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Chapter 74: Went Overboard

Chapter 74: Went Overboard

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Wang Ben was getting pumped up, he was feeling the uncontrollable force within his body. Ever since he had been mind opened, he had developed the willpower and confidence to prevail over everything! Not a single soldier in the military has been able to stand against his Fist of the Racing Tiger. It was definitely an unmatchable technique, unparalleled in the world!

Wang Ben noticed that his opponent was forced into defense when the Fist of Racing Tiger was unleashed.

His spirit was puffed up with conceit. Being an epigone of his father’s aloof figure, Wang Ben had always been quenching for his father’s commendation since he was younger. Even though General Hu Ben was cold to everyone, even to his own son, it didn’t affect the younger Wang Ben because to him that was how a real man was supposed to look like. Soon, Wang Ben also inherited his father’s coldness. Like father, like son.

However, the failure of his first Mind Opening attempt hauled him into a deep depression. He would risk his life to train harder and improve if it was just his lack of strength, but everything was blotted out when he failed his Mind Opening Operation. He was depressed; not because of the concern of his future, but because he wouldn’t be able to follow the footsteps of his old man and become a dauntless person. Anyhow, Wang Ben was blessed with a second chance, in the end, all thanks to the encouragement from that person. Since then, Wang Ben had been grateful and treated every training and match in a serious manner.

Now, no one would be able to hinder him!


Wang Tong felt like he was being attacked by a ferocious tiger awakened from its slumber. Every punch was heavier and stronger than the previous, and the menace was intimidating. It was insane for a young man like him to be able to possess such aura.

Wang Tong was overjoyed by the indescribable excitement! He was evoked by Wang Ben’s fighting spirit, and he wished to defeat him badly!

However, Wang Ben’s attacks were unavoidable. Wang Tong was unable to restrain the punches no matter how he coordinated his steps. One's stability under the belt was the uniqueness of the Fist of the Racing Tiger, it was all about advancing in order without any fancy movements. Every punch from Wang Ben was solid, and no tricks were involved.

Wang Ben then unleashed the Fist of Tiger Splitting a Mountain! His eyes were filled with his burning will to battle. With Wang Tong still in defense, Wang Ben was fully pumped up as he thrust that fatal punch. The attack was infused with five times more GN Force, undeniably the mightiest punch of all!

Yet Wang Tong has been waiting for the climax of his attacks, which was why Wang Tong didn’t fight back after all this time; he wanted to counter his opponent’s strongest attack!

Wang Tong gave an over-excited fiendish grin as the punch approached, just when the attack was about to land on him, Wang Tong initiated his 256-nodes Tactics of the Blade and struck back with a forceful punch.

Followed by a burst of light!


The impact smashed Wang Ben across the room and straight against the wall. The whole construct of the Gravity Training Chamber was shaken by the immense bang.

Wang Tong stared at his hands, he was stunned by the incredible power of his Tactics of the Blade and was surprised by the great difference between 16 nodes and 256 nodes!

Wang Tong thought that this tactic was only able to improve his Soul Energy, yet he ever expected the power would increase as well. He was feeling superb!

Wait, where’s the guy?

As he suddenly came back to his senses, Wang Tong dashed toward his opponent and realized that he was in trouble. Things would really go south when he got over excited!

Einherjar Wannabe had also once said that he had the same problem when he was hyped up. Worst of all, Samantha wouldn’t forgive him if anything happened to Wang Ben.

Wang Tong then carried Wang Ben on his back and rushed toward the infirmary as he prayed and begged for forgiveness in his heart. Earth was different from Norton, and humans were not Zergs, he promised himself not to have humans as practice target from now on.

Fortunately, the infirmary was operating 24/7 due to the high injury rates of the students in a military academy. The doctor immediately moved Wang Ben onto the bed upon arrival. “That’s not good, prepare the nursing fluid!” said the doctor after a quick examination.

“He suffered severe damages to his bones, what happened? Did he get hit by a train or something!?” the doctor was mad, he was wondering why the freshmen of this academy kept causing troubles.

“Is he alright, doc?” Wang Tong asked as he scratched the back of his neck, he got scared as he saw the serious expression of the doctor.

“Dear God, O Lord! I’m sorry for what I’ve done, I promise it won’t happen again, please be alright!”

The doctor seemed to notice Wang Tong’s face turned pale, then he said, “Please be careful next time, thank goodness he was sent here in time, and also thank God the principal recently purchased this new equipment, or else he would need to go to the hospital for sure. Anyway, he will have to stay inside the nursing fluid for a couple of days.”

Wang Ben was moved into a spherical transparent capsule with a bunch of tubes attached to his body. Wang Tong felt bad for what he had done. Samantha said that he could test his skills on Wang Ben, but not beat him up and put him into a jar.

Dammit, his problem of getting over excited must be corrected!

“Oh by the way, what’s his name? His genetic vitality is pretty high, yet it is strange for a powerful person like him to suffer such severe injuries.” The doctor was surprised when he saw Wang Ben’s examination data.

“…Where did he go?”

The doctor realized that the kid was gone as he saw that the room was empty!

Wang Tong immediately fled away when the doctor said Wang Ben was going to be fine. He thanked God for having mercy and promised not to do that again. Wang Tong now realized that it was much safer to fight in the TPA, even though it felt awesome to fight in reality, yet accidents might occur; especially at this time when he was still unable to thoroughly master his 256-nodes Tactics of the Blade, he had to be very cautious.

Luck wasn’t on Wang Tong’s side recently. First, he was drunk, then he got burgled, and now this. Maybe God thought that his life was too calm and decided to “spice it up”.

Life springs from sorrow and calamity!

Wang Tong lost his mood to carry on with his training after exhorted himself repeatedly and decided to head back to his dorm.

But he was haunted by a strange feeling, the feeling that this might not be over yet…

“Ma’am, there’s been a situation!”

“Hello Dr. Rodd, it’s the weekend for god’s sake, what’s wrong?” said Samantha. She always wished everyone would leave her alone during the weekends if it wasn’t something urgent.

“There was an incident, apparently a student was badly injured.”

“Oh, was it a brawl? I believe it shouldn’t be a problem since the new equipment was here already?”

“I don’t think so, he was sent here by another student, the severe bone damages indicate the injury was caused by GN Force. But, when I was checking on his status, he seemed to be a Level 5 fighter, and if I’m not mistaken, there’s wasn’t any fighter with that level in Ayrlarng...” Dr. Rodd suspected the injured youngster was not a student of Ayrlarng.

“Really? Could you please send over his photo? Please treat him with care doctor, was it fatal?”

“No, even though the injury was quite serious, it wasn’t fatal, he has a strong auto-regenerating ability, and the latest nursing capsule is doing great.” The doctor was very excited when he finally got his hands on the latest V-Type Capsule manufactured on Moon, a piece of equipment like this cost more than 300 thousand Confederation dollars.

“Everything alright, sis?” Ma Xiaoru asked.

“Looks like some kind of duel between students, but Ayrlarng doesn’t have anyone that powerful,” Samantha was sipping her orange juice as she answered.

Ding Dong…

“Let’s see who it could be...”

Samantha and Ma Xiaoru couldn’t believe their eyes as they looked at the photo. It was Wang Ben!

“Who on earth did that?” Ma Xiaoru murmured.