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Chapter 64: Miao Xiu’s Nightmare

Chapter 64: Miao Xiu’s Nightmare

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
It was another busy week for Wang Tong, his schedule was jam-packed. Zhou Sisi did not disturb him ever since their little incident, and he had nothing to worry about regarding his caretaker duty as long as the letters from the girls at Dorm No.5 were sent on time to Hu Yangxuan every day. Obviously, Samantha’s plans of educating Wang Tong had failed, but she was still having sunshines in her pocket due to the admission of Wang Ben, so for now, she still wouldn’t take any action on Wang Tong.

As usual, Wang Tong visited the DREAM-Heaven outside Ayrlarng campus on Saturday morning when it wasn’t crowded. He sat on his favorite seat No.5 and dived into the PA, and was surprised to see his mailbox glowing in red — those were all challenge invitations.

Wang Tong’s Einherjar Wannabe avatar has gotten quite famous in the PA after his duel with Wang Ben, and when there’s fame, there’ll be challengers. Anyhow, the most eye-catchy one was a system-generated email from PA Official Administration, mentioning that they would like to organize a few one-on-one matches and were willing to pay him for participating. Wang Tong deleted the email without hesitation.

“Some pennies are safe to earn, others have a price.” Quote by Old Fart.

Crowded or not, it was always troublesome to have to choose an opponent. Wang Tong was startled by a screenful of usernames and winning records. He had no idea which of them was worth challenging.

In the end, he picked User ID: Skyscraper, he picked that because of its simple name.

Wang Tong immediately received a reply as soon as he clicked “Accept”, and then he walked casually toward the agreed location. Wang Tong wasn’t a rookie at this, the flow of users and the excitement of the players indicated that today was the open day of TPA and IPA.

User ID: Skyscraper was already there when Wang Tong arrived. The person was a normal-looking Earthling with a balanced win and lose record. But records are only for references, actual strength could only be tested when the match began.

The Arena would make announcements for every upcoming match. It got many players’ attention when the name “Einherjar Wannabe” was announced; especially the players from TPA, they were eager to see if the person who had subdued Fist of the Racing Tiger was just some lucky bastard.

5 minutes before the match began.

Meanwhile, on the Moon, Miao Xiu was training hard and sweating all over. His normal clothing had been hiding his robust and muscular body, his muscles were well balanced and looked powerful. In fact, Miao Xiu would not be in his usual nonchalant character during training sessions.

He was feeling depressed recently due to the arrival of Patroclus. Miao Xiu would be trembling in fury whenever he thought about that jerk!

Miao Xiu was gifted with incredible talents and was chosen by the Court of Templar to become its Follower because of that. Of course, Miao Xiu wasn’t the strongest amongst all, but he strongly believed that time was all he needed to surpass the rest. He wasn’t the only youngster with that confidence, after all, one had to be really gifted to be chosen by the Court of Templar.

But that was all before Patroclus, who was younger than all of them, showed up. Even their stern and strict teachers were all being nice to him as if he was some sort of big timer. Everyone was not cool with Patroclus’s arrival, and Miao Xiu was the only one that couldn’t wait to teach that kid a lesson.

The mischievous Miao Xiu decided to sneak attack Patroclus who he thought looked like a sissy, but soon, his mischievous decision turned into his lingering nightmare. He had no idea what happened, all he knew was nineteen of his bones got fractured, and he could still remember the horrifying eyes of that kid whenever he recollected his memory from that day. The funnier thing was, Patroclus even visited him during the month of his recovery, but Miao Xiu closed his eyes and ignored him. People thought that he had closed his eyes because he was angry, but he was actually traumatized.

Miao Xiu was haunted by nightmares every day during his recovery period, even though his trauma was cured after receiving special therapies, he could still remember the physician sighed and said, “Too bad you were up against that fiend, you won’t be able to defeat him even if you trained for another 100 years.”

Of course, that statement was just a hyperbole, and Miao Xiu was confident about defeating Patroclus if he were to train for another 100 years. Since then, Miao Xiu’s legs couldn’t help trembling whenever he saw Patroclus. Yet, God played a game of fate with him by arranging that kid to attend Estrella Academy as well.

All Miao Xiu could do was to train himself harder to impede his lingering nightmare, and even swore to God that one day he would vanquish that fiendish kid. Flames of fury were all over Miao Xiu as he recalled that harmless face of Patroclus.


Miao Xiu vented off his anger within as he rapid-fired the Punch Training Machine with his fists. For now, he had to be patient... until he became stronger.

“Yo, Miao Xiu stop training, Einherjar Wannabe has appeared!” Luv Ma yelled, he wondered why Miao Xiu was training that hard.

“Yup, coming!” Miao Xiu slowed down gradually and adjusted his breathing. In order to defeat Patroclus, he needed a strong opponent as his training target.

“Wassup dude, you look weird recently.”

“Hey stop being nosy like a woman will ya? I’m training hard because I don’t wanna fall behind for the upcoming Templar’s Examination.”

“Alright, hurry up man, I knew he was gonna surface during the weekends, too bad he didn’t pick you this time as well.”

“Whatever, my latest target is Gust.” Miao Xiu was getting confident as he grabbed his fists. Since he couldn’t challenge Einherjar Wannabe, he would start with Gust then, the so-called “Top Notch of the Second Year” was good enough to be his stepping stone.

Back in the Arena, Wang Tong had nothing much to prepare, but the Skyscraper dude was very serious about the match, he was already in his METAL Suit when he arrived, it was a common grade 1 Suit — the conventional Feng Edge Type-E METAL Suit manufactured by Earth Confederation.

This model was now upgraded to the 5th Generation, and the name “Feng Edge” was named after General Li Feng who invented METAL Suit and saved humanity. The Feng Edge Suits had moderate boosters, the attack boosters were weaker than usual, but the defense boosters were not bad. The advantage of this model was its wide adaptability and could be used by any mind opened fighter. This suit was the best for the Earth Confederation since it had the highest population; after all, quantity was as important as quality.

“What the hell? Who’s this dude to challenge Einherjar Wannabe? This is absurd!”

“Such low winning rates, and not to mention he’s only a TPA player wearing a Grade 1 METAL suit. Go home dude!”

Some IPA players were not pleased with Einherjar Wannabe’s opponent before the match began. As for the all set Skyscraper dude, he examined the condition of his Suit and then began his warm-up exercises. IPA players burst into laughter as they saw this, they were expecting a match between ace fighters. After all Einherjar Wannabe has defeated Wang Ben previously, and even if it was because Wang Ben wasn’t going full force, Einherjar Wannabe’s victory had already proven that he wasn’t some nobody to be challenged by a rookie.

Yet Skyscraper didn’t pay much attention to the scoffs and sneers around the Arena, he only smiled and continued with his warm-up exercises.