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Chapter 62: The World of Inferior Zergs

Chapter 62: The World of Inferior Zergs

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
“Scythe Zergs are like enlarged praying mantises, their main weapons are a pair of blade-like forearms. Do take note that this breed of Zergs is expert in performing leap attacks. Now let’s take a look at the analysis of its body parts, the toughness of its thorax and abdomen are weaker compared to its front part, also be sure to avoid its scythes when you’re facing one unless ya think ya have what it takes.”

Gansus seemed to know more about Scythe Zergs. These creatures had stronger mobility than Spider Zergs and were capable of adapting their formations according to different terrains, which caused a lot of troubles to mankind battle forces.

“Sir, how high can these creatures leap?” one of the students raised his hand and asked, and everyone was drawn to an in-depth question like this.

“I’m glad you asked, generally speaking, a leap of 5 meters should be a piece of cake, but please do not believe only in the data itself, as the information in yer textbooks could vary from time to time. Truth or not, everything could only be verified when you’re standing on the battlefield.”

The students nodded when Gansus said that. Although Gansus was known for being hot-tempered, and some students even complained about his teaching attitude, yet Ayrlarng didn’t fire him because he was one of the only few experienced teachers amongst Ayrlarng. Gansus was a good teacher other than him being too attached to his military-like teaching methods, after all, there were still some differences between the army and the academy.

The video continued on the analysis of Scythe Zergs, showing statistics of the toughness, attacking range and some basic data about each of its body parts. Of course, everything in the video was only for reference. The information was meant to vary as Zergs were evolving from time to time.

“Now that we have learned enough about Spider Zergs and Scythe Zergs, let’s move on and talk about Skulk Zergs, also known as the ‘A-hole’ Zergs. Scientists believe Skulk Zergs evolved from Spider Zergs, this species of Zerg might be smaller in size, but they are way deadlier than Spider Zergs. Even though Skulk Zerg has a weaker toughness, it is able to bury itself underground within seconds using the mandibles underneath its body, and then blend into the surroundings with the camouflage ability on its back. The attacking range of a Skulk Zerg is within 10 meters to 20 meters. It has an extremely long, flexible, and sharp vertebra that is capable of stabbing through yer body like a barbecue skewer!”

The screen then turned to a clip of how the Skulk Zergs “hunted”. Gory videos like this weren’t supposed to be shown in the academy; at least not to the freshmen; however, Gansus was able to get his hands on the uncut version and played it to the whole class. It was indeed a violence video, both METAL fighters and mankind machinery were not able to withstand the ferocious projections of these camouflaged beasts, normal METAL suits couldn’t have stood a chance against such perfect and sneaky ambush. Skulk Zergs should be categorized as Zergs’ underground sniper troops.

Everyone in the class turned pale as they saw the soldiers screaming in fear, the blood-curdling cries of the troops were more than enough to send chills down to their spines. They could only imagine the pain of having your body pierced and punctured upwards.

No wonder people always said not to eat during Gansus' lectures, as some of his topics might be bad for your stomach.

Gansus was pleased by his students’ reactions because it was better for them to be afraid now than getting killed on the battlefield later. He was always complaining about the modern education methods for being too gentle and easy like a child’s play, the curriculums were all about discovering the courage within, and motivating youngsters to be fearless, but they didn’t tell what was going on at all. This was mainly because the Confederation had to maintain the consistency of new recruitments, and it hasn’t been easy.

Gansus looked around the whole class and observed their reactions. He saw Ma Xiaoru wasn’t bothered by the content. Although Ma Xiaoru was confident and strong, nevertheless she was definitely a little shaken by the gruesome scenes a moment ago. But Gansus was shocked as he looked towards Wang Tong, the boy’s eyes were all on fire. Gansus was no stranger to his expression — those were the eyes of a veteran, and his murderous aura was beyond dread, but this reaction was supposed to be seen only in those who had survived countless of brutal battles, how was that possible?

Wang Tong’s murderous aura wasn’t something that would be brought up by learning a single tactic, he must be some kind of experienced fighter to possess such raging spirit!

Gansus had been teaching for many years, yet this was his first time seeing a young boy with such aura. Normally Wang Tong wasn’t like that, but now he was covered in rage, something’s weird with that kid.

“Can anyone tell me how to deal with a Skulk Zerg?” Gansus asked suddenly.

Nobody said a word because no one would wish to face a Skulk Zerg. Even though Spider Zergs and Scythe Zergs were bigger in sizes and looked more frightening, everyone was terrified to witness Skulk Zergs’ horrible attacking methods.

“Sir, then how does the military deal with Skulk Zergs? Is there a way to perceive them?”

“That is a good question, but I’ll leave this to yer future researches because currently, we haven’t got any device to detect them.”

“So what are we supposed to do? Their camouflages are too perfect to be noticed.” The students were puzzled by the fact that there were no specific devices to deal with Skulk Zergs because no one would like to put their lives at stake anyway.

“Sir, what about Heat Vision Goggles?”

“A Skulk Zerg has the ability to adjust its body heat to match the temperature of the surroundings. Besides, they are known to hide amongst a troop of Zergs and attack in silence, so the possibility to detect them using Heat Vision Goggles is extremely low due to the interruption from other Zergs’ body temperature.” Gansus shook his head. “What about you, Ma Xiaoru? What would you do?”

Ma Xiaoru stared at the screen and said, “These species of Zergs has a weakness, there’ll be vibration from the ground when it is about to attack. We need to stay alerted and take cover when the vibration occurs, then its position will be exposed when it attacks. Skulk Zergs have weaker toughness compared to the first two species, and also they couldn’t move underground, so shouldn’t be too difficult to handle.”

“Well done, and that’s how you deal with Skulk Zergs. Soldiers will carry a Vibration Detector that has the function to capture its frequency. It’ll give out a warning buzz when vibrations detected, but there’s only a 3 seconds window for you to respond, which is somehow useless if you’re caught in the middle of a battle. My advice to y’all is — finish off yer opponents with the fastest and most efficient methods, but please don’t go all-out-attack mode,” said Gansus.

Still, the students were not relieved to hear Gansus' tactics, because they could tell from his expression, that lives must be put at risk in order to deal with Skulk Zergs.

It was already too difficult to negate Skulk Zergs’ attacks, let alone the functionality of a Vibration Detector during battle.

“What about you Wang Tong?” Gansus turned towards him all of a sudden.

“Me? Basically, I’ll sniff it out and kill it before it attacks,” Wang Tong said immediately, he remembered how horrible it was during his first time dealing with it. If Einherjar Wannabe didn’t warn him about it, he would have been dead for sure.

Everyone in the class burst into laughter when Wang Tong said that. They thought he was bullsh*tting because anyone would have killed it first if they were able to see one, and humans were not like dogs, so how were they supposed to “sniff it out”?