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Chapter 53: Cloning Technique

Chapter 53: Cloning Technique

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
“It is possible to achieve it by combining the Kaedeians’ latest ace Battlecraft — the Starshine D-Type Space Battlecraft; together with manually programmed Hyper Cloning Technique. But in order to do so, that person must be one hell of a Kaedeian,” the words came from another pleasant voice.

It was Ma Xiaoru.

Zhou Sisi was surprised by Ma Xiaoru’s appearance at this hour, yet nothing fancy happened between the two pretty girls.

“Cloning Technique is the top level military technology of Kaedeians, and only executable by them with their Soul Energy and controlling force. But to duplicate hundreds of Battlecraft in a blink of an eye? That’s impossible.”

“Indeed. According to the Queen Kaedeian Academy, their highest record for this year was 178 fleets, and the simulation a while ago was showing approximately 130 fleets, which was able to rank as the 3rd best records of the Queen Kaedeian Academy,” Ma Xiaoru calmly commented, although she wasn’t feeling calm at all.

The girls were shocked when they saw Wang Tong stepping out of the control room. “What’s up girls? Oh, Zhou Sisi, I’m so sorry. I’m heading back to Dorm No.5 right now.” Wang Tong thought Zhou Sisi was here to urge him for his night shift.

“That was YOU?!” questioned Zhou Sisi as she still couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Hey Xiaoru, I thought you went back just now?”

“AND you called her XIAORU?!” Zhou Sisi was shocked again. Her eyes were scanning back and forth at Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru. Since when have they gotten so close? Unbelievable!

“What’s so weird about it? Wang Tong is my classmate, and he’s also my buddy,” Ma Xiaoru said while looking at Zhou Sisi. No doubt, Zhou Sisi looked amazing, with her elegant figure and a touch of obstinacy in her veins.

“Are you out of your mind? I came here for my own practice, not to urge you back. But hey, how did you do that?!” Zhou Sisi asked Wang Tong as she pointed at the data shown on the monitor.

“Oh, that? It’s not difficult you know since there’s a glitch in the system, all you need to do is pause it and get ready by locking on to each target one by one, and then hit fire! Haha!” Wang Tong felt awkward as he explained.

“Huh, I see.” Zhou Sisi then ignored Wang Tong and went off for her own practices. She realized what Wang Tong said was he cheated. Everything was just for fun, and nothing tactical about it.

Wang Tong didn’t bother as he looked toward Ma Xiaoru, the pretty lady smiled and asked, “I’d like to seek for your advice regarding a few matters, shall we discuss over dinner?”

“Oh, speaking of dinner, I’m starving!” Wang Tong laughed.

Ma Xiaoru giggled as Wang Tong said that, the boy had just spent one whole afternoon grinding his body and soul on a complicated control system, of course, he would be starving! Furthermore, she didn’t believe any single word in his explanation a moment ago. Ma Xiaoru knew that Wang Tong had always been a secretive person.

“Oh my god, what’s wrong with your hand?” Ma Xiaoru was shocked as she noticed Wang Tong’s left hand, his fingers were bleeding, and the wrist had swollen.

“It’s okay, I just gave it a lesson for not cooperating with me.” Wang Tong hid his arm pretending that it was not a big deal.

“You! Stop argue! Infirmary! Now!” Ma Xiaoru said in a serious tone, and Wang Tong had no chance to retort.

“It’s really not a big deal, I’ll be fine after a good rest, let’s go get some food instead?”

“Hey, you really should take good care of yourself. Plus, don’t you know that students can visit the infirmary for free?” Ma Xiaoru said that as she sensed the embarrassment from Wang Tong.

“Wow, why didn’t you mention earlier? From now on, I’m living in there, haha!” Wang Tong joked, getting things for free was definitely music to his ears.

Ma Xiaoru was left speechless by his attitude, Wang Tong didn’t care what people thought was important, yet when it was something that people neglected, he’d always... Suddenly, Ma Xiaoru felt bad for Wang Tong as she saw him laughing. Because she knew that no one was supposed to be born like this.

Still, she hid her feelings and said, “That’s more like it, now let’s go and get your wounds packed up. I will be buying dinner tonight, but in return, I need your help to solve a few things regarding structures of Zergs.”

“Okie Dokie!” Wang Tong was looking cheerful despite that he was actually still quite tangled up by the fact that his left and right hands were not perfectly synchronized. There were no such things as left-handed and right-handed among Kaedeians; it was only for Earthlings. Even though Wang Tong had been paying more attention to it ever since being criticized by Einherjar Wannabe. His left hand needed more training; nevertheless, Wang Tong was able to achieve the final outcome.

Cloning Technique was all about absolute balancing. It was tough, even to Kaedeians, let alone Earthlings. Wang Tong’s was having a problem with his left hand for not being able to keep up with the rhythm of his right hand, and the operation would fail if the rhythm was not fully synchronized. Hence, Wang Tong taught his left hand a “lesson” to remind himself about the rhythm.

“Still, why would you do that to your own hand? You know, complicated stuff like that couldn’t be mastered in one day right?” Somehow Ma Xiaoru was angry about it.

“It’s fine, this was nothing compared to what I’ve been through on Norton, haha! But honestly speaking, we Earthlings still has a lot more to learn from the Kaedeians!”

A man should act a bit more cruel to himself!

This wasn’t said by Old Fart, but Einherjar Wannabe. Einherjar Wannabe would say this to Wang Tong in a cold manner each and every time he was injured. To him, if it wasn’t fatal, then it was fine.

For the first time, Ma Xiaoru was staring at a guy, which she had no clue about his thoughts, and wondered how he could act like it was nothing for such matters. She might have received a series of tough training during her times in the House of Li, but she could only imagine how rough and brutal it would be to spend a year on Norton.

“What? Something on my face?” Wang Tong saw her looking at him.

“Just dust, here lemme help you,” she lied by reflex and then reached into her pocket for her handkerchief but was surprised to find that it wasn’t with her.

It was a commemorative item of hers and only had been used a few times.

“Ah my bad, I almost forgot that your handkerchief is with me, I’ll return it to you later!” said Wang Tong as he scratched his head, his mind had been busy with tests and exams.

“Nah, it’s fine. You can keep it, it’s our token of friendship,” Ma Xiaoru replied.

“Geez, thanks!” Wang Tong nodded; to be honest, he wasn’t sure where he’d left the handkerchief.

Most people would care a lot about every little thing around them, that’s because they had no idea what it was like to survive in a living hell. As for Wang Tong who had faced numerous life and death situations, it was still a long way to go for him learning to appreciate these “memorable” belongings.

Meanwhile, the girl who was previously “bullied” by Wang Tong was still sitting in the bustling practice room, staring at the monitor in rage. She had been practicing by mimicking Wang Tong’s steps, but the best she could achieve was around forty hits, and system error would occur if it was more than that, let alone one hundred hits! That lying little rascal!

She was positive that Ma Xiaoru was fooled by his honest appearance, in fact, she believed that everyone was fooled by this man!

She was furious by the fact that her roommate was also on his side, and she was even more upset with herself for believing him like a fool, having her wasted an hour to experiment his claims. For a moment, she could image Wang Tong laughing in an evil manner.

Biting her lips, for the first time, Zhou Sisi felt interested in a man — interested in punching him right in the face.