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Chapter 80: Serene Imagination

Chapter 80: Serene Imagination

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Zhou Sisi shambled toward Wang Tong. As soon as she saw the wound on Wang Tong's arm, she asked incredulously, "Are you crazy? Why didn't you get out of the way?" She tore off a strip of her shirt and started to dress the wound for Wang Tong.

Wang Tong smiled blankly as he was also perplexed by his action. He thought perhaps he had been craving for the smell of blood so much that he didn't even care if it was his own blood.

He was only fifteen when he had to face the terrible world all by himself and was traumatized by it. It was evident that the trauma had affected him in a very dark way.

Despite the thirst for blood he had buried deep down, the Tactics of the Blade were able to allow him to regain conscience when his sword was only inches away from reaching his twisted desires.

Wang Tong stood still as Zhou Sisi tended his wound. Eventually, he loosened his grip and let the sword drop onto the ground as he slowly gathered himself from the thrill of the battle.

He turned his head and regarded the worried expression held on Zhou Sisi's face, and then he wondered if this girl really hated him as she had purported. He cracked a smile and said, "You are pretty good at this."

"What's so funny about it?" Zhou Sisi threw him a stern glance. "I hope you are serious when you talk to the police later."

"I am the Good Samaritan. What are they going to do to me? At most, they will refuse me the bounty. "

"Bounty? You are such a miser, and I hope you don't choke on your money. But yes, we are acting out of self-defense, so as long as there's no life at stake, we should be okay. Ayrlarng has made a name for itself today thanks to you. I think Samantha will be pleased," Zhou Sisi said as she examined the wound sympathetically.

"Life? Who is dead?" Wang Tong asked incredulously.

"You think that fatty is still alive?"

"Of course, he had the protection of the METAL suit. I just knocked him out," Wang Tong said.

They heard quick steps and turned their head to see a dozen policemen walking briskly toward them.

Seeing his colleges were staring sternly at the two kids, the head officer waved his hand and said, "Don't scare the children", and then he turned to the two. "You two, we will need you to come with us. I hope you will cooperate with our operation."

"No problem, will do. But my friend is wounded, do you mind letting the doctor look after his injury first?"

"That's for sure. We will take care of that. Xiao Gang, take the two young, brave heroes to the hospital."

The policemen were awestruck by the strength of the youth as they cleared away the mangled parts of the Meg-Lev.

"Boss, don't you think this boy is a bit suspicious? Maybe a mutant or what not."

"Shut your trap. He is just a student of Ayrlarng. They had a new principal this year and had shaken things up a bit."

"Ayrlarng? I never heard anyone that strong in Ayrlarng."

"You don't have a kid, do you. Every parent knows that Ayrlarng is on the rise after the new principal had arrived. My son is about to graduate high school, I had considered sending him to some better Academy outside of Shangjin, but if the two kids were really from Ayrlarng, I might as well let my son go there." The head officer lighted a cigarette and cracked a relieved smile.

The police officer Xiao Gang had followed his order to the letter. He first sent Wang Tong to the hospital and didn't ask about the case until Wang Tong had done his examen. The two criminal had been wanted by the authority for a while, and no one had been able to capture them due to their exceptional prowess. So when people heard that it was two students from Ayrlarng that had subdued the robbers, everyone's jaw almost dropped to the ground. The graduates of the Ayrlarng had once filled many key positions in the police department, but that had been ancient history that no one seemed to remember anymore.

To reward their heroic deeds, the City of Shangjin had decided to award them with a badge of honor. However, Wang Tong was more concerned about another award: his bounty.

The police initially planned to send them home in their patrol vehicle, but the two felt that it might attract too much unwanted attentions, so they decided to travel by themselves.

The two students walked side by side on the street without saying a word to each other, and finally, Zhou Sisi broke the awkward silence: "Wang Tong, can you teach me how to fight in real life?" she asked hopefully.

"Why me? Don't we have the METAL program at school?"

Zhou Sisi shook her head and said, "I can tell that you are stronger and more powerful than most people. I felt that I would be a more powerful fighter if you teach me... I know I am asking a lot from you, but I really want to become stronger. If anything like that happens again, I don't want to be saved by you; I want to save myself. I will do whatever you want me to if you agree to become my teacher!"

Zhou Sisi blushed, she meant what she said. She had been investigating Wang Tong for a while and had since learned that Wang Tong was a powerful fighter in disguise. She even knew that it was Wang Tong who had severely injured Wang Ben, for she had happened to be in the medical office and overheard Wang Tong and Wang Ben's conversation. She knew that Wang Ben was the cream of the crop when it came down to METAL combat, so Wang Ben's injury made her firmly believe that Wang Tong was on the same level as Wang Ben if not much stronger.

"You will do anything?" Wang Tong asked with a creepy smile on his face.

Zhou Sisi straightened her back and announced, "I know you are not a pervert. Otherwise, you wouldn't have left me alone that night. Spit it out, what do you want?"

Wang Tong was surprised by Zhou Sisi's questions. He hoped that he would scare her away with his wicked smile, but Zhou Sisi had seen through his trick, and her reply had hit the mark.

"I knew it. You won't even be interested in me because you only cares about the princess."

"Ahh? Ahh… no… yes, but no, I am just concerned that my method of cultivation might not suit you that well."

"As long as you try! I will help you with your problems too," Zhou Sisi said.

Zhou Sisi's promise had drawn out Wang Tong's wild imagination. He saw, in his mind, a serene scene: Zhou Sisi dressed in a maid's costume and was cleaning and cooking for him. Wang Tong was engrossed in his imagination, and he didn't even realize that he had slowly opened his mouth. "This is LIFE," Wang Tong thought.

"What are you thinking!"

Wang Tong shook his head, trying to push the images out of his mind.

"Let me think about it. I need to prepare even if I agree to teach you anyways." Wang Tong decided to put the matter aside for now.

Zhou Sisi nodded her head in agreement. "Fine, but don't you think that you can get away."

"Of course, I promise I will think about it!" Wang Tong forced a smile as he lamented over the troubles that all the beauties: Zhou Sisi, Samantha, and Ma Xiaoru had caused him.

Seeing that Wang Tong had made a promise, Zhou Sisi's face bloomed like a beautiful flower. Wang Tong's eyes were quickly attracted to the beautiful face. "Why am I always so distracted by pretty looking things?" he lamented in his mind.

Wang Tong felt that things were simpler and more black and white on Norton. On Earth, he had to learn the sense of balance, of proportion, and to see things from all sides. The world was just like what Old Fart had told him: vast and complex. He genuinely felt that he was not ready to make a change to this world yet.