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Chapter 54: The Principal Got Hit By Pennies From the Sky

Chapter 54: The Principal Got Hit By Pennies From the Sky

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
That night, the Earth Confederation was startled by a breaking news: Wang Ben, the son of General Hu Ben, had perfectly succeeded his second Mind Opening Operation and directly advanced as a Level 4 Fighter. The report even stated that his Soul Energy readings were almost at 200%, the news caused quite an uproar throughout the Confederation.

Wang Ben took part in the military evaluations as soon as he completed his second Mind Opening Operation, and even the troops from the Fourth-Class Special Forces were no match for him. Obviously, he was blessed with an enormous geyser of power after going through a long period of depression.

With Wang Ben succeeding the second Mind Opening Operation, results and improvements were clear to be seen from the number of harsh training he underwent. Ultimately speaking, another genius was born in the Earth Confederation, and the ginormous power he possessed was even able to shook the ground of successors from a few Houses.

But General Hu Ben was very calm about it, still, there was a long road ahead awaiting his son.

Surprisingly, Wang Ben did agree to be interviewed even though he wasn’t very fond of the media, and all he said was something weird: “Hey Einherjar Wannabe, anytime, anywhere, I’ll be there!”

Einherjar Wannabe? Was that a name? It sounded funny for sure. Everybody knew what an Einherjar was, but Einherjar Wannabe sounded more like a half-assed sobriquet.

Yet some reporters were clever enough to recall Wang Ben’s previous match on PA and wondered if it could be that person.

A little push was all it took to create a genius. To normal people, it was nothing but another casual match, but to Wang Ben, it was a calling.

He was Wang Ben’s ray of hope during his time of despair when his father had given up on him, and when he had shut himself into a deep depression. He was the only person who had thought that Wang Ben had what it takes to be the man.

Wang Ben was originally a strong-willed person. All thanks to the little “push”, he was able to grab a hold of himself despite drowning in depression and made a breakthrough at the end of it.

As for now, all Wang Ben wished for was to keep the promise made between two men, because to Wang Ben, this promise that didn’t seem like a big deal was everything that supported him throughout times of despair. He would rather die than breaking the promise.

Cowards shouldn’t exist in the family of a soldier!

DREAM Corporation, on the other hand, couldn’t hide their excitement upon learning that Wang Ben was calling out for a match. No doubt Wang Ben was now the ace amongst youngsters, the golden boy of the media; yet this powerful young man decided to challenge some nobody to a PA match, and that was definitely out of this world.

Not to mention, it was a well-known fact for military family members to dislike the media, yet Wang Ben accepted the interview. Clearly, this Einherjar Wannabe fella was an important person to Wang Ben.

DREAM Corporation sensed a storm of business opportunities on its way.

Who was this Einherjar Wannabe? Why was he so important to Wang Ben? Could he be the next legend?

Wang Ben’s “reincarnation” jump started a game of snatch among academies around the globe, but ultimately, it was actually an infighting between two S-ranked academies.

Ayrlarng and Yalden had been going head to head against each other since the very beginning to seize the position as the superior academy of Earth Confederation. None of them wanted to give away the precious “upgraded” Wang Ben.

In other words, it was all up to Wang Ben to decide which of the two was better, and the reputation of the academy he chose to attend would receive a great boost for sure.

Wang Ben was not shaken despite the tremendous fame and attention on him. It could be his down times that has shaped him with such maturity and got him to comprehend the philosophy of life.

As for now, the question remained the same: “Which academy would he choose to attend?”

Samantha was anxious, Martyrus’s challenge was giving her a headache, and she had to come up with a final decision by the end of today. If she chose to decline, Ayrlarng would lose the valuable opportunity to compete against Bernabeu, but if she accepted, Ayrlarng might not stand a chance. To be or not to be, both sounded pretty bad.

Samantha had a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Even though people often said that those who studied Philosophy were paranoids and lunatics, but there was one thing for sure — those who preferred Philosophy were able to analyze with a calm mind and would not give themselves into temptations. Samantha had been waiting patiently for a reason to accept the gamble, but as for the moment, it still wasn’t enough even though she already had Wang Tong as her trump card.

In the end, she decided to decline Martyrus’s challenge in the afternoon. She would rather suffer a small defeat than losing everything they had.

Unlike how she looked like when she first became the Principal of Ayrlarng, Samantha was quite worn-out recently. She was confident and full of passion back then, and even brought funding and two distinctive students into Ayrlarng; however, all of these were not enough at all, and she wouldn’t even be needed if money was the solution to everything. She knew it would be a journey of hardships in the first place, especially with people against her and waiting for her failure, staring at the back. She had to stay strong. She’s the almighty Samantha for god sake, of course, she could endure this, not to mention that it was only a small issue.

She took a deep breath and began to prepare the budget plannings and expenses reports of Ayrlarng, running an academy required a huge chunk of money that no one could have expected. If Xiaoru wasn’t there for her, there was no way she could have pulled it out alone.

Ayrlarng had to achieve something great, not if they wanted to see everything fell apart.

One has to bear the cost of being the boss, lesson learned.

Suddenly, her deep thoughts were interrupted by a rapid knock on the door, the gorgeous-looking principal slightly frowned, “Enter please,” Samantha said in a calm voice.

“Ma’am, ma’am, this letter...” Mr. Simon was gasping for air, the letter looked important.

“A recommendation letter again? So they really expect Ayrlarng to be a mall or something?” Samantha was furious, nevertheless, Ayrlarng was an A-ranked academy, and the semester had started a long time ago, but the Confederation has been ignoring her presence and sent over intake requests one after another.

If this happened in Capth or Yalden, the principal would’ve torn the letter apart without even laying eyes on it. But with only glorious history left to the academy, the Principal of Ayrlarng was not in the position to do so.

“No Ma’am, this is the admission application from Wang Ben!” Mr. Simon was very excited, so excited that he had run straight into the Principal’s office the moment he received the letter.

“Wang Ben... THAT Wang Ben? The son of General Hu Ben?!”

“Yes Ma’am, I couldn’t even believe my eyes when this came in! The boy who succeeded his second Mind Opening Operation decided to come to our academy! Oh god, yes!”

Samantha understood his excitement, Ayrlarng’s reputation would definitely skyrocket with the help from Wang Ben’s fame, and with Wang Ben joining Ayrlarng, he would also become one of the new aces, together with Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan, making Ayrlarng ahead of the game among A-ranked academies.

Yet Samantha kept calm, which was crucial especially during times like this. “Thank you very much, Mr. Simon, I’ll take it from here, and please keep this between us before it is made official.”

“Oh yes, of course, Ma’am, no worries. I’ll be awaiting the good tidings quietly then.”

Mr. Simon was a crafty old party in the academy, he would choose his side depending on the situation, and would slip out of trouble when there was one. In the beginning, he wasn’t convinced by the fact of a Missy from a wealthy family picking up the administrations of Ayrlarng. But now, he could see Ayrlarng rising up again.