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Chapter 69: True Friends

Chapter 69: True Friends

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As the host, Ma Xiaoru was quite happy that her guests seemed to have enjoyed their lunch.

"These are the things that can only be tasted inside of this house." Hu Yangxuan marveled at the extreme wealth of Ma Xiaoru's family.

Money could buy some produce, but not all. However, as the hegemony of an entire industry, Ma Xiaoru's family could get anything they desired.

"The lunch was good, now let's talk business," Samantha announced. The word "business" sent a chill down to the two boy's spines. They knew there was no free lunch.

"Don't fret, I just thought that perhaps one of you could do me a favor. When Wang Ben eventually arrives here, we will need to put on a display of strength so that he wouldn't look down on our students," Samantha's wide and mesmerizing eyes attracted the two boys as she explained her intention. She had figured that Wang Ben's acceptance of her offer did not amount to his obedience. Therefore, a proper display of strength would be required to guide Wang Ben onto the right track.


Both Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan pointed at each other. Samantha found their response both funny and annoying and wondered why the boys all lacked manly courage.

"Um… I am too busy with the Templar's routine test that is coming up, so I am afraid that I won't have time to prepare for the fight with Wang Ben. I would be more than willing to do it for our school once my test is over," Hu Yangxuan explained. What he had said wasn't entirely an excuse: he wouldn't want to fight Wang Ben because if he couldn't focus on a bad fight, it might scare him for the rest of his life.

"What about you Wang Tong, what is your excuse?" Samantha stared at Wang Tong.

Wang Tong had thought that he might raise others' suspicions should he partake in a fight with Wang Ben, but quickly, he realized that a fight with or against Wang Ben would be inevitable in the future once Wang Ben arrived in Ayrlarng. Samantha's persuasion made it even more compelling for Wang Ben to accept the task.

"Fine, I will try. But the school would have to pay for my medical bills if I am injured."

"You won't get injured; it's just a sparring," Ma Xiaoru announced. She could have taken on the task if she didn't need to worry about the name of her family.

Samantha rolled her eyes at Wang Tong and said coldly, "Xiaoru, don't you worry about it. I am more concerned about Wang Ben's medical bill."

"I'll take it as a compliment," Wang Tong said out loud. He enjoyed talking to Samantha as if he was her equal.

Contempt was written all over Samantha's face. She refrained from retorting back, trying her best to keep her composure.

Everyone had sense Samantha's interest in this mysterious Einherjar Wannabe as she had reviewed many times the recording of the fight. The predecessor of DREAM, YU-ZHAN had once benefited by a man with god-like ability, Samantha wondered if Einherjar Wannabe would be the next legendary warrior that would bestow profit and success to DREAM. However, she reminded herself not to keep her hope high since many before her had waited for such a legend, but none had appeared.

Wang Tong stared at Samantha's wide and alluring eyes as her thoughts drifted away. Beside Wang Tong, Ma Xiaoru gazed at Wang Tong's face thoughtful. In this awkward silence, Hu Yangxuan felt left out. However, thanks to his cheerful personality, Hu Yangxuan didn't mind the lack of attention.

The party went on, and the evening had approached before they realized it.

Under the beautiful night sky, Hu Yangxuan and Wang Tong descended from the floating mansion.

"Are you always happy like this?" Wang Tong asked.

"If you smile at your life, it will smile back. I envy your life. People always thought that the life in the great houses was the best, but they wouldn't know the chains and balls that came with our family name. I am quite a rebellious one, but still, there are things that I cannot fight."

"Makes sense, but there were also many benefits of being born into a great house."

"That's true to some extent. We are no more than standing on the shoulder of our ancestors. Look at all the recent heroes and heroines; you would find that almost all of them had started from scratch, like Wang Ben's father, Hu Ben. In comparison, the great houses like the Li were a dying breed who were clinging too tightly to their ancestor's great deeds."

"Haha, I couldn't agree more. Life would be boring if I could get anything without working hard for it." Wang Tong showed the whiteness of his smile, to him, earning ten grand was something that was worth celebrating, but to a member of the great house, it was not even worth mentioning. Therefore, success was a rather relative term.

"On another note, do you know anything about this Wang Ben? I have heard that he hits pretty hard, even during training. I have a friend that might be able to get us some information; I will send that off to you."

"Thank you! I didn't want to accept the task, but you know that our principal won't give up," Wang Tong said as he blushed.

Hu Yangxuan rounded his eyes and stared at Wang Tong abruptly. "Gee, you got balls. Do you want to make a move on Samantha? Please, don't tell me you are serious. Haven't you heard about her nickname she had earned while she was in Capth? They call her the Hammer for the many hearts she had shattered, including those of the Li's!"

Wang Tong was unruffled. "I can't help with how I feel. She is different than other girls indeed, but same as you. I don't believe that you came here just because you wanted to chase after Ma Xiaoru. I wager that you also didn't like the mindless competition from the S-Class Academies."

"Haha, interesting! Not a lot of people know that much about me. Indeed the S-Class academies had the top notch talents and seemingly endless resources, but they focused too much on competition, and it felt too restrictive to me. I liked Bernabeu a lot; their principal is a nice old man. You will know what I mean when you met him," Hu Yangxuan said sincerely.

"Well, I am interested."

"Haha, it's still early, do you want to grab a few drinks somewhere? We need to celebrate our friendship."

"I think you want to celebrate for the apparent elimination of your competitor."

"Nah, if Ma Xiaoru likes you, I still couldn't do anything about it. I don't like to dwell on the outcomes, the process itself would be a more enjoyable experience."

"Just kidding. Sure, why not, let's go grab some drinks."

Wang Tong never liked drinking after seeing what it had done to Old Fart, but since Hu Yangxuan had invited him, he felt it hard to refuse his classmate's friendly invitation.