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Chapter 59: The New Alpha

Chapter 59: The New Alpha

Translator: Oneshotwonder Editor: Tehrn
"Nothing. I have done nothing! Look at you, in cloth and all, what could I have done to you?"

Zhou Sisi fumbled as she patted herself down out of instinct. She found nothing, although she wasn't sure what she was looking for. She glanced at Wang Tong’s innocent, watery eyes and then heaved a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry, I can't remember what had happened last night."

With his weary eyes, half closed, Wang Tong briefly described what had happened last night, omitting a few details here and there. "The only thing that might have crossed the line was that I had touched your belly with my hand. I swear that was all. And I had no other options; you were on the verge of becoming deranged."

Zhou Sisi's face turned pale and then flushed red. Wang Tong regretted immediately. "I should have just told her that nothing had happened, only a fool would speak the truth," Wang Tong thought.

Some girls were outgoing and open, and some were more reserved and shy, if not overly-sensitive when being approached by the opposite sex. Instinct told Wang Tong that Zhou Sisi was the latter; therefore, he was not entirely surprised when he saw Zhou Sisi raised her hand for a slap on Wang Tong face.

Perhaps what Wang Tong told her was true and nothing had happened, but it must have been a close call. Zhou Sisi could have guessed that much, with or without Wang Tong's confession.

Wang Tong conceded his fate; he gritted his teeth and narrowed the eyes while waiting for Zhou Sisi's slap to come.

He waited for a while but felt nothing on his face. He opened his eyes and saw Zhou Sisi had already lowered her hand. She bit down her lower lip and then spoke grudgingly, "It's not your fault… But I hate you. I hate you!" Zhou Sisi stormed out, leaving Wang Tong sitting on the floor, mulling over the meaning of Zhou Sisi's confusing utterance.

"She said that it was not my fault, but why does she still hate me?" Wang Tong shook his head, unable to make sense of her logic. "Women are more perplexing than Zergs, considering we spoke the same language," he thought.

With the trouble out of his way, Wang Tong yawned loudly and quickly fell asleep again.

He didn't sleep long. While half asleep, he heard exciting screams outside of his room.

The morning news had just announced a shocking revelation. It might be good news for some people, but it would also break many hearts.

"Good morning everyone, our live studio had just received a shocking story: The son of General Hu Ben had passed his second mind opening operation, meaning that he will now be even stronger than if he had succeeded the first time. While everyone still guessed just exactly how powerful he is, he had just announced yet another news regarding his choice of school. Our reporter had just told us that he had officially accepted an offer from Ayrlarng Academy and will be attending Ayrlarng in a few day!"

The news went on to introduce Ayrlarng Academy, the once legendary military academy that had been forgotten.

The girls of Ayrlarng Academy were ecstatic: first came Hu Yangxuan, who was polite, gentle, and romantic, then came Wang Ben, who was wild, dangerous, and sexy. Unable to contain their fit of euphoria, the girls screamed Wang Ben's name at the top of their lungs.

With Ma Xiaoru, Hu Yangxuan, and Wang Ben joining its ranks, Ayrlarng had finally resurfaced into public's view. But no one could ignore the elephant in the room: "Why did Wang Ben choose Ayrlarng?" Regardless of the answer, what was done had been done.

Samantha hung up the phone. It was Martyrus. Apparently, even the old fox didn't anticipate Samantha's unexpected gain. "The old fox is finally becoming concerned," Samantha thought. She wagered that with Wang Ben joining her team, she could theoretically win the tournament. However, "theoretically" also meant that it was just as risky as before.

Samantha didn't let the good news lower her guard. Even with the all-star roster: Ma Xiaoru, Hu Yangxuan, and Wang Ben, she was still wary of the outcome of the fourth and fifth match. "What if Martyrus has a secret weapon just like I have Wang Tong?" Samantha pondered, calculating all the possibilities meticulously.

Wang Tong rubbed his dark eyes and reluctantly got out of his bed. He wondered if Wang Ben's arrival would make his mundane school life more interesting.

Wang Tong cleaned himself up and walked out of his room. He saw throngs of girls gathered around the entrance of dorm number five, prattling about Wang Ben. The girls' excitement suggested that Wang Ben might be even more popular than Hu Yangxuan. Compare to Hu Yangxuan, Wang Ben's family background had breathed a tougher and more masculine air into his character which was evidently more palatable in a military academy.

Wang Tong picked up his daily mail to be delivered and went to the classroom.

"You were never late... What took you so long?" Ma Xiaoru asked.

For no apparent reason, Wang Tong suddenly felt guilty, and then he answered, "I studied late... On another note, have you read the news? Wang Ben is coming to our school! Exciting eh?"

Ma Xiaoru didn't answer, she regarded him carefully, and brushed away few strands of loose hair on her forehead. She then spoke knowingly, "You are nervousness. Samantha told me that men like to divert topics when they are nervous."

Her observation had hit the mark. Wang Tong shriveled, "I confess… I lied, I was training until very late..."

"With whom?" Ma Xiaoru cut him short. Her cold stare landed on Wang Tong's shifty eyes.

"With Zhou Sisi. There was... a minor accident…" Wang Tong paused and scratched his head, hoping that Ma Xiaoru would drop the matter.

"I see," Ma Xiaoru said knowingly and didn't press further.

Ma Xiaoru's intonation and the sudden silence unnerved Wang Tong, "Ask me more!" Wang Tong screamed in his mind. He opened his mouth, trying to say something, but found no words, so the two sat there in an awkward silence, waiting for the class to start.

"The more you talk, the less you know." Quote by Old Fart.

Wang Tong conceded that he had to improve his soft skills and learn when to speak and when to keep quiet.

A teacher sauntered into the classroom, joy was written all over his face. He was just thinking about the envious looks of his colleagues from other schools when he announced that Wang Ben had joined the school he taught at. Every teacher in Ayrlarng had dreamed that that one day, Ayrlarng would return to its former glory, and thanks to Samantha's hard work and deep pockets, they had finally seen a glimpse of hope which rekindled their enthusiasm. Some teachers such as Gansus who was already passionate about their job had rolled up their sleeves upon hearing the news, ready to make a dent in the deteriorating situation of the school.

The morning classes were over quickly, when it was time for lunch, the trio: Ma Xiaoru, Wang Tong, and Hu Yangxuan sat together as they always did. They started to talk about Wang Ben, although Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan had never met Wang Ben before, they had learned enough on the news.

"I say we got lucky, Ayrlarng's team will be much stronger with him," Hu Yangxuan said.

"Be careful what you wish for, he might replace you as the new alpha. You have to see with your own eyes how excited the girls are right now."

"It's fair game; I'm not worried." Hu Yangxuan looked as confident as ever. He had started to feel bored of his school life and therefore would welcome any competition.

"Don't you find it strange though? Even if he disliked the S-Class Academy because of their previous refusals, there are still much better A-class academies out there."

"Strange indeed," Hu Yangxuan nodded, “There are indeed much better A-Class academies on the moon. Would it because of our Principal Samantha?"

"Not likely, she is as perplexed by his decision as we do. She knew of Wang Ben but never talked to him before. Even his acceptance letter had caught her off guard."

"Why are you so quiet?" Ma Xiaoru threw a glance at Wang Tong. Wang Tong was startled; he was practicing his soft skill: keeping quiet.