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Chapter 70: A Naked Floating Body

Chapter 70: A Naked Floating Body

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"Xiaoru, what are you thinking about?" Samantha pinched Ma Xiaoru's cheek and asked.

"Ah... Nothing..."

"No need to hide it, it is written all over your face."

"Really?" Ma Xiaoru touched her cheek out of instinct.

"Haha, it's never too late to consult the wise." Samantha suddenly closed in, wrapping her arms around Ma Xiaoru as if measuring her bosom. "Oh… The fire of love is strong with this one."

"Stop, you weirdo."

"Come here, you little girl, tell me what's on your mind!" Samantha commanded as if Ma Xiaoru was an innocent 6-year-old.

"It's nothing... It's just that I can feel that Wang Tong is not that into me," the words seemed to have taken the wind out of Ma Xiaoru's sail.

"Why do you think so? That Wang Tong does not deserve you, and you know it! How about your Tactics of the Enchantress? Isn't it suppose to be the best weapon for enslaving a man's heart? Even General Li Feng had fallen for it."

"I am not entirely sure myself, but even my tactics seemed to become sluggish as if I had hit a wall," Ma Xiaoru said helplessly.

"You are giving yourself way too much pressure. It's one of the top-five tactics after all. Seeing how much it had clashed with your personality, I was pretty surprised when you told me that you had learned it in the first place. Even if you didn't, your family was in a different line of business; your cultivation, therefore, was more of a symbolic gesture to demonstrate the friendship between the Ma and the Li."

"I know, I know. But I seem to have hit the wall too early; I start to wonder if I am really in..." Ma Xiaoru choked back, finding it hard to say the simple word out loud.

"Haha, so our princess was indeed in love with Wang Tong. I have no idea what about him had attacked you. Every time I saw him, I just had the urge to punch him in that sly face," Samantha said as she thought about the irritating face of Wang Tong. "Love makes one hesitant. Trust me, just be yourself and enjoy your life. Don't think too much."

Ma Xiaoru nodded blankly as she still didn't understand the cause of her sudden sluggish progress in her cultivation.

Any tactics that dabbled in physic abilities, to some degree, had its countermeasures, just like it was the countermeasure of many other tactics. Unknown to Ma Xiaoru, Wang Tong's Tactics of the Blade was the most effective countermeasure to the Tactics of the Enchantress, and that was the reason behind the sudden slow down of Ma Xiaoru's cultivation.

Hu Yangxuan had to carry Wang Tong home after their after-party. The first few cups of drinks seemed to have no effect on Wang Tong, but to Hu Yangxuan's surprise, Wang Tong planted his faced down quickly after a few more cups.

Hu Yangxuan was half way there as well, so he turned on his autopilot. It was already midnight when they arrived at Wang Tong's dorm.

Wang Tong had laid on his bed motionless for a while, and then suddenly his body started to elevate above the bed as two red glows appeared on his head and the belly.

Wang Tong had broken the rule of no liquor that Old Fart had set for him. Old Fart had forbidden him drinking alcohol not only because it was a bad habit, but also because of Wang Tong's unique body type.

The liquor had accelerated the movement of energy inside of his body; the 256 nodes were whirling around at speed beyond Wang Tong's control. Without anywhere to go, the GN energies were trapped in Wang Tong's dantian. The GN force also formed a GN field that surrounded Wang Tong, inside the GN field, GN force continued to pour out of Wang Tong's body.

Hu Yangxuan had already left, and no one was expected to visit the caretaker at this hour. However, a petite figure was standing outside of Wang Tong's dorm; she hesitated before she knocked on the door.

Zhou Sisi had been thinking a lot ever since the accident, but eventually, she came to terms with what had happened. After all, Wang Tong didn't do anything on purpose, and she had since increased her soul energy readings thanks to Wang Tong's intervention.

Hearing no reply, Zhou Sisi cracked the door open and was shocked by what she saw: a floating naked body.

Zhou Sisi's mouth was wide open, but she covered it with one of her palms and stopped the scream. She saw a few pieces of dirty cloth strewn about the floor; Wang Tong's body was elevated in the air and seemed to be packed densely with energy.

Zhou Sisi could only feel the magnitude of the power inside of Wang Tong's GN field, but she had no idea what was happening.

After having learned a lesson from last time, Zhou Sisi was more cautious and didn't touch Wang Tong's body. Instead, she studied her surroundings and lamented over the bizarre tactics that Wang Tong had been practicing.

She quickly noticed that Wang tong's body seemed to be bloated and registered the seriousness of the event. She turned on her heels to report it to the teacher.

However, the door suddenly slammed shut, and Zhou Sisi felt a force pulling her back toward Wang Tong. Her body spun around, and she punched out of instinct, but it caused no effect.

A powerful shockwave ensued and knocked her unconscious.

She woke up right before the dawn broke, and it was still pitch dark outside. She rubbed her body, feeling pain in many places. She was stupefied after she saw a few bruises splotched about her otherwise snowy white skin and found out that she was entirely naked.

She saw Wang Tong curled up his body like a baby, lying unconscious beside her.

Memories escaped Zhou Sisi; she could not remember what exactly had happened, and then she saw the blood stains on the bed, her face turned ghostly pale, and she almost fainted.

Slowly her memory came back, she remembered Wang Tong's firm hand clamped on to her waist, and a force that swept through her body and torn her cloth off violently. She remembered a warm wave of energy seeping slowly into her body as its intensity cranked up. Wang Tong didn't withdraw the energy until it started to feel like a burning fire inside of her.

Zhou Sisi couldn't remember the rest no matter how hard she tried. She gritted her teeth and wondered if she had so quickly given away her first time.

"Didn't they say it would hurt?" Zhou Sisi felt it strange that she didn't feel any pain, and as she studied the narrow streaky stain of blood, she found things didn't seem to add up.