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Chapter 52: Hyper Lock-on

Chapter 52: Hyper Lock-on

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
Caretakers were allowed to send and receive emails via internet.

Wang Tong opened his inbox and saw someone sent him an email, which he did not expect. Obviously, because the people he knew were not that many, and none of them would’ve sent him an email anyway. This single email in his inbox was definitely eye-catchy.

It was a letter from Wang Ben!

Wang Tong smiled joyfully and grabbed his fist as he read the letter. Since the last time he had met Wang Ben, Wang Tong already knew he was good, but never thought that Wang Ben was actually stronger than his expectation.

Wang Ben’s second Mind Opening Operation was a success. The second Mind Opening Operation would usually end up in two ways: one would either failed and died tragically due to mental breakdown, or successfully performed a Burst Opening, which happened when a person channeled and focused the force from the first failed attempt and unleashed it on the second attempt.

Wang Ben nailed it!

The mail was simple yet filled with passion, Wang Ben never mentioned ‘thank you’ in his email, but deep down, Wang Tong was able to feel his gratitude in his words. He asked Wang Tong to set a time, date, and venue; whenever and wherever Wang Tong preferred, and would be there as promised.

That made Wang Tong laugh, it really wasn’t some “life and death duel” promise, and it wasn’t the moment yet for him to show off, but nevertheless, he would love to have a casual fight with Wang Ben anytime at the TPA.

Wang Tong suddenly remembered Samantha, who was having a hard time regarding new admission to Ayrlarng. Since there were no reports regarding Wang Ben’s success, meaning that the news has yet to be made official, and Wang Tong was the first to know it, it would be great if the principal of Ayrlarng could send Wang Ben an invitation of recruitment right before the media released his story of success.

Some time ago, Wang Ben was approached by two famous S-ranked academies, but everything died down right after learning that Wang Ben had failed his first Mind Opening Operation, and he was pretty overwhelmed because of that. Hence, an invitation from Samantha might be able to cheer him up. Still, Wang Tong wasn’t sure if all of this would work, but in the other hand, he wouldn’t want to see Samantha stressed out on her own, if Wang Ben agreed to enroll upon receiving the invitation, then it might be able to lighten Samantha’s burden.

Wang Tong was impetuous on this matter, without much hesitation, he registered a new account using Samantha’s identity and decided to send Wang Ben a letter of invitation under her name; fake or not, it didn’t really matter.

In the end, the letter was prepared and sent to Wang Ben within an hour, and hopefully, he would be able to receive it right on time. A joyful feeling emerged as Wang Tong imagined Samantha would be glad when she knew this.

As for his studies, Wang Tong’s schedule was getting tighter, but somehow, he managed to receive tuition from Ma Xiaoru in between classes, as he had no time to spare at night due to his duty as caretaker. Lucky for him, the life in the military academy was very similar to universities — everything was about preparations and not the pace; hence he was still able to find time for self-studies and leisure.

Wang Tong was getting excited about the Astronautic course in the afternoon. No doubt, hand-to-hand combat with Zergs was fascinating, but as the family motto went: “Never give a damn when you have the chance”, of course, he would never miss out the opportunity to pilot a Space Battlecraft. Even though Zergs were able to evolve and developed abilities to nullify certain energy weapons, they were still not immune to Battlecraft energy weapons, not to mention that the Battlecraft weapons were also customized and modified to counter Zergs Space Hives. Compared to the complicated theoretical lessons, today’s lesson was simple, nothing but practical simulations, which the Command Force students favored a lot. Soon as the teacher left the classroom, the long awaited virtual dogfight finally began! Within minutes, the classroom was filled with “Gun-fires” and “explosions”, everyone was enjoying the excitement.

Everyone except for Wang Tong, who was eagerly practicing every single operating command instead. As a matter of fact, the outer space wasn’t a “safe” battlefield at all! Zergs were still able to surprise human beings with their superior ability to adapt and evolve from time to time, and even developed outer space weaponries that were capable of destroying Space Battlecrafts, which wasn’t funny at all.

Since his childhood, Wang Tong was not a playful person, not to forget that he had also spent a rough year on Norton. He knew well that life was not a game, and this line of work had to be taken seriously. He had to master everything to pilot a Battlecraft if he really wished to join the troops. As a student of the Command Force, one had to be able to do so, regardless if you were interested in becoming a Crew Captain or not.

Wang Tong has had enough theories so he wouldn’t waste any rare opportunities for practical simulations.

Soon, students began to leave as the bell rung. After all, virtual simulations were not as addictive if they were curricular-arranged; and Space Battle training wasn’t like video games, it might be interesting during the class, but students definitely lose interest in it after class. Eventually, they would be submerging into the happiness of virtual games as soon as they reached home.

“Wang Tong, you are not going back?”

“It’s okay, you can go first. I’m staying back for a little longer since it’s a rare chance to practice more,” Wang Tong replied without even looking back. He was busy implementing his theories into the simulator, ha was enjoying the moment, just like how he enjoyed the rush of adrenaline every time he defeated a new species of Zergs. Nevertheless, the blood in his body was the blood of a warrior.

Ma Xiaoru was mesmerized by Wang Tong’s attentiveness. A strange feeling emerged as she looked at how focused he was, she never felt like this before. After that, she left the practice room in silence on her own, knowing that Wang Tong wouldn’t want to be disturbed.

Ma Xiaoru actually was the type of person that would act like she didn’t care when she saw the guy that got her attention, yet Wang Tong was the first guy to treat her like a normal person, and she appreciated this comfortableness very much. For the first time, she was happy to spend time with someone of an opposite gender.

On the other hand, Wang Tong’s face was full of different expressions. He was busy applying his own thoughts onto the theories he had learned from the books, even though some things were set to be done according to the rules. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try out a few changes, and even if it were a failure, Wang Tong would put in every effort to find out why. Two hours had passed, and yet, Wang Tong had no intention to leave, he wasn’t even hungry after skipping dinner, and of course, he had also forgotten his night shift as the Caretaker. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure entered the practice room without him noticing.

The monitor was showing a simulation which was preset to the toughest scenario: the army of mankind was surrounded by Zergs Space Hives, and Zergs’ β - WH type Bio-Cannon was charged and locked on to the Space Battlecraft. The Battlecraft was stuck in a helpless situation, even if the Battlecraft were to open fire, it would only be able to destroy a few Hives.

Zhou Sisi came in to have a little practice on her own. Her operating skills needed to be improved, but she definitely had what it takes to be a tactician. It was a hopeless scenario. So, instead of wasting her time watching, she decided to proceed with her own practices.

But to her surprise, the “OVER” sign did not appear on the monitor. The Battlecraft fired every single Energy Ray Cannon at the same time in a flash; meanwhile, Sisi was able to hear the machinery roaring in the control room.


Hundreds of cannons fully locked onto every target within seconds!

All of a sudden, the Space Hives were bombarded into a sea of flames. Zhou Sisi couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. That... that was impossible!

Things like this required tens of men to achieve, but there was only one person in the control room, this was absurd!

“No way...” murmured Sisi as the word “PERFECT” appeared. What happened was flawless indeed.

Who on earth was sitting in the control room?