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Chapter 72: Unexpected Discovery

Chapter 72: Unexpected Discovery

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Earthlings, Ivantians, and Martians were all part of mankind, even though they all had unique styles of battle, their techniques were almost the same. Only Kaedeians were different ones, their physical conditions were still weaker compared to Earthlings after so many years. Moreover, unlike Earthlings, Kaedeians fighters were mostly women, and Wang Tong had always been curious about that, and also why they only gave birth to females in the Kaedeians’ Monarchy.

Moving on to the topic of intermarriage between Earthlings and Kaedeians, since the reign of General Li Feng, the interracial bonding between Earthlings and Kaedeians has already been expressly stipulated for the coherence of the two races in order to ward off the Zergs. However, it was impossible for Earthling and Kaedeian couples to have babies due to genetical problems. Since then, the two races have been trying their best to seek solutions regarding this because Earthlings and Kaedeians placed great emphasis on their offsprings, and also to combine the genetic advantages of both Earthlings and Kaedeians.

The GN Force was an amazing power discovered by General Li Feng and the FFC Corporation. Since then, mankind has been learning to utilize this power and also invented various tactics based on it. Unfortunately, even though genetic modification was possible, mankind was still unable to alter the GN Force. Yet everybody knew that if they were able to decode the secrets behind the GN Force, the might of mankind’s military would receive a tremendous boost.

Earthling, Ivantians, and Kaedeians never gave up on this, but it would take generations before they could find the answers because there were no such technologies at the moment. Just like when mankind first learned about genes, even though they knew that everything from a human being was decided by its genes, the technology of genetic modification wasn’t available yet back then. As for now, people were able to utilize the GN Force, yet they could only increase one’s forces through the help of tactics, and also boosting the GN Force and adding on special abilities with METAL Suits but still couldn’t learn much about GN Force being the source of strength and energy.

The one who had the ability to crack open this Pandora’s Box would be able to shake the world itself.

Wang Tong was sweating heavily under the pressure of the 10 times gravity, but he was feeling great. The greater the environmental pressure, the smoother the initialization of his Tactics of the Blade. He even had no idea why the initialization was getting smoother, back then, there would always be a tiny pause and struggle during the initialization from 8 nodes to 16 nodes, and all the way up to 256 nodes. Yet now the huss and fuss were all gone.

However the changes would not be able to significantly increase his Soul Energy, after all, it was just a small boost, but it was able to radically alter his ways of battle. Wang Tong didn’t know at first, but the longer he trained, the merrier he got. He might have had a bad day after drinking too much and got ransacked by a wicked thief, yet God was fair enough to grant him improvements in his skills and tactics; somehow it sounded like a good deal.

Wang Tong would empty his mind when he was fully concentrated on his training. Not only his body was trained, his skills and tactics would also improve at the same time. How he wished that the others would’ve tried this amazing method as well, it was definitely killing two birds with one stone.

The drawback was that the effectiveness of his techniques could only be proven through real fights, and all Wang Tong could do now was only trying to familiarize with them on his own. Zergs had no attack patterns, and due to their different sizes, the ways they attacked were all based on the uniqueness of that particular species instead. Somehow if mankind were to use their battle tactics against Zergs, it would be like breaking flies on the wheels, so instead the skills and tactics were more likely to be used during fights among themselves. Yea or nay, it still enabled mankind to improve their abilities to fight. The tactics were even categorized and established amongst METAL Combat classes of militaries and academies. Through the collaboration with ancient martial arts, modern brawlings, and various fighting techniques, and also the usage of METAL Suits, mankind’s military forces were boosted to the max. This new road of development was able to receive an immense support from scientists, after all, it wasn’t against the law of the universe for mankind to develop and improve its own strength. The discovery of the GN Force also brought mankind one step closer to immortality.

Wang Tong didn’t force himself to try out stronger gravity and gradually paced back to five times gravity instead, which was the basis level of his gravity training. He had never been better after sweating that much. He always felt like the fatigue was killing him during his days on Norton, now that he was back on Earth, he felt like the boredom was killing him instead. Somehow he could felt the agony of Einherjar Wannabe, it was depressing like hell, like how a benchwarmer would’ve felt.

Suddenly he heard footsteps in the Gravity Training Chamber, and it was approaching his five times gravity area. He was surprised to know that there was someone like him in Ayrlarng.

The guy was also surprised to see Wang Tong, the two of them were about the same age. “Are you a freshman?”

Wang Tong nodded. He had never seen this guy before. Since he admitted Ayrlarng, he had never been interacting with the others except for his classmates in F-Class and the girls in Dorm No.5. Nevertheless, this guy had to be strong for having the guts to come here.

The guy seemed to be interested with Wang Tong. “Hey pal, since there’s no one around, wanna have a quick duel?”

“Sure! This boredom is killing me.” The guy was barely affected by the 5 times gravity around him. Could he be some hidden ace of Ayrlarng?

“Alright, let’s go!” Wang Ben never knew he would meet someone here. Upon his arrival to Shangjin, he had been spending the morning with his errands, then he decided to have his training directly in the academy because the condition and facilities were better here in Ayrlarng compared to the place he was staying.

The students of Ayrlarng might be weaker, but he knew Principal Samantha had a few tricks up her sleeves and managed to recruit Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan as her aces. This person in front of him might just happen to be Hu Yangxuan, and Wang Ben was eager to try his hand at this youngster from the Court of Templar.

“How would you like to do it?” asked Wang Tong.

“I’m good with anything, please don’t hold back if you’re looking for excitement.”

“Alright then, here I come!” Wang Tong’s previous training was just right to be his warm-up exercise. Whoever this guy was, he couldn’t wait to get physical.

Wang Tong activated his Soul Energy in a glimpse, with his full burst GN Force, he dashed toward the guy with a chop attack.

Wang Ben knew that he had found the right opponent when he saw the attack and even became more excited. He was afraid that his life in Ayrlarng might have been boring, but that was before he met this opponent.

Wang Ben then defended the attack with his right fist and caused a loud burst echoed across the room. Both of them looked startled, especially Wang Ben, he expected his opponent to be great, but he had never thought that he was that great.

Wang Tong decided not to hold back when he saw the guy blocked his attack, then Wang Tong suddenly remembered a few military tactics from the Earth Confederation and the Ivantians and thought that this might be the right person for him to try out some of the combinations he compiled.

Immediately Wang Tong made a couple of attacks with his palm.

Wang Ben had never been in this position before because usually, he was the one who attacked ferociously. After successfully defended himself against 3 attacks, Wang Ben gathered his strength and threw out a punch.

That was a forceful punch indeed, Wang Tong made a few somersaults and backed down.

“That was a powerful punch.”

“You’re not bad either, time for some serious action shall we? This isn’t entertaining enough for me!”

“Very well, don’t blame me if you’re injured though!”

Wang Tong was waiting for him to say so, after all, they were fighting inside the academy, if he accidentally injured his opponent, he would need to pay for his medical expenses, not to mention, he was broke. Nonetheless, he was more than happy when he was told by his opponent not to hold back.