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Chapter 65: An Ace Who Came Out of Nowhere

Chapter 65: An Ace Who Came Out of Nowhere

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People were clamoring, hoping that Einherjar Wannabe would take it seriously this time, while some began to contact their stronger friends.

“Hey, Miao Xiu, why don’t you go prepare yourself? I’m sure Einherjar Wannabe will not be satisfied after this, and he might wanna challenge you!”

“What was Einherjar Wannabe thinking? Choosing this dude amongst the list of names. Skyscraper? What a boring ID!”

The audiences were not as many as speculated, some TPA players that expected it to be a big match were somehow disappointed, but they were still hoping for Wang Ben to show up and rechallenge Einherjar Wannabe. Even though it was not long ago since their last duel, nevertheless Wang Ben must have improved since then, and wouldn’t be taken down easily as he used to be. If the rechallenge really happened, the fight might not be as intense as expected, but people were eager to witness Wang Ben’s ultimate Fist of Racing Tiger, after all an amazing skill like this barely appeared in public, especially during unofficial matches.

Einherjar Wannabe waited patiently for Skyscraper to finish his warm-ups, yet the referee was getting impatient.

“Ready? 3… 2… 1… GO!”

Skyscraper smiled and said, “Here I come!”


The default weapon of the Feng Edge Type-E was the Alfar Blade, a hybrid between a sword and a saber created by Alfar, the Weaponry Expert. Feng Edge model suits were improved and upgraded from time to time, but the design of the blade wasn’t changed at all, the only thing changed was the forging materials.


Skyscraper dashed toward Einherjar Wannabe in a jiff like a bullet. He leaned his body forward, almost touching the ground, tilted his right hand and attacked like a joust.

Einherjar Wannabe slightly angled his body, rays of light and energy forces gathered around his fist, and he threw out a punch in a flash.


The two tremendous forces collided, yet their steel-like bodies were not affected by the huge impact. None of them backed down as their energy nullified the recoil. Everyone was shocked when they saw Skyscraper was the one who made the first move!

With his elbows worked as core leverages, Skyscraper’s hands came slashing rapidly like a pair of scythes; he was like a human Scythe Zerg with a more devastating power.

As the crowd was cheering, it only took 5 seconds for him to launch more than 60 attacks. His Soul Energy reached 113 sols! That was one hell of a crazy hack and slash!

Setting aside being a fighter with 4th tier GN Force, if the opponent had been just a normal person, he would have been chopped into minced meat when facing such an attack.

The key of the attacks was the speed and the angle, yet no one in the crowd could capture every slashing movement.

Both IPA and TPA audiences were left silent, such attack would have one-hit-KOed 99% of them.

Miao Xiu and Luv Ma looked at each other in surprise, their observations were normally correct, yet they were so wrong this time, those attacks were marvelous!

“God Damn! Where the hell did this guy come from again?” Miao Xiu asked as he twitched his lips.

“Amazing! Hack and slash attacks like this must incorporate specific tactics. Or else the arms would have been broken before the opponent does anything.”

Meanwhile, excitement was building up as the brawl continued. It would be impossible for a normal fighter to handle such attacks, but it wasn’t a problem to Wang Tong. The hands of his opponent had become a pair of lethal scythes, not even the slightest gap could be seen in his attacks, and the most important part was that his steps were well coordinated with his slashing actions.

He was definitely the scariest opponent Wang Tong had ever met since his debut.

Usually, a person would focus on the upper part of his body when defending against slashing attacks from his opponent. Knowing that, Skyscraper suddenly exerted his killing move by launching a fatal thrust with his knee. It was an unpredictable close range attack that was more than enough to catch his opponent off-guard.

But at the same time, Einherjar Wannabe stepped forward and launched a quicker kick toward Skyscraper’s standing foot. It looked like they were going to perish together when Skyscraper suddenly changed his knee strike into a bounce back action, separating himself from Einherjar Wannabe. Skyscraper who was supposed to look clumsy then gracefully somersaulted backward to widen the range between him and Einherjar Wannabe. He wasn’t even gasping for air after such a rough round of attacks as he looked over and calmly smiled toward Einherjar Wannabe.

That moment, someone finally understood the meaning behind “not to judge a book by its cover!”

Wang Tong learned most of his battle arts from his fights with the Zergs. To other people, Skyscraper’s attacks looked bizarre, but somehow he found it familiar as he observed his opponent’s attacks. In fact, he was surprised to see the Zergs’ attack method could be utilized this way.

Skyscraper hoisted his arms again and slightly curved them in front of his chest, at the same time, the opposing Einherjar Wannabe was doing the same gesture.

But Skyscraper didn’t care about that. No one had ever copied his techniques because it required specific training for the arms to be able to adapt the high-speed slashing attacks, and it wouldn’t have any effect if it was just an imitation.

The two clashed on again, like a couple of mantises.


This time, Wang Tong was the first to attack, instead of clashing their hands together, Wang Tong attacked with the inner sides of his arms, soon as the back of his arms hit Skyscraper’s arms, he executed an outward force and shifted his opponent away as his arms advanced towards Skyscraper.

Skyscraper’s blade-like attacks were countered!

Facing such disadvantageous situation, the innocent-looking Skyscraper turned more aggressive as he rapidly attacked with his blade-like arms, thrust his knee upward again, and wasn’t even bothered by the fact that it might cause them to perish together; a tough opponent indeed. With all of his strength focused on the upper part of his body, Einherjar Wannabe wouldn’t be able to channel enough strength to defend against a full force attack on the lower part of his body, which would lead the match to a draw since it wasn’t a real fight.

Yet surprisingly, Einherjar Wannabe made an impossible move, he countered Skyscraper’s knee thrust with a left kick even though there wasn’t enough strength on the lower part of his body!


The force of the attack shot Skyscraper across the Arena.

Everything happened in a flash, only a few were able to tell what had happened.

Wang Ben’s eyes were not blinking as he watched the match during his flight. Some people thought that there was no need for him to rechallenge Einherjar Wannabe even though he was defeated because he had succeeded his second Mind Opening Operation and was already Earth Confederation’s top tier fighter of the younger generation. If he were to rechallenge him, most people would think that all he wanted was just to reclaim his dignity.

Yet only Wang Ben knew that Einherjar Wannabe was definitely worth to be rechallenged because, even if he had already succeeded his second Mind Opening Operation, he might still not be able to stand a chance against Einherjar Wannabe.