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Chapter 61: Tempestuous Lectures

Chapter 61: Tempestuous Lectures

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The bell for the next lesson rang, at last, Wang Tong couldn’t wait to attend Gansus' Zergs Analysis lectures. Lucky for him, it wasn’t a major lesson; finally, he didn’t have to worry about Zhou Sisi’s stone-cold glares.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru came and sat right next to Wang Tong. “So, I see you have been dodging me for the whole day. What’s the matter with you, Mister?” the pretty lady questioned.

Whenever Ma Xiaoru addressed Wang Tong as “Mister”, it meant the matter was quite serious.

Noticing her curious expression and her “you better not lie to me” vision, Wang Tong gave up and honestly told her what had happened the day before.

“I see, no wonder she was glaring at you all day long.”

“I swear to God, nothing happened! I was upset too for the incident. Gosh, girls are so weird.” Wang Tong was puzzled.

“Maybe she fancies you!” somehow it felt different when Ma Xiaoru said that.

“No way, she hated my guts! She was the one who led the girls to screw me up when I first arrived at the Dorm No.5; nevertheless, I was able to sort it out with my slick moves. As for now, she and I are only helping each other out, that’s all.”

“Bullshit, that was the worst idea that I’ve ever heard of, and all thanks to you, now Hu Yangxuan looks like a flamboyant playboy.” Ma Xiaoru chuckled.

“I’m not kidding, I was actually helping him while benefiting myself at the same time. Instead of being surrounded by a bunch of admirers and causing chaos, of course it’s better to handle them one by one every day!” Wang Tong explained while pinching the tip of his pinky.

“You really are a weird dude, always full of silly ideas yet has your own principles at the same time. What on earth are you, Wang Tong?” all of a sudden Ma Xiaoru asked in a serious manner.

To Ma Xiaoru, there were multiple personalities living inside Wang Tong, sometimes he would be acting very mature, yet sometimes he would look like a damn fool. Anyhow, she would like to “study” him badly.

Initially, Ma Xiaoru was a pure little lady that would have easily fallen for a person she admired, but the practice of the Tactics of the Enchantress had changed her gradually, as the crux of this set of Tactics was to be fickle and unpredictable. Falling for an individual was against the nature of her practice, yet only its disciples were taught how to subdue this and outliers were kept from knowing this secret.

Ma Xiaoru’s curiosity made Wang Tong wanted to say something, but as he was about to speak, Gansus stormed into the classroom as always and halted his words. “Alright punks, let’s get started! Everyone looks superb today. Mr. Wang Tong, be a good role model for yer mates and sit in front will ya?” Gansus commanded.

It was indeed a complicated moment, Wang Tong wasn’t even sure if he was happy or sad about it. Of course, he always enjoyed showing off, but right now all he wanted was to attend the lecture like a normal person. Anyhow, Wang Tong had no choice against Gansus' passion and sat in front as being told.

In the eyes of Gansus, Wang Tong was his favorite student.

“Today, we’re going to analyze the basic five land troops of Zergs. Which are also Zergs’ main forces on the ground,” said Gansus as the fully detailed images of the five Zergs were shown one after another on the screen. Their menacing appearances gave everyone goosebumps.

Then, Gansus waved his pointer at the image as he explained, “Spider Zergs, Scythe Zergs, Skulk Zergs, Kamikaze Zergs, and last but not least, Flamethrower Zergs.” Gansus seemed to be excited about them even though they were only images.

“Zergs’ main forces on the ground are made out of these five species of nasty roaches, they have the fastest spawning ability. In the beginning, there were only Spider Zergs and Scythe Zergs, and the other 3 types evolved during the war with mankind. Even though these creepy crawlies are the champions of evolution throughout the galaxy, yet they are nothing but a bunch of roaches as the mankind was blessed with knowledge and wisdom!” Gansus' speech sent the whole class laughing, his lectures were always filled with scoldings about Zergs.

“Y’all might be laughing now, but I bet y’all wouldn’t be laughing when y’all ended up on the dinner plates of one of these five creatures, make sure y’all understand how deadly these roaches are! The toughness of a living Spider Zerg is 5 times stronger than the dead one that we had dissected previously during Anatomy class. So don’t ever underestimate these creatures!” Nobody was laughing except Gansus himself, who would be laughing out loud whenever he made everyone kept quiet.

“Pay attention punks, this is Spider Zerg, the type of Zergs that spawns the quickest. Basically, they’re also known to mankind as cannon fodders because they are the expendables. However, every single human life isn’t meant to be expendable like these creatures, so don’t get too cocky even if you’ve killed hundreds of these, their life is not as valuable as yours!”

“Sir, does it have any weaknesses? I’d like to play it safe if I’m required to deal with one,” asked one of the guys.

Gansus took a glance at him and then said, “This gentleman is such a… fool! You must understand, ‘safety’ is the only word that doesn’t exist on a battlefield! If you couldn’t get what I’m saying, I guess I’ll be seeing your name very soon on the List of Memorial during the founding ceremony of our academy.”

Gansus looked at everyone and continued saying, ”Listen up lads, y’all might still be able to enjoy having yer asses wiped by someone else for now since y’all are still studying in the academy. But when y’all will join the military, nobody will be assigned to change yer diapers, so suck it up! As for its weakness, that’s a good question. All ya need to do is attack its soft underbelly. Remember folks, you’re endangering yourself to go head-to-head against these roaches because their spawning abilities are hundreds or even a thousand times stronger than mankind, hence we have to fight smart, is that clear?!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Gansus roared.


Some might be against Gansus' teaching methods, yet this was his unique style of teaching, and it definitely lifted the spirit of his students. “Very well. Let’s move on to the topic about its brain. A Zerg’s ‘brain’ might be small, but it is capable of controlling every movement of its enormous body. So far, scientists were not able to make any specific findings regarding its brain, but there’s one thing for sure — the easiest way of killing it is to damage its brain. Now let’s take a look at a few bad examples.”

Gansus waved his hand and showed everyone a video clip: A soldier slew a Zerg, he dismembered its body into halves and presumed it to be dead, but the soldier was then stabbed from the back by the dismembered half, puncturing his heart and got killed in the end.

“See what I meant? Even these nasty bugs know what our weaknesses are, so remember, you must either attack directly to its weakness or kill it by destroying it. Don’t get cocky or it will get you killed instead!” Gansus said while making crosses with his pointer.

Zergs had indomitable vitalities. Even if dismembered, attacks could still be made as long as the “brains” were still attached to the remaining body parts.