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Chapter 73: The Power of a Mind-Opened Fighter

Chapter 73: The Power of a Mind-Opened Fighter

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Wang Ben was left speechless, the guy in front of him was actually worrying about hurting the other instead of getting hurt himself. Was he being over confident, or were the stronger ones in Ayrlarng getting too arrogant?

Throughout the Earth Confederation, only a few person of the same age were able to injure him.

Wang Ben grabbed both of his fists as he channeled his GN Force, and his Soul Energy reached over a hundred Sols. He was about to get serious in this room with five times the gravity, and it wasn’t something that he hasn’t done before.

Wang Tong, on the other hand, was getting even more pumped up and attacked with his right hand mimicking a blade; Wang Ben growled and charged at a low speed, his style of battle was always about attacks and throwing strong punches.

Bang Bang Bang…

Soon, as they were facing each other, tens of attacks immediately flew across each other, and neither of them backed down. The five times gravity would exacerbate their loss of energy, yet both of them were going all out with their strengths, the two of them were extremely confident to fight in an environment of five times gravity.

As more impacts happened, their GN forces were increasing too. Every impact was a trial to the toughness of one’s body, and their bodies soon began to sweat. Wang Tong was already having his intense training before the fight, so it was normal for him to sweat now.

Wang Ben’s punches were simple and straightforward, but every punch of his was rough to handle. It was hard to catch him off-guard, even Wang Tong found it difficult to seek for an opening. His attacks were all about impulses, and his actual strength was high above Wang Tong’s expectation, he had never thought of meeting such a strong opponent.

Since the guy was a practice target sent from heaven, Wang Tong wasn’t going to hold back anymore. After all, the infirmary was just around the corner, so it shouldn’t be hard to get help if his opponent was injured.

Wang Tong was going all-out!

Wang Ben flung out another punch and tried to force his opponent to a brawl, but his target disappeared all of a sudden!

“Oh crap!”

Wang Tong mysteriously moved and twisted his body like a half-arc, then threw a fierce kick toward Wang Ben’s rib cage from the side.

That was the Kamp’s Arc Kick, a level 2 technique of the Earth Confederation forces.

This attack was to force and twist one’s body to create an inertial movement by channeling a burst of GN Force to his physical strength, instantly moving away from his original position and strike on the enemy’s weak points while avoiding the stronghold. Not only it required plenty of GN Force, but the attacker had to also have enough body strength, or else it would cause the attacker to sprain his waist instead.

Wang Ben had seen this attack before, and without hesitating, he tightened his body and charged toward the attack. Of course, he wasn’t so silly as to take the attack when it had reached maximum power.

Wang Tong seemed to be pleased, it was a wise judgment... but not perfect!

It wasn’t a rear kick!

Wang Ben’s decision to charge lured himself into a critical crisis, the rear kick was a decoy. The first arc was correct, but it was followed by another Kamp’s Arc Kick, and this time it was the real deal. Unfortunately for Wang Ben, he left his back wide opened for Wang Tong as he charged inward.

If the attack were successful, Wang Ben would be taking quite an amount of damage.

But Wang Ben was no easy target, he used the momentum when his body was leaning forward and flung his leg backward like the tail of a scorpion, right toward Wang Tong’s face.

If Wang Ben’s opponent was someone else, this attack might be able to catch his opponent by surprise, but it didn’t startle Wang Tong at all because he knew it wasn’t a full force attack. Instead, Wang Tong threw down a kick and subdued the attack.

Unable to control his body, Wang Ben took a few steps forward due to the momentum and stopped. Wang Tong didn’t unleash his full strength in that kick attack.

Wang Tong then smiled and said, “C’mon get serious man, show me what you got.” The guy was obviously holding back his strength as if he was afraid that it might hurt Wang Tong.

Wang Ben didn’t smile, his expression turned serious as he ripped off his dirtied shirt, showing out his steel-hard physique. “Uarrr!”

GN Force ignited as Wang Ben slammed his arms together, the leftover GN Force within his body flushed out in a flash.

Wang Ben’s eyes changed, he wasn’t expecting to meet such a tough opponent the moment he stepped into Ayrlarng. The guy pulled off a double Kamp’s Arc Kick which was a level 2 fighting technique from the military and even close enough to reach level 1 for such a smooth synchronization. Even students from an S-ranked academy wouldn’t be able to do that!

Wang Tong’s blood tingled when he saw Wang Ben getting serious, he was enjoying the rush of adrenaline. Even though the fights in TPA felt real, still it was only a virtual playground, and it could never be compared with the excitement of a real hand-to-hand combat.

Even though Wang Ben’s murderous aura wasn’t strong enough, still it reminded Wang Tong of his bloodthirstiness when he was on Norton.


That was Fist of the Racing Tiger!

Wang Tong subconsciously changed his punch to a palm strike when he saw the powerful punch, and his whole body was pushed back 3 steps by the impact. As he regained his balance, he realized his opponent was probably Wang Ben!

Wang Ben was still looking serious when his punch successfully pushed back Wang Tong. He was expecting his punch to fling his opponent across the room, but the impact only pushed the guy a few steps back, no one could have easily stood against the Fist of the Racing Tiger.

Wang Tong was overjoyed, no wonder the guy was that strong, plus he had never heard of such a strong fighter in Ayrlarng before. As for now, whoever he might be, it had awakened Wang Tong’s fighting spirit, and nothing could’ve held him back now. Moreover, Samantha once said before that she will back him up if anything occurred.

Since it was a valuable chance, Wang Tong decided to try out the circulation power of his right arm against such a strong opponent.

Wang Ben obtained the absolute advantages the moment he attacked with the Fist of the Racing Tiger. Even though the Fist of the Racing Tiger was only a punching tactic, there seemed to be some kind of secrets in the utilization of the GN Force. If the speed of the previous punch was to be described as swift and sharp, now, every punch felt like bullets fired from a gun. The force was overwhelming.

Wang Tong was pushed back gradually, he wanted to enjoy the excitement, but somehow he didn’t want to overdo it. He was always thinking too much, Old Fart taught him to do so.

On the other hand, he wanted to thoroughly observe the details of the Fist of the Racing Tiger. He wanted to see the difference between the real deal and his imitations.

Wang Ben would become another person once he unleashed the Fist of the Racing Tiger and his aura and willpower would skyrocket. Being born and raised in a military family, Wang Ben inherited the aura and willpower from the respect and confidence toward his dad.

His confidence was nurtured as he grew up. Yet somehow it sounded like self-hypnotizing.

Forces of energy swirled across the Gravity Training Chamber, the impact of every punch sounded like a roaring tiger. Not only were the loud roars had the ability to intimidate enemies, but the roars were also able to inflict huge damages to the opponent. Rumor has it that General Hu Ben was able to kill Zergs with only the roars of his Fist of the Racing Tiger.