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Chapter 81: Petty Thief?

Chapter 81: Petty Thief?

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
Wang Tong stared at the ceiling as he was lying in bed, various things went through his thoughts. Earlier today, he purposely took the attack from his opponent’s sword in order to test out the defense of his tactic; after all, attacks from mankind were different from Zergs’. Zergs’ attacks were known not to contain GN Force, but mankind’s attacks were capable of inflicting other injuries and damages; hence Wang Tong had to physically experience the attack so that his body could remember the damage. It would be impossible for him to force someone to purposely attack himself, so he made the decision to embrace the rare opportunity of “getting hit”. No pain, no gain.

Furthermore, it would be too weird for him to defeat two guys and walk away unharmed. Things like this might suit Hu Yangxuan, but definitely not Wang Tong.

“Where does this Tactics of the Blade come from? Dammit Old Fart, why don’t you tell me everything? At least let me know what the hell I’m up against!” Wang Tong murmured in reconciliation, yet he had to let it go because he had no idea where on earth was Old Fart, and Old Fart would only come to Wang Tong when he had used up every single penny.

Wang Tong then turned on the television and skimmed through channel after channel, which was his version of “entertainment” that he had learned through these years.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today we will be interviewing Einherjar Li Taoche. As we know, Zergs had attacked Norton once again and even brought in some stronger species of Zergs which had caused huge damages to the military. So we’re calling out to the Five Houses to send out their ace fighters and aid the military to fight against these Zergs.”

Wang Tong sat up as a middle-aged man appeared on the screen. Every Earthling was familiar with the name Li Taoche, he was one of the Six Great Einherjars and also the current head of the House of Li. People saw him as a divine existence, and even though Wang Tong wasn’t the type of person who would idolize someone, he admired Li Taoche and even hoped that someday he could walk on his steps. On the contrary, Old Fart didn’t show any signs of respect to the man, yet he wasn’t angry at Li Taoche, which was somehow odd.

“That guy looks tough!” Wang Tong fell from his seat, the sudden voice scared the crap out of him.

“Geez, old man, my heart almost stopped! What brings you out? I thought you were supposed to shut yourself in?” Wang Tong said as he got up from the floor.

Einherjar Wannabe then gave Wang Tong a disdain glance, “Heh, a timid ass like you wish to become the best in the world? Not a chance!”

“Dear Master, hold it right there, first of all, I never claimed to become the best in the world; second, even the person with the strongest heart would be scared to death if you appeared all of a sudden.”

“Hmph, you’re not a good fighter if you never wish to become the best in the world!”

“I’ve only heard of one is not a good soldier if he never wishes to become the general!”

“It’s almost the same. Hey, who’s that guy? I wanna challenge him to a duel!” Einherjar Wannabe’s eyes were filled with flame as he stared at Li Taoche.

“Oh him? He is the man closest to be the best in the world. There are Six Great Einherjars amongst mankind, two on Earth, two on Moon, one on Mars and one Kaedeian. They are the strongest...”

“Strongest? Over my dead body! Hey kid, get me a match with this guy!” Einherjar Wannabe’s eyes were glowing in green when he heard the word “strongest”.

“Do you know who he is? He’s the head of the House of Li! His existence is close to divine, and it’s impossible for a poor kid like me to know him. Not to mention, you don’t have a body, even if he agrees to fight, how would you do it?” Wang Tong explained. He knew Einherjar Wannabe too well, he needed to talk sense into Einherjar Wannabe so that he could understand.

Einherjar Wannabe remained silent…

“Alright, man up, I didn’t say that on purpose. Li Taoche had been unrivaled for twenty years, which is why he is the best ace fighter amongst mankind. If I were to work harder from now onwards, I might be able to challenge him in a couple of decades.”

“You’re overestimating him and underestimating yourself. Your tactics of the Blade is the greatest tactics of all, and this guy’s Tactics of the Blizzard is just similar to my Sheer-cold Xinfa, I’m sure you can defeat him within ten years!”

“Haha, I’m flattered.”

“Kid, even though you’re not that gifted, but you had been training way harder than the others, and my guts tell me you definitely have what it takes, so keep up the good work! I’m going back to make a few preparations,” Einherjar Wannabe was talking to himself.

“Are you praising me?” Wang Tong rolled his eyes. “Prepare what?”

“None of your business! I’m shutting myself in, do not disturb!” Einherjar Wannabe then disappeared into the Space Crystal like a spirit.

“Damn you, someday I’ll definitely die of a heart attack!”

Wang Tong laid himself in bed again; actually, he wished to chat a little longer with Einherjar Wannabe. He stared at Li Taoche on his TV screen, perhaps someday he might be able to…

What preparations would a ghost make?

Wang Tong sighed as he wondered why everyone around him was being so secretive, even himself has become like that… then he cleared his thoughts and slept like a log.

Eat well, sleep well; that’s how life was supposed to be!

While he was sleeping soundly, the TPA forum was bombarded with comments. Everyone was expecting Einherjar Wannabe to show up on Saturday due to his pattern, yet he didn’t show up after a whole day of waiting. The players who had been waiting for his appearance were all frustrated by his no-show, they were all hoping to witness an awesome match, and some even prepared themselves to challenge Einherjar Wannabe, in the end, everyone was disappointed.

Skyscraper too had been waiting for Einherjar Wannabe since morning, he even accepted and won a few matches while waiting, yet Einherjar Wannabe was nowhere to be seen.

Skyscraper was patient; unlike Miao Xiu, who was pissed off by the fact Einherjar Wannabe didn’t log in, in the end, he worked off his anger on Gust instead.

Luv Ma remained patient though, he sat down, classified every video of Einherjar Wannabe and even prepared a timeline of Einherjar Wannabe’s appearance. Even though there wasn’t much data, he was sure that Einherjar Wannabe would surface again, as for the time being, all he could confirm was Einherjar Wannabe paid no attention to the TPA.

An interesting person indeed, what was he up to? Creating a new legend? Haha, then he would have to pay the price.

The discussion on the forum quickly escalated to an uproar, someone else’s business had become a public argument and even divided them into two sides.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was still sleeping soundly and even dreamed of recovering his lost bedsheet…

… someone was in his room!

Wang Tong sprung into action instantly and suppressed the intruder, “Stealing my things again? You petty thief!”

“Wang… Tong… it’s me!”

“Huh, Sisi? What brings you here? How did you get in?” Wang Tong was surprised.

Zhou Sisi wished that she could hide after experiencing such embarrassment, she wanted to say something, but Wang Tong’s strong scent muffled her words. Most importantly, both of them were stuck together early in the morning, and she even could felt someone’s “situation” down under...

“Can we get up first?” Sisi said, her blushing face against his chest.

“Oops, my bad.” Wang Tong got up immediately and suddenly realized of his “situation” under the belt, then quickly hid it with a bunch of his clothes.

“Are you done?” Sisi asked as she closed her eyes.