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Chapter 75: The Devilish Miss Principal

Chapter 75: The Devilish Miss Principal

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Samantha came back to her senses and immediately called Doctor Rodd via Sky-Net: “Dr. Rodd, which student sent him to the infirmary?”

“I have no idea, the person ran off before I could ask him any question, but that boy was wearing our academy’s uniform, so I believe he’s definitely one of ours. Ma’am, is the injured student one of ours too? The medical fees are quite high for this.” Dr. Rodd was worried because things would get really messy if it were a brawl between students and outsiders.

“Don’t worry, the injured youngster is one of our students, but could you describe the person who sent him over?”

Dr. Rodd then made a few overall descriptions, immediately Samantha and Ma Xiaoru knew who the person was.

There was a moment of silence after Samantha switched off her Sky-Net, then she said, “That bloody idiot! I only allowed him to test out Wang Ben’s strength, and now he got him severely injured!” Samantha continued with a ruminating grin, “Xiaoru, I think Wang Tong isn’t only just a secret weapon that we’ve discovered, he is totally a forbidden weapon! Good God, there isn’t more than 5 person who could defeat Wang Ben like that.”

“Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger is a technique of pure brute force; indeed, it is rare for him to get injured severely, but could it be done by someone else?”

“Have you forgotten the description from Dr. Rodd? Honestly speaking, who else in Ayrlarng do you think has the ability to do so? Heh, that boy is good at everything apart from being too slack, doesn’t he understand that an able man is always wanted for everything? Looks like it’s time for me to take some actions,” Samantha said with the impish looks on her lovely eyes. She always had tricks up her sleeves against Wang Tong, and unfortunately for him, Samantha now had her hands on Wang Tong’s biggest weakness.

“Do you think Wang Tong was injured by the powerful attacks from Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger?” Ma Xiaoru was worried.

“Oh, you silly girl, that kid carried Wang Ben to the infirmary and ran off in a flash. Even if he were hurt, it might just be small injuries. Look at you, have you forgotten that those who learned the Tactics of the Enchantress shouldn’t be worried over these small matters huh?” Samantha teased.

“Hey! Stop teasing me!”

“Alright, I was just kidding. The kid was always acting serious and busy in front of us, and I really think it’s time for me to teach him a lesson.”

“Do you have a plan, Sis?”

“Hmph, you shall see tomorrow!”

Wang Tong was tossing and turning on his sheet-less bed. He was wondering if Wang Ben would associate that punch to Einherjar Wannabe, but there was a huge difference of power between virtual and reality so Wang Ben shouldn’t have realized.

He told himself not to think too much, things will mend in the end as it goes.

It wasn’t a complicated incident, but it definitely scared the crap out of him, or as Old Fart said, “Guilty consciences make men cowards”.

Wang Tong then fell asleep in the middle of his thoughts, and he dreamed of his underpants getting stolen by a masked thief…

Monday blues was common amongst everyone due to the fact that the weekend was over. Meanwhile, Wang Tong who was always energetic seemed to be distracted, he was worrying if something was going to happen.

Yet everything was normal, and everyone carried on with their tasks and routines.

Ma Xiaoru looked normal too when she walked toward Wang Tong, but his extraordinary eighth sense was tingling, something didn’t smell right!

“Mister Wang Tong, are you okay? You don’t look so good.”

“Haha, really?” Wang Tong answered as he touched his face. There must be something since Ma Xiaoru addressed him “Mister”, and he presumed that they knew what had happened.

“It’s time for the lessons.”

Ma Xiaoru suddenly ended their conversation, and the suspense was killing Wang Tong, yet he had to maintain his patience.

On the other hand, Ma Xiaoru was trying her best not to laugh, she knew that everyone enjoyed showing off, especially Wang Tong; yet she didn’t expect him to cause such chaos when he was given the “permission” to show off. Severely injuring Wang Ben was not something that could be done by anyone.

Actually, she wasn’t planning on teasing Wang Tong, but she enjoyed watching his silliness and awkwardness, it made her heart throbbing.

While Wang Tong was having his lessons in worry, Samantha was smiling at Wang Ben in the Principal’s office.

“Is your body alright Mr. Wang Ben?”

“Thank you for caring Ma’am, it’s just a mild injury. I’ve completed the admission formalities, but there’s another thing that needs your assistance, Ma’am,” Wang Ben said in a serious tone.

“Very well. First of all, welcome to Ayrlarng, feel free to speak up your mind, and I’ll offer you my assistance or even open a few backdoors, as long as your request is not against the regulations of our academy.” Samantha smiled, she knew what Wang Ben was going to ask.

“As you know Ma’am, yesterday when I arrived the academy, I had a brawl with one of the students in the Gravity Training Chamber. I’d like to know who he is. Is it Hu Yangxuan?”

Wang Ben wasn’t looking thwarted at all; instead, his eyes were filled with curiosity, like someone who had discovered a new land.

“Are you really feeling alright? According to Dr. Rodd, you’re supposed to rest for another 3 to 4 days.”

“It wasn’t that serious, just that I won’t be able to fight for a few days,” Wang Ben answered faintly, he wasn’t caring too much about his body condition.

“Please tell me the reason you’re looking for him.”

“To challenge him of course! I’d like to fight him again when my injuries are healed,” Wang Ben answered in a serious manner. He remembered that he was having the advantages in their previous fight, yet he lost in the end. Since then, Wang Ben has been curious about the reason behind his defeat.

“Haha, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. The person you fought previously is a slacker. It was actually a coincidence for you to meet him. But...”

“Please Ma’am, I’m begging for your help on this one. In return, I’ll be in your command when the academy needs my help in the future!” Wang Ben was not a fool. Obviously, he knew that Samantha needed his strength in order to “resurrect” Ayrlarng, and he had already made up his mind to assist Samantha when he decided to sign up for Ayrlarng.

Samantha nodded, as a matter of fact, she knew that she was thinking too much upon meeting Wang Ben. The boy inherited the characteristic of his military family, which was to obey every order. The highest rank officer in an academy was the Principal, and 2nd class academy or not, an order was still an order.

“His name is Wang Tong, he’s one of our freshmen. Oh, by the way, he’s in the F-Class too, I’m sure you’ll be happy about this...”

“Thank you very much, Ma’am!” Wang Ben thanked Samantha sincerely. He never thought that his family was the greatest and mightiest. The confederation was huge, and there were a lot of hidden aces around the planet other than the Five Houses and the mystical Court of the Templar. Not to mention that there were also a lot of gifted ones amongst students. He was scared of being lonely and unrivaled, but not anymore.

Samantha was pleased and nodded: “But this Wang Tong fella is not easy to handle, we must use other methods in order to ‘tame’ him.”

Wang Ben was startled when he heard Samantha was trying to mess with his own student, the principal suddenly appeared to have grown a pair of impish horns on her head.

Yet Wang Ben agreed on her decision as Samantha explained Wang Tong’s personality. He had to make sure that Wang Tong wouldn’t turn him down when he asked for a rematch, but Wang Ben started feeling awkward when he knew Samantha’s plan. As a person born and raised in a military family, he had always been doing things in an honorable way, but this time, it might be a bit…

“Trust me, Mister Wang Ben, one must use extraordinary methods to handle an extraordinary person, especially against someone sneaky like Wang Tong.”

“Ma’am, here’s the bill for the repairments of the Gravity Training Chamber.”

“Very well, please send me a copy.” Samantha smiled as she nodded.

Wang Ben began to see Samantha as a weird principal and realized that it would be impossible for someone to escape if she had her hands on their weakness.