friendship between him and Wang Tong, he’d say: “DO NOT trust any words from this man”, and people would get what he meant as they looked into his desolated eyes, the poor man was obviously fooled by Wang Tong often.

Of course, that would be in the distant future. As for now, Wang Tong still saw himself as an honest man.

Meanwhile, as the two of them were queuing up, the girls from Dorm No.5 who were observing at the back finally got what they’ve asked for. Wang Tong really did keep his promise, and they were more than happy to see Hu Yangxuan gently folding the letter and keeping it with care. They were delighted to see him treat the letter as a valuable item.

“So boys, what are the two of you up to?” asked Ma Xiaoru.

“Nothing much, we were just making some man-to-man promises,” Hu Yangxuan answered honestly.

“Yea, I was jealous of Hu Yangxuan’s charisma, so I asked him to teach me a few stuff,” said Wang Tong.


“Relax guys, it’s not like I’m gonna eat the two of you for not telling me anything!” joked Ma Xiaoru.

“Speaking of eating, gosh I’m starving!”

“Yea man, the food looks and smells fantastic today! So the cafeteria finally has improved huh.”

Ma Xiaoru then began to enjoy her meal, leaving the boys to carry on with their nonsense.

That night, as Wang Tong returned to his position as the Caretaker for Dorm No.5, he realized that the look of disgusts from the girls of Dorm No.5 had changed completely to the look of respects.


His plan was successful. Not only did the girls kept him away from troubles, but even the lobby was cleaned thoroughly by the girls! Finally, he was able to sit back and relax. All he needed to do was to hand Hu Yangxuan a letter every morning, no sweat!

However, Zhou Sisi was not happy with the current situation. Actually, what had occurred was not a big deal, but now everyone seemed to be standing on Wang Tong’s side and treating him with respect and care like a valuable giant panda. The girls even stopped bringing up the idea of chasing him out of the dorm, and some even mentioned about promoting him to the “deputy” position. It made her look stupid.

Yet, Sisi still insisted that there was something wrong with Wang Tong, and she was keen to wait patiently for her chance to catch him red-handed.

“Calm down Sisi, let it go. He’s now the most treasured precious amongst the girls. Besides, he was really telling the truth about Hu Yangxuan enjoying sugar cane juice, and the secret was only known by his friends! Today one of the girls in A-Class brought him a cup of sugar cane juice, and he really drank it happily! Gosh, if only— ”

“If only you were able to spike his sugar cane juice... is that what you were trying to say?”

“Hehe, if only it were me who had brought him the cup of sugar cane juice…” her roommate’s love-struck mind went to la-la-land again. “Hey Sisi, you know what, since you’re also one of the beauties in the academy, and even prettier than Ma Xiaoru, why don’t you give it a shot? I’m sure he will fall for you!”

“Please, you know he’s not my type!” said Zhou Sisi as she glared at Wang Tong, and at the same time, Wang Tong looked back a smile, seeing that made her even more furious about him.

Unwilling to accept her “defeat” against Wang Tong, Zhou Sisi stomped up the flight of stairs gloomily. As for Wang Tong, that just made his day. No wonder Old Fart always said that one’s happiness was another’s sadness, which ironically also concluded his “miserable” childhood.