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Chapter 58: What Have You Done to Me

Chapter 58: What Have You Done to Me

Translator: Oneshotwonder Editor: Tehrn
The two students had lost track of time while being immersed in their own world. After a long while, Zhou Sisi was assailed by a sudden dizziness. Upon recovering her consciousness, she glanced at a clock and realized that she had been here with Wang Tong for over four hours.

She turned her head around to call out to Wang Tong, and then she registered something was off. Wang Tong sat motionless in a chair, images were projected in front of him from the information bank, and they were flashing quickly one after another. A bright light shined in Wang Tong’s unblinking eyes, flickering in unison with the flashing of the images.

Even though Zhou Sisi had never learned any higher level tactics, she would still sense something extraordinary and potentially harmful was happening to Wang Tong.

"Could it be..." Zhou Sisi gasped as soon as she saw Wang Tong's face; its paleness had confirmed her speculation. He had linked his soul energy with the information bank, forming a "virtual bond". It was so dangerous even the word "virtual bond" was banned at the school.

"What a fool!" Zhou Sisi cursed.

Zhou Sisi had learned from the books that the best method to break a virtual bond was to interfere the bond with soul energy since physical disturbance would only startle the entrapped mind and exacerbate the situation. However, Zhou Sisi was also aware of the risks involved: if the rescuer's soul energy was too weak compared to the one that was trapped, the latter might engulf the former. Seeing Wang Tong's condition was worsening by the second, Zhou Sisi had no time to calculate her options and risks.

Zhou Sisi channeled her soul energy to her fingertip, and carefully, she approached Wang Tong. Thanks to her strenuous effort in practicing the tactics, Zhou Sisi's soul energy had reached a reading of thirty sols, a very impressive amount compared to other first-year students. However, as soon as the tip of her finger touched Wang Tong's body, her soul energy was sucked into a dark void, taking her consciousness with it. A giant wave of soul energy rushed into her dantian and swept across her body. The magnitude of Wang Tong's soul energy made her felt helpless. She felt as if her soul energy was a little puddle while compared to the sea of energy inside of Wang Tong.

Her attempt was not entirely fruitless. Zhou Sisi managed to send a trickle of warm current into Wang Tong's body and thawed his frozen mind. Wang Tong then finally realized the dire situation he was in.

Feeling impatient with the speed of learning new battle techniques, Wang Tong connected his soul energy with the information bank, an act that was banned by the school due to its dangerous nature. However, the thirst for new knowledge urged Wang Tong to ignore the warning. After the first contact, he was immediately consumed by the sea of information and gradually lost grip of reality, until he was awakened by the beckoning of Zhou Sisi's soft and warm energy.

Wang Tong started to taper the intensity of his tactics, reducing the number of GN nodes. When he finally reduced it down to sixteen nodes, Wang Tong had already fully recovered his consciousness. There and then, Wang Tong just demonstrated what had set the Tactics of the Blade apart from the other five major tactics, for, more advanced the other five might be, none of them would allow the cultivator to pull out of a virtual bond harmlessly like the Tactics of the Blade.

Zhou Sisi plopped to the ground as she lost the last bit of control of her mind and body. Wang Tong's soul energy was simply too much for her. Truth be told, Wang Tong would be able to wake up even without her help since he would have sensed the depletion of his soul energy. It might take him a few more days to recover from the dent on his soul reserve, but it wasn't anything life-threatening.

Wang Tong took a deep breath, as he turned off the remaining flickering images in his mind and then hurried to pick up Zhou Sisi. At first, he couldn't help but lament over Zhou Sisi's recklessness, and then he thought that it might have been his fault, for he shouldn't have used his tactics to bond with the information bank while other students were present. He was no longer on Norton, where his action had little to no implications for other humans; here on Earth, everything he did had consequences.

"I better keep a low profile," he reminded himself.

Wang Tong turned off the terminal and locked the door, cradling Zhou Sisi in the nook of his arms, he scurried toward his room. There was no one out about at this hour, which made things a bit more convenient for him.

After arrived at his room, he lowered Zhou Sisi onto his bed, and then he placed his left hand on her forehead, right hand on her belly. Wang Tong wasn't comfortable with having so much intimacy with a girl, but he knew that he had to act fast. He quickly channeled his soul energy into her dantian, and immediately, he could feel the violent swirls and turns of her unruly energy, thrusting about inside of her. Wang Tong took a deep breath and tapped further into the source of her energy. The reckless energy suddenly lost its momentum, and in a matter of seconds, Zhou Sisi's soul energy was moving in unison under Wang Tong's command. Wang Tong guided her energy around the body, untying nodes and ties that would have hindered the movement. Wang Tong let Zhou Sisi's soul energy encircled her body six times until it was moving like water, swift and sleek. The accident earlier ended up to be a blessing in disguise for Zhou Sisi: not only Wang Tong had saved her life, but he had also streamlined the passage of soul energies and therefore increased its power.

Wang Tong slowly and reluctantly removed his hand from Zhou Sisi's smooth belly. To save her life, He only needed to guide her energy around her body three times, but for some unspeakable reasons, he had kept his hand on her belly, enjoying every inch of her flesh while he was at it.

"Women are demons,

Women are vicious,

Women are the source of all evil."

-Quote from Old Fart

Those were the words Old Fart used to tell Wang Tong's ear since he was a child. After Wang Tong had grown up, he realized that those were simply grunts uttered by an old and bitter man. This was the first time Wang Tong touched a girl, and it gave him an irresistible impulse to getting in on the act.

Wang Tong knew he had to divert his attention quickly; otherwise, he might have done things that he would regret later. Among all the girls Wang Tong had met, Zhou Sisi would have ranked the third most attractive, closely following Samantha and Ma Xiaoru. She was more down to earth than "the Princess", Ma Xiaoru, and more approachable than "the Queen", Samantha. She was the closest to the definition of love's young dream, sweet and simple, like the girl next door that would smile at him every time she passed the window.

Wang Tong rushed into the bathroom and turned on the cold tap, letting the cold water dousing on his blazing desire. He stayed in the shower for another ten minutes until he calmed himself down. But as soon as Wang Tong walked out of the bathroom, he saw Zhou Sisi's smooth belly and the marble colored skin that was unmarred by any imperfection. Wang Tong's dantian exploded once again.

The insolent energy in Wang Tong thrust about, seeking release. As if pulled by an invisible force, Wang Tong inched toward Zhou Sisi's body. Suddenly, Wang Tong thought of Samantha, and the thought cooled him down quickly, giving him an opportunity to start the tactics to set his mind to where it belonged. He quickly covered Zhou Sisi's body with more clothing and laid a thick blanket on the floor as his bed.

However, it was hard to fall asleep with such a beauty right beside him.

"Sleep... Sleep... Sleep," Wang Tong kept on repeating to himself.

Racing thoughts of that smooth belly and what led further down south kept on returning to Wang Tong's mind, some of the thoughts came with vivid images, and some relied more on Wang Tong's imaginations.

Wang Tong gritted his teeth and pressed hard in between his groin as if it was a warning for its impudent behavior, it bounced back immediately, more impudent than ever. Frustrated and ashamed, Wang Tong raised his fist high up and was ready to deliver a coup de grace, but he faltered as he remembered how fragile it was.

This went on for a while, and Wang Tong endured the flame of desire for the most part of the night before he eventually dozed off.

However, he didn't get the chance to sleep for too long and was awakened by an angry yelp very early in the morning.

"What have you done to me, Wang Tong?" Wang Tong rubbed his eyes and saw Zhou Sisi sat angrily on the bed, staring at him as if she was ready to skin him alive.