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Chapter 79: Sword in Hand

Chapter 79: Sword in Hand

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Wang Ton cursed angrily. He had been disappointed and frustrated after a day of search with nothing to show for it, and the sudden explosion had degraded his mood even further.

It was a chaotic scene inside of the department store. Wang Tong was truly unlucky today as he walked right into a robbery.

A fight had already broken out in a jewelry store. Wang Tong wagered that the criminals had to be decent fighters. Otherwise, they wouldn't dare to rob a crowded department store.

Someone had already sounded the siren so that the policy would arrive in 10 minutes or so. However, the security guards were taken down by the robbers one after another; in less than five minutes, all of the security guards were laying on the floor either in agonizing pain or unconscious. The two robbers wore third tier METAL suits, and judging by their appearance, they were very likely Ivantians.

As one of the good citizens of Shangjin, and the model student of Ayrlarng, Wang Tong rolled up his sleeves and was ready to stop the robbers. He licked lips as he thought about the bounty he might receive.

However, someone was one step ahead of him as he heard a familiar girl's voice shouting out at the robbers.

Wang Tong wondered what Zhou Sisi was doing here. He watched as Zhou Sisi advanced toward the two robbers, brandishing a piece of bed sheet in her hand.

Zhou Sisi had been there ever since the beginning of the robbery, but she hesitated to fight the criminals because she had realized that although her soul energy was on par with the robbers', the two had the advantage of METAL suits. Seeing the two criminals were about to get away, Zhou Sisi infused the bed sheet in her hand with GN power and hurled it at the two robbers.

Despite her good intention, her effort was rather futile. One of the robbers hacked a sword through the bed sheet and in a blink of eyes, the GN infused bed sheet turned into shreds of cloth as they fell and scattered on the ground.

The shorter and fatter one of the two robbers was annoyed by the resistance, and he hacked his sword at Zhou Sisi. The METAL suit amplified his strike to a deadly attack that could slice Zhou Sisi in half. She spun around to dodge the attack, and the sword landed heavily on the ground, leaving a deep gash on the carpeted floor of the jewelry store.

"Let's bounce! NOW! The cops are coming!"

"Gimme a second, I'm gonna f*ck her up!" The fatty was frustrated that his blade had missed the little girl.

The taller robber turned back and shoveled more jewelry into a sack; clearly, he was not too worried about the police either.

The fatty edged toward Zhou Sisi, as he held the sword tightly in his hand. The customers and workers of the store sprawled on the floor trembling at the terrible sight. No one dared to move a muscle, much less to save Zhou Sisi.

Zhou Sisi also recognized the danger she was in. It was not in the virtual world, where life and death meant nothing. In the real world, the cost of being a heroin could be her life.

The fatty hacked again. Instead of getting out of harm's way, Zhou Sisi advanced in and bashed the robber with her GN force infused body. The robber stumbled back and was surprised by the girls fighting spirit and strength.

"Let's go!" The taller robber tried to pull the fatty back, but the fatty broke free and closed into Zhou Sisi in lightning speed. Before Zhou Sisi had realized what had happened, she was snatched by a paired of iron hands and was hauled over a broad shoulder.

"No without this hot stuff!" The fatty laughed as he scurried out of the store with his prize on his shoulder. Wang Tong stalked them to the parking lot outside; he didn't fight the robbers because he was worried that the fight in the crowded store might hurt innocent people.

Zhou Sisi struggled to break free, but she received a hefty punch on her side. The pain shot through her body as she heard the robber said, "Stay still my darling. Otherwise, I might have to gut you open like a pig. Haha!"

The two started their Meg-Lev and set off toward the exit of the parking lot.

"What the heck is THAT?"

A boy suddenly appeared in front of their Meg-lev and gestured them to stop with an eerie smile on his face.

"Run him over!"

The car didn't lose any momentum, but Wang Tong didn't flinch either. He never expected them to stop in the first place.


The Meg-lev picked up speed right before he crashed into Wang Tong.

The crash sent a violent tremor that could be felt miles away. Carried by their momentum, the two robber's head thudded onto the glass windshield. Fortunately for Zhou Sisi, she was kept inside of the trunk. Therefore she was unharmed during the collision.

"You mother f*****! I am going to cut you down!" The fatty squeezed himself through the broken windshield and threw himself at Wang Tong.

"Only less than one hundred sols and even with the 30% increase from your METAL, you are still pathetic!" Wang Tong muttered.

Wang Tong ducked down to dodge the sword and delivered a penetrating punch at his opponent at the same time.

As the fatty plopped down on the ground, Wang Tong caught his sword. A newfound exhilaration swept through his body; it had been a while since he had held a weapon. He licked the blood off from the sharp edge, feeling strangely satisfied at the taste.

He walloped the car with the sword, and the Meg-lev suddenly disintegrated into pieces, exposing the fatty's companion. He raised his hand high above his head and pleaded for his life: "Please! I… I surrender."

"Haha, you are not as professional as your fat friend."

"No… No! Don't come near me!" Having witnessed the boy single-handedly stopping a speeding Meg-Lev and disintegrated it in one strike, he believed that he had met the devil himself.

He figured that it was better for him to get caught by the police than fighting against this boy. If the police captured him, he would be sent off to another planet at worst, but to confront this freak would undoubtedly spell his doom.

Wang Tong found his pleading rather disappointing. He was eager to satisfy his long suppressed desire for the taste of blood. Ever since he returned to Earth, he was startled by the excitement he felt whenever he picked up a weapon, and the more Wand Tong tried to silence it, the stronger it became.

With the sword in his hand, he could no longer contain his burning desire.

The robber suddenly leaped out of the rubble and turned on his heels. Wang Tong moved at lightning speed and stopped him before he could make another step.

"Why do you run away? We have so much to talk about." Wang Tong showed him an ugly grin.

Knowing that his escape route had been cut off, the robber thrust the sharp blade at Wang Tong. To his surprise, Wang Tong didn't move, and he took the strike with full force.

Joy flashed briefly in the robber's eyes, as he cherished his luck. But his delight quickly turned into fear as he watched Wang Tong snapped the blade into two with his bare hands.

The blood, both his and the robber's, sent a strange euphoria throughout Wang Tong's body.

The edge of Wang Tong's blade glinted as it bore down onto the robber and separated one arm from the body. The robber didn't even feel the pain, but only the coldness of the blade. As the limb landed on the ground, Wang Tong's mind had already drifted away into the jungles and the mind caves on the Norton.

"Don't! Please don't kill me!" The robber threw himself at Wang Tong's feet.

The robber fainted as the sight of another strike coming toward him. Zhou Sisi had also wakened up and had witnessed the horrific scene. She opened her mouth to yell out at Wang Tong, but she found that it was already too late.

However, the sword paused half way and hovered in the air without landing on its target. An eerie light flashed in Wang Tong's eyes. "Chicken sh*t!"