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Chapter 68: Too Generous

Chapter 68: Too Generous

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As the son of a general, Wang Ben was expected to avoid public TPA fights at all cost, but the reality was far from that: Wang Ben had publicly announced his challenge to Einherjar Wannabe, and the lack of response from the latter made the situation even more embarrassing for Wang Ben.

Smelling profit in the air, the DREAM Corp had also attempted to reach out to Einherjar Wannabe as soon as his fight with Skyscraper was over, but they had received no response either.

Wang Tong had no time to respond. He had been busy. Hu Yangxuan was going to pick him up to go to Ma Xiaoru's place together right after the TPA fight. Besides, he also needed a break after a tough fight, and he thought Ma Xiaoru's place would be ideal.

Wang Ben was early when he arrived home from the virtual cafe. Soon, he received a message from Hu Yangxuan, informing Wang Tong that he would be there in a few minutes.

Five minutes later, Hu Yangxuan arrived with his Meg-lev in front of his dormitory. "Sorry, I am late."

"That's fine, I was just watching it as well."

"You too? That fight between Einherjar Wannabe and Skyscraper?"

Wang Tong nodded.

"Well, I think we have a problem," Hu Yangxuan said as he furrowed his eyebrows.

"What's going on?"

"Someone on the forum had recognized that Skyscraper, he is a first-year student from Bernabeu. Our Principal is not going to like that."

"Interesting. Heck, we have Wang Ben now, shouldn't be much of a problem, don't you think?"

"You forgot about the tournament rules. The order of the players is predetermined, so we don't know who will be fighting that freak."

"Balls, that sucks." Wang Tong nodded in agreement. The tournament was not only a test of the strength of the students but also to the minds of the principals.

"Well, I say we are still lucky to have Wang Ben. Otherwise, we would be skating on thin ice." Hu Yangxuan cracked a smile.

Unlike Wang Tong, who could barely afford more than one T-shirt, Hu Yangxuan was well dressed for the occasion and carefully picked the appropriate style and color that complimented his complexion. But Wang Tong was simply happy that the number of t-shirts he owned had saved him from the headaches of picking and choosing.

Hu Yangxuan didn't want to be late, he drove fearlessly, zipping through streets and corridors. Thanks to his great driving skill, the two of them arrived at Ma Xiaoru's house safely.

They met Ma Xiaoru and Samantha in the main hall; both were casually dressed. A wide projector screen stood behind the two girls, and it was showing the recording of the previous fight. The exclusive recording reminded the two visitors that Samantha was the heir of the DREAM corp.

"I believe you two have already heard about it, this Skyscraper is called Cao Yi, a student of Bernabeu, and he is going to be the secret weapon of that old fox." Samantha had suspected that Martyrus would have a wild card in his hand. Seeing her suspicion becoming a reality, Samantha conceded the fact that she would have to exercise extreme caution in planning the tournament fight.

"Do you guys think that you can defeat him?" Samantha lolled on the sofa and asked the two boys. Her voice was softer than usual.

"I would like to know myself," Hu Yangxuan said eagerly. As one of the followers of the Templar, Hu Yangxuan had enough confidence to take on the challenge.

Seeing Samantha's gazed landed on him, Wang Tong shrugged and said casually, "I can try."

"Where the hell did this Einherjar Wannabe come from? If only we could have him in Ayrlarng," Samantha said as she licked the juice off her lips.

"The topic had gone viral on the internet; so far no one seemed to have any clue. I thought you might be the first one to know, Principal," Hu Yangxuan asked curiously.

"Well, you don't understand the rules. PA is more complicated than you think. It involves the Earth Confederation, the Moon, the Martians, and even the Kaedeians. Despite the fact that DREAM is the company that operates everything, it, however, does not have the exclusive rights to the data in the system. It had been like that ever since the company was formed," Samantha said helplessly.

Wang Tong heaved a sigh of relief. He had thought that much since if it were otherwise, DREAM would have controlled the military intelligence of all human factions, and no one would have agreed to that.

"If it were the IPA, we might have been able to bend the rules and scrape some information, but it was in the TPA. What makes it even more infuriating is his silent treatment. He didn't even respond to DREAM's official request."

"Interesting..." Ma Xiaoru said as she pondered on the information.

"He doesn't seem to be concerned with money. The DREAM paid their official fighters at least ten grand per match. Only if he was as desperate for money as someone else…" Samantha said as she locked her eyes with Wang Tong's. Their settlement cost her only six grand.

Hu Yangxuan and Ma Xiaoru refrained from laughing out loud; not only they were aware of Wang Tong's destitute financial condition, but they were also aware how annoyed their principal was at Wang Tong's uncooperative attitude.

Wang Tong didn't care about Samantha's jesting, and he was too busy lamenting over the ten grand that he could have earned. If he had known it earlier, he would have accepted their invitation in a heartbeat.

"Anyhow, let's talk about it later and have our lunch first, we have a special dish today," Ma Xiaoru broke the awkward silence.

Ma Xiaoru's announcement of a specialty dish had piqued everyone's interest.

Everyone had enjoyed their lunch. Although Wang Tong was not a picky eater, he was not a big fan of overly sophisticated meals that, for some reason, always came in extremely small portions. Perhaps Ma Xiaoru had guessed that much because today's main course was veal. The so-called specialty was a kind of fruit from the Andromeda Galaxy. Wang Tong took a bite, and he found that the refreshing flavors of the fruit danced on his pallets, making it an exceptionally enjoyable experience after having eaten the greasy hearty meal of veal.

Samantha and Ma Xiaoru were having a healthy amount of food, so they were clearly not on a diet. Despite this, they had kept their body in great shapes. Wang Tong tried as much as he could to keep his table manners, and not to make too much noise as he chewed. But he didn't hesitate when it came down to shoveling as much as he could down his throat at lightning speed.

Hu Yangxuan also picked up his speed, and he knew that if he didn't do so, there would be none left very quickly.