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Chapter 82: “Maid”

Chapter 82: “Maid”

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“Done. No need to be shy, this is not your first time seeing me like this anyway,” Wang Tong had no idea why he said that; meanwhile, Zhou Sisi was left speechless.

Being around Zhou Sisi felt different from facing Ma Xiaoru and Samantha, Wang Tong was never stressed out when he was around Zhou Sisi, it felt like they were on the same level and closer to reality; there wasn’t a huge gap between the two of them.

Undeniably, Wang Tong had a lot of fun when he was spending time with Ma Xiaoru and Samantha, but the girls were always talking about different places and discussing artistic values during their conversations… yet Wang Tong was only a boy who was struggling to survive, he couldn’t keep up with the girls.

Nevertheless, it really wasn’t a big deal, but being around Zhou Sisi felt more “down-to-earth”.

“I hate you, jerk!”

“Haha, alright I’ll stop teasing you. What brings you here this early?”

“Since you’ll be teaching me stuff, in return I’ve decided to repay your kindness by cleaning up your room!” Zhou Sisi even brought her own tools.

“Geez, thanks but no thanks. My room is clean and tidy!”

“You call this clean and tidy? Good God, your room is a mess! Almost like a pigsty! Look at the ball of dust.” Zhou Sisi expected Wang Tong to say so, boys were always filthy and lazy.

“I’m the only one staying here, so it looks fine to me.” Wang Tong scratched his head in awkwardness.

“No no no, a clean and tidy living environment will uplift your emotions and boost your study performance. So, leave this to me! You, out! But please, make sure you’ve kept your ‘private’ stuff well hidden before you go out...” Zhou Sisi said. She knew boys liked to hide weird stuff in their rooms.

“Private stuff? Nope, I don’t have any of those. Well if you insist, I’ll leave this to you then!”

“Shoo, bye!” Zhou Sisi waved her hand, she was speechless as she saw the messy surroundings.

Wang Tong knew he might be goofing around, but he really meant to be her mentor. He was very comfortable around Zhou Sisi, she was like a sister and a friend, and Wang Tong felt relaxed spending time with her. Furthermore, clearly Wang Tong wasn’t really good with tidying and cleaning things, so of course, he wouldn’t say no to a volunteered helper.

Since this was her way of returning a favor, Wang Tong had no reason to feel sorry for the trouble.

Wang Tong went to the store and bought bread, and then visited another store to buy his clothes and bedsheet. He wasn’t able to do anything on the previous day due to the theft, and he was depressed when the police left his place without mentioning anything about the bounty.

Wang Tong stopped as he passed by DREAM-Heaven, and wondered if he should get in or not.

“Am I really slacking off? Look at Einherjar Wannabe, still full of the spirit of fighting even though he lost his body. Dammit, I’m worse than him!”

Wang Tong gathered himself, checked his pocket for money and decided to get in. No more slacking for the weekly login.

“Boss, get me the bill!”

“What’s wrong, bad day?”

“Bad day indeed, I camped for the whole day waiting for Einherjar Wannabe, in the end, it was a no-show, I’m going home!”

A few others yawned as they were also queuing up for the bill.

“Who’s this Einherjar Wannabe dude? Some kind of superstar?”

“Boss, you’re so out-dated. Nevermind, I’ll tell you next time, that dude didn’t log in today.”

In the meantime, Wang Tong walked into room No.5 and logged into his Einherjar Wannabe avatar!

Ding Dong…

“Einherjar Wannabe logged in!”

“Einherjar Wannabe showed up!”

“What, he’s here? Woah, lucky I didn’t leave!”

“Boss, gimme a room!”

“Me too!”

The guys who were queuing up for their bills were suddenly overjoyed with excitement and rushed back into their rooms.

Einherjar Wannabe was here at last!

After going through a whole day of waiting, the players were looking forward to seeing Einherjar Wannabe in action and couldn’t wait to see who he would choose to challenge.

The TPA players were the most excited ones, especially students from military academies; they were eager to make this an opportunity to test out their actual strength.

This was the chance for them to shine in success!

The IPA players were signing up for the challenge too, every IPA player had been longing for such a chance to challenge the TPA players; but sadly, most TPA players would refuse to challenge the IPA players even during Open Days. The cruel fact was that the IPA players were just a bunch of worthless people in the eyes of the TPA players, they would not waste their time to duel with such weaklings. It would be an expected outcome if a TPA player won against an IPA player, but if the TPA player lost, then it would become a joke amongst the rest. Moreover, nothing much could be learned from the brawl itself; hence it would feel like a child’s play to satisfy the IPA players.

Not to mention, some of the IPA’s equipment and skills contained glitches, which would be unfair to the opposing player during matches, this was also one of the reasons why IPA players were unwelcome for most of the time.

It also explained why IPA players would only hang around themselves, showing off during Open Days. It might look like that they were only here for their own satisfaction, but all of them wished to be able to fight with TPA fighters. It wasn’t that they chose not to become TPA players, but they were unable to do so, and no one could’ve understood the envy and jealousy of an IPA player against a TPA player. IPA players might appear to be showing off and looking tough and proud on the outside, but they were all fragile on the inside; they acted like they didn’t care, but they did.

A few remarkable IDs amongst TPA fighters were spotted in the list of players challenging Einherjar Wannabe. For instance: Skyscraper, the guy had been on the winning streak since his last duel with Einherjar Wannabe, which got the rest wondering how he lost his previous matches; then there were Crazy Diamond and also other famous players, all of their winning rates were above 80%.

“Do you think Einherjar Wannabe will pick an IPA player?”

“Tchh, impossible! It was purely a coincidence on meeting Wang Ben last time. Now, since he’s already famous, why would he do that to disgrace himself? The skills of the IPA players are like science fiction; or as TPA players called them, unrealistic.”

“Yes I understand, but even though IPA skills are unbalanced, they were created based on statistics and not totally imaginations, some even might be the references of our future developments. Meanwhile, TPA players kept emphasizing on training themselves, yet none of them have the guts to challenge IPA players!”

“It can’t be helped, people do cherish their own reputations.”

Hearing that made Wang Tong smiled as he was walking around to choose his opponent. To him, there wasn’t any big difference between IPA and TPA, all he asked for was an opponent that had what it took to give him enough pressure and caused him enough trouble.

He remembered Einherjar Wannabe once said, “Nothing is impossible, only unthinkable.” The Tactics of the Blade had proven to be Wang Tong’s possibility of breaking the limits; in order to achieve his success, Wang Tong had to make sure he wasn’t obstructed by any shackles.

The challengers had sorted themselves into IPA category and TPA category, they’ve made it easier for Wang Tong to select his opponent. Obviously, these two parties didn’t get along quite well in the world of PA.

Player ID: Solitary Snow, level 4 fighter, winning rate 100%, 94 rounds won.

Wang Tong didn’t bother to continue reading, he wasn’t interested in how the guy won. There were no rules on the battlefield. As long as you stayed alive and defeated the enemies, even if you were to play it dirty, victory would still belong to you.

A victory is a victory, as simple as that.