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Chapter 83: Prelude

Chapter 83: Prelude

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Solitary Snow, what a nice name.

Ding Dong…

An eye-catching new match pairing was shown on the giant monitor.

Einherjar Wannabe (TPA) versus Solitary Snow (IPA)

Venue: The 59th Arena, the match starts in 10 minutes, open for betting.

Betting was crucial to IPA players, they were able to trade points or golds for better equipment or enhance their Sol value; however, it was useless for TPA players. Nevertheless, as a game company, DREAM Corporation emphasized on financial profit, and IPA players were obviously their biggest source of income.

What happened to his pick?

TPA players were startled, was Einherjar Wannabe out of his mind? Why would he pick a worthless piece of IPA trash who had no Soul Energy in reality?

Was he afraid?

It caused another uproar on the TPA forum, Einherjar Wannabe didn’t pick anyone from the TPA real-deals but chose an IPA weakling instead. The players were insulted and felt like they’ve wasted their time, spending a whole day to wait for this nonsense.

Skyscraper felt strange as he saw the words on the monitor. In fact, he was looking forward to today’s match, even though Einherjar Wannabe might not pick him from the crowd. Still, he had hoped to see an interesting fight, yet he had no idea why Einherjar Wannabe would pick a futile IPA player.

Skyscraper then decided to go through Solitary Snow’s player profile and was shocked by what he had seen.

That person was wearing the Golden Marksman, a Dream-rank Level 4 METAL Suit… an ultimate god-like equipment! No wonder Solitary Snow had a 100% winning rate. Every Dream-rank METAL Suit came with “glitchy” abilities unless the opponent was strong or equipped with the METAL Suit that counters it, or else no one wouldn’t have stood a chance against it. Moreover, the guy had to be overflowed with high amount of Soul Energy since he was able to equip a Level 4 METAL suit… Soon, Skyscraper and the other fighters came to realize that Einherjar Wannabe’s decision to “update” his winning record had become a suicidal act! What on earth was he thinking?

Luv Ma unconsciously gave a weird smile when he saw the data on his screen. Poor Miao Xiu had left, yet Luv Ma didn’t plan to call him back, as he was too eager to see how Einherjar Wannabe would handle the invincible Dream-rank METAL Suit!

Normally, TPA players would never accept the challenge if they knew their opponent had Dream-rank Suits because the fight would be meaningless.

Yet Einherjar Wannabe’s decision to challenge Solitary Snow had caused a ruckus amongst IPA community. No one had predicted that this could happen, it was definitely a superb moment for the IPA players, not only had Einherjar Wannabe chose to fight someone from the IPA but also he chose to fight Solitary Snow — the one who was ranked number 9 amongst 4th Class IPA fighters!

Solitary Snow might be too unrealistic in the eyes of TPA community and also in reality, but the person was a legend to IPA players; unlike Wang Ben’s METAL Suit, the Golden Marksman was THE super armor containing “glitchy” abilities.

“Those who know nothing fear nothing,” that summarized Einherjar Wannabe’s decision to fight against Solitary Snow.

Most of the IPA players were betting on Solitary Snow because the game of PA wasn’t about how tough you were in reality; in the world of PA, you reap what you sowed. Einherjar Wannabe might have the Soul energy of a 4th Class fighter, but if he was up against the Bug version of a 4th Class fighter, the chance of winning was very slim.

It felt different than choosing a TPA player as the opponent.

Some bookies preset the winning odds of Einherjar Wannabe as 1:7 to 1:9, even the official administration set their rates as 1:4 to 1:6. It wasn’t because they decided to abandon Einherjar Wannabe, but they had to make their decisions based on business and profit perspective.

In short, there was no turning back for Einherjar Wannabe.

“Please, can somebody tell me why is this stupid match happening?!” Cameron raged as he stared at the screen.

“Sir, he made that decision himself...”

Cameron was furious. Einherjar Wannabe was the only hot issue recently, even though Cameron knew Einherjar Wannabe’s fame wouldn’t last forever, he didn’t expect him to crash down this soon. This quarter would end in less than a month, yet they were not even close to the business target preset by the board of directors; if this continued, he would be fired before the end of the year.

It wasn’t that he refused to create another legend or hero, but none of the descendants of celebrities would show up in PA. No one would possess the ability to conquer forever unless they were from the House of Li; but if the hero was from the House of Li, then it would lose its own mysteriousness because the outcome would be within people’s expectation.

Einherjar Wannabe was his best candidate. It has been so long since the crowd were this excited and couldn’t wait to see another player in action; he was the focus of attention. Even though Einherjar Wannabe might be forgotten soon, Cameron still hoped that the guy could be his “golden goose” for a little longer.

Yet Einherjar Wannabe chose to fight a God-damn IPA fighter who happened to have the God-damn Golden Marksman. Cameron was left speechless by what he had witnessed.

The boy had overrated his own capabilities!

He should know that image was not only crucial to celebrities but to heroes as well!

Wang Tong had no clue that his simple decision would cause such a scene. All he knew was that he couldn’t wait to face his opponent.

Solitary Snow showed up, he didn’t expect himself to be chosen by the famous TPA fighter, it was totally a random decision when he sent the challenge invitation to Einherjar Wannabe.

Nevertheless, every IPA players dreamed of stepping their foot into this arena and challenge a TPA ace fighter to a duel. They were not able to do so in reality, hence they would cherish a rare opportunity like this.

Solitary Snow had no idea what was Einherjar Wannabe up to, all he knew was that he had to claim the victory by giving out his best performance, even if this would be his last fight.

Nothing of his past mattered anymore, as of this moment, he was the representative of the IPA community, and he would vanquish his foe, Einherjar Wannabe, with all his might!

This match received a huge publicity given by the fact that it might be Einherjar Wannabe’s “last fight” and also due to his argumentative choice of opponent. It was definitely a big hit, especially amongst IPA players; not a single famous TPA player would have dared to challenge them, not to mention an opponent with a Dream-rank METAL Suit!

It was a full house in the 59th Arena. It was a small arena that could only fit a hundred thousand spectators, but the seats were sold out within a short period of time.

The spectators were mostly IPA players because they wouldn’t want to miss out the chance to witness on the spot, as for the rest who couldn’t get into the arena, they had no choice but to watch the live broadcast instead.

Cameron was amazed by the data, what a shame as this would be the final dazzling moment of a “firework”.

“Sir, do you think we should suggest them to do it in a bigger arena?”

“Nevermind, it’s already too late for that.” Cameron shook his head, he sensed everything was going to end in despair, and he was depressed about his soon-to-plummet business performances.