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Chapter 71: A Little Punishment From a Girl

Chapter 71: A Little Punishment From a Girl

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
Zhou Sisi felt a stinging sensation on her arm and was shocked to discover that a long scar-like wound was left on her snowy-fair arm, but immediately relieved when she found out that the shape of her wound was a match with the line of blood on Wang Tong’s bed sheet.

Yet Zhou Sisi couldn’t recall how she got hurt, all she knew was Wang Tong was a dangerous man as she remembered this was the second time for almost giving him her virginity. She got mad and stood up when she thought about that and even felt like grinding her feet on Wang Tong, but she just couldn’t do it the moment she saw his innocent, child-like face. Zhou Sisi then examined every scar on Wang Tong’s body, and it gave her a little shiver, she couldn’t help wondering what on earth had Wang Tong been through, and how could he hide all of these under his cheerful personality.

Zhou Sisi forgot that she was naked. She gently moved her fine fingers across the scar on Wang Tong’s abdomen, her hands were trembling; it was a feeling that couldn’t be expressed with words, and she realized their relationship was getting closer.


Zhou Sisi blushed when she noticed someone was having a “situation” between his groin, it was indeed an indecent scene, but this was normal for a guy, it couldn’t be helped.

Zhou Sisi cleared her mind, put on one of Wang Tong’s T-Shirts and picked up the fabric fragments of her torn clothes. This was not something that could be explained properly, even though he was unconscious, but this… Zhou Sisi sighed and gathered herself, she shouldn’t be thinking about that, at least not for now.

As Zhou Sisi was about to leave, she saw the blood stain on the bed sheet and was suddenly embarrassed by it. She had to remove and destroy this important evidence!

Zhou Sisi then carefully shifted Wang Tong aside and quickly rolled up and removed the bed sheet. “Dear God, please erase his memory on what happened!”

If Wang Tong was to find out that they had been naked together in his room, Zhou Sisi’s life would be ruined.

After checking for the last time and made sure no evidence was left behind, Zhou Sisi escaped like a frightened bunny and disappeared into the night.

Meanwhile, somebody was still snoring like a pig… snored...

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

Wang Tong was awakened by the four strong sneezes. His body felt sticky, and that smell, what the…

Wang Tong thought that he was back on Norton. The smell wasn’t a big deal, it was the sticky, sweat-like moisture that got his attention, alcohol was a dangerous substance for sure!

He could tell that something definitely had happened the night before, but he couldn’t recollect his memory of the incident. Where were his clothes? Only fragments of fabrics were left on the ground.

Wang Tong sat up and gathered himself, he could hear Old Fart saying, “Too much alcohol would mess up the Tactics of the Blade…” But he felt great, like he had gotten rid of all the greasy stuff in his body, he became more energetic, his Tactics of the Blades were working just fine, and his speed was still the same. The only thing he felt different was the flow, like his two hundred and fifty-six GN nodes were merging into one. He wasn’t feeling incredible, but it was definitely a fantastic sensation.

Wang Tong’s spirit was lifted as he checked his body and found nothing special. Nevertheless, he would need to be cautious and not to have too much alcohol if he were to drink again. He could still bear the cost of losing a shirt this time.

Something wasn’t right about the bed though…

The bed sheet! Where was it?

Wang Tong discovered that he had lost his one and only bed sheet… and his new T-shirt was nowhere to be seen too! He rubbed his eyes, hoping that this was only his imagination.

It was gone for real!

He cursed the thief for stealing from the poorest guy throughout the academy.

This wasn’t happening!

The dormitory was only supposed to be his temporary residence, and the bed sheet was a public property. Wang Tong scanned his surrounding and tried to look for clues, but the thief was cautious and didn’t leave anything behind, except a piece of a pink fragment at the corner of the room which didn’t belong to him! It looked like some sort of fabric from clothing, and it had a faint nice smell, the thief was a woman? Stealing a man’s bed sheet and clothes?

But Wang Tong sighed because he couldn’t do anything about it. There was no time for him to question every girl around the academy with this piece of fabric.

“Who stole my bed sheet?!” Wang Tong yelled and followed up by a roar of abreaction.

A new sunny day has begun in Ayrlarng.

Meanwhile, Zhou Sisi was still wearing an oversized T-shirt and slept like a log in one of the rooms of Dorm No.5…

Wang Tong spent the whole morning cleaning up his room, got hungry afterward, and treated himself to a feast. Even though he tried to be thrifty, yet his money was still flowing out like a river, and all he could imagine was a penniless future.

That stingy Old Fart, he should have left him more money!

It couldn’t be helped though, he had to respect Old Fart’s decision. Nonetheless, Wang Tong knew that maintaining his body condition was way more crucial than earning money, one must retain his “assets” to ensure a brighter future.

All thanks to Samantha, the hardware and facilities in Ayrlarng were renewed and upgraded when she took charge of the administration, and Wang Tong was given full access to the facilities due to his participation in the competition so he wouldn’t have to worry about his workout plans.

Skills and techniques could be trained through hand-to-hand combats, but the memory of the strength of his body could only be awakened by a strong gravity force. During his time on Norton, Wang Tong was training every second due to the five times stronger gravity of Norton, but the training stopped as he returned to Earth. Hence, he decided to have a hardcore training at least once per week.

Ayrlarng’s academic atmosphere had improved quite a lot, but the new activity area and library were kind of deserted during the weekends, obviously because everybody wanted to take a break.

Wang Tong was amazed by the magnificent Gravity Training Chamber, he felt wonderful and couldn’t wait to scrape the rust of his stiff body as he decided to start off his training by selecting the “Five times gravity” mode.

Most of the students were restricted from this mode, but Wang Tong’s access has been modified to the same level of a teacher’s; hence the system would not interfere as long as the user’s life was not in danger.

Wang Tong had always felt like he was floating due to the lower gravity on Earth, but the familiar sensation returned as the five times gravity kicked in, and he was able to get used to it within five to six minutes. Wang Tong also noticed the speed of initializing the Tactics of the Blade was changing, probably reacting to the change of environmental pressure. Memories of the various battle arts he had seen began to resurface as Wang Tong closed his eyes, and then he began his own trials.