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Chapter 55: Gauntlets Were Thrown Down

Chapter 55: Gauntlets Were Thrown Down

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Samantha’s hands were trembling uncontrollably as Mr. Simon left her office. She was afraid that all of this might be some kind of a bad joke and prayed that this was true because Ayrlarng couldn’t afford losing Wang Ben.

It was a neat application form, with Wang Ben’s academic reports, scorecards, and medical reports attached to it. Everything was prepared nice and tidily, as expected from someone with the background of a military family.

To be honest, Samantha had no idea what was going on. She wondered why the famous Wang Ben would choose to apply for Ayrlarng instead of accepting the offers from other academies. Anyhow, Ayrlarng would welcome Wang Ben’s admission with open arms.

But now she was troubled by another problem: just like Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan, Wang Ben would have to attend the F-Class upon admission. Samantha was afraid that her decision might upset Wang Ben.

She stood up and started pacing back and forth, to adhere her principles or not, she had to make a decision.

In the end, she decided to stick to her principles because she knew that her self-consciousness and Ayrlarng’s future were way more important than Wang Ben’s admission.

Still, it was a tough decision. Putting everything aside, Samantha began to draft her reply to Wang Ben, saying that Ayrlarng was pleased to receive such an honor, but unfortunately, according to the academy’s rules, he had to attend the F-Class at the beginning and would be given the chance of advancing to the A-Class through academic performances. If he accepted her offer, she would be sending the letter of admission shortly.

The email was then sent to Wang Ben’s Sky-net, and Samantha was feeling nervous; Wang Ben’s decision was very important to Ayrlarng.

Samantha began to understand what it felt like to sit on pins and needles, it was now impossible for her to concentrate on the rest of her works.

“Knock knock!”

Wang Tong waited, but no one answered, so he decided to let himself into Samantha’s office and was surprised to find her spacing out.

He intended to speak but was stunned as he looked at Samantha. Sunlight shined through the checkered glass window, her pearly white blouse ideally suited her matureness and wisdom, and the simplicity of her earrings cleverly highlighted the feminine side within. That moment, Wang Tong was all mesmerized by her sexiness.

“Oh, hello there.” Samantha finally realized Wang Tong’s presence.

“Ah, I suppose you didn’t hear me knocked... Ma’am...”

“It’s okay, you can call me Samantha when there’s no one around. It’s a little awkward to hear you calling me ‘Ma’am’.”

At the moment, Samantha was depressed by the fact that Wang Ben’s reply was yet to be seen, and she couldn’t help thinking if she had just ruined Ayrlarng’s chance of restoring its glory days.

“Everything alright?” Wang Tong sensed something was bothering her.

Samantha shook her head and replied, “Nah, just feeling a little moody for the tough road ahead. So, what brings you here today?”

“Yes, I was wondering if I could get your permission to borrow the simulation room for my air combat practices?”

“Wow, look at you! The charming lady has got you fired up huh? Well, as you wish, permission granted. But please make sure there’s improvement okay?” Samantha grinned, she thought that Wang Tong was all fired up to show off in front of Ma Xiaoru.

“I’ll try my best,” said Wang Tong.

At the same time, Samantha heard a familiar beep and quickly accessed her Sky-net, and then grabbed her fist in excitement upon reading the email. She had won the deal!

Obviously, Wang Ben was no coward, of course, he would agree to start from the very beginning, just like Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan. No matter who you are, new students of Ayrlarng must began at the F-Class — and no exception would be given!

Not on her watch!

“Good news I presume?” Wang Tong asked.

“Yup, great news in fact! You really are my lucky star, but please keep it between us for the time being.” Samantha felt wonderful, even though she wasn’t sure why would Wang Ben thanked her for her appreciation since they had never met each other before, still, this was definitely something worth to be celebrated.

Wang Tong nodded and was about to excuse himself when Samantha stopped him: “Please inform Hu Yangxuan that there will be a celebration at Xiaoru’s place tonight. I’ll break the good news to you lads later.”

“Shouldn’t we have it this weekend instead?” Wang Tong nodded again, somehow he could tell what was going on.

“Sounds good to me. Cheers!” the gorgeous-looking principal seemed to be having a pocketful of sunshine.

“Oh, by the way, everything alright regarding your Caretaker duty?” Somehow Samantha felt strange for not receiving any complaints of “perverted” activities at Dorm No.5, and there were no issues at all! The female students of Ayrlarng shouldn’t be that easy to handle.

“So far so good, I always get the job done,” Samantha didn’t say much to his reply. She was still in a good mood, at the point that she had even forgotten her original intention to appoint Wang Tong as the Caretaker.

Apart from being excited, Samantha then realized that she hasn’t contacted Martyrus yet. God bless Wang Ben for choosing Ayrlarng; finally, they were able to stand a chance against Bernabeu. Even so, she needed to act with cautious when facing the cunning old fox.

She looked at the time, thinking that the old dirt might be calling anytime soon to pressure her.

“Ring! Ring!”

“Haha, so Principal Samantha, may I hear your final decision?” Martyrus appeared on the screen, amiably beaming at Samantha like some normal old man.

“I’m sorry Principal Martyrus, but I still need to consider a little longer...” Samantha made it appear as if she was still struggling with it.

Martyrus smiled and replied, “I’m afraid that’s not possible Principal Samantha, you must understand that your decision will affect the outcome of this event and also the future of Ayrlarng. As you can see, A-ranked academies don’t always get such precious opportunity to compete against S-ranked academies. Just so you know, I received an invitation from Rousseau Academy just a while ago, anyhow, I decided to reserve the opportunity to you, for the sake of the good relationship between Ayrlarg and Bernabeu of more than a decade.”

Martyrus wasn’t being too hasty as he noticed Samantha’s indecisive expression. She might have been an outstanding student, but definitely still a long way to go as the principal of an academy. Not to mention, Ayrlarng was nothing more than a decaying statue in his eyes, and it would crumble apart and be forgotten anyway in the end. Generally speaking, time was not keeping up with her ideology.

“Well, it’s okay if you decided to give up anyway, sometimes youngsters like you need to learn to be more steady and not to get too impulsive,” the words came from Martyrus intentionally.

“No, Principal Martyrus, we have decided to accept your challenge, even though Ayrlarng might not be as good as Bernabeu, yet I’m sure we will be able to win with our courage and fearlessness,” Samantha replied sternly.

“Oh bravo! That’s the spirit! So I’ll be expecting you to convince Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan to participate then.” Martyrus chuckled.

“Don’t get too cocky, Principal Martyrus. It’s still too soon to decide who will be the winner.”

“Very well, I’ll see you in the arena then.”

“Certainly, see you in a month.”