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Chapter 85: Dominance

Chapter 85: Dominance

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Everyone cheered, that was how a duel should look like, and that was the match the IPA players dreamed of. It wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about being accepted, they had been longing for commendations like this!

At this moment, they were finally recognized.

It was easy to defeat someone, but to conquer one’s heart was way more difficult to accomplish!

Yet Einherjar Wannabe did it!

Cameron stared blankly at the screen, his staffs were startled as well. Everyone looked toward Cameron, waiting for his next orders.

Cameron’s hands were trembling as his lit up a cigarette, he had no idea if he was shaking due to the agitation or the excitement, all he knew was that he had witnessed a miracle, and he understood what it meant.

Normally, he wouldn’t smoke in his office, but he needed a puff now to calm himself down, or else he would not be able to clear his thoughts.

Einherjar Wannabe… could he really be the next legend?

Cameron had no idea; in fact, no one could have known, because legend itself was an abstract existence. Yet Cameron saw a ray of possibility in Einherjar Wannabe, and he was willing to put his faith onto Einherjar Wannabe!

The cigarette burnt out in a jiff, none of Cameron’s staff said a word because they knew that he was thinking. Nevertheless, everyone was overflowed with motivation.

Despite the surprising result, an indescribable uplifting force seemed to linger on the fight itself. Everyone who had watched was touched by it.

Cameron finally sober up and said, “Reach out to Einherjar Wannabe right away, tell him that we are willing to build him a stage of his own!”

“...Boss, we’ve tried, but he didn’t reply,” said one of the staff.

Cameron stared at him and said nothing.

The guy was intimidated and replied, “Understood boss, I’ll contact him again.”

“Listen up! As you all know, recently our business performance is not in good shape. TPA is losing money and has become a burden to the corporation while IPA is not profiting very well either. If we still can’t come out with a plan to fix this, you and I will see ourselves packing our bags and leave in no time. This is our final chance, and I believe y’all know what to do!”

“Yes, Boss!”

Cameron went off to make his own preparations, this was his best chance to shine in front of the board of directors. Einherjar Wannabe’s victory wasn’t actually the biggest reason behind Cameron’s decision to take the risk, he might have won this round, but no one knew if he would be winning the next match too. Einherjar Wannabe was gifted, but it didn’t mean he was invincible, yet Cameron put his faith on Einherjar Wannabe because he was able to sense his aura of conquering people’s heart!

He wondered why ever since that man disappeared, humans had returned to normal, and there wasn’t any other legend that was born since then.

“Is it because there wasn’t a person with the strength to become one? No! Strength and victories are not enough for one to conquer people’s heart.”

However, Cameron was able to see the charm of Einherjar Wannabe and was fascinated by his aura since then.

As a professional manager and market strategist, he had the sense of smelling business opportunity, and this was the chance he had been waiting for!

He hoped someday that he would be proud of being born in this era.

This was just the beginning!

On the other hand, IPA forum was exploding with comments. The match had become the current hype even though they were defeated...

Einherjar Wannabe won again!

Solitary Snow held a high esteem on Einherjar Wannabe’s victory, it wasn’t only the fight itself that got him pleased, but also Einherjar Wannabe’s desire of directly attacking his opponent.

It might be Solitary Snow’s one and only chance to fight on the stage, and Einherjar Wannabe has given his full effort and brought up a real match.

The IPA players were overjoyed because the guy was able to understand them.

The name “Einherjar Wannabe” was carved in their hearts!

For the first time, the official website cleared their homepage and posted the video recording of that match. Now, all it required was its battle analysis.

It has been so long since the last time a person was given this kind of honor.

The IPA players were showing dramatic enthusiasm, while the TPA players were showing a calm excitement, no one expected that they would win with such disadvantages. That was unbelievable!

Some TPA players who watched in the arena had no idea how Einherjar Wannabe won; how did he dodge those Soul Energy arrows? The attacks made by the “glitchy” METAL Suit was supposed to be unavoidable, not to mention the opponent was combining ranged attacks with the Steps of the Papillon, yet Einherjar Wannabe overcame the situation without even equipping any METAL Suit!

What on earth was that sort of power?

The name “Einherjar Wannabe”, was it some kind of sarcasm? Or was it his confidence?

Skyscraper pinched his index finger while he was watching the replay.

Miao Xiu came back after he had failed to locate Gust, and he knew he missed something when he saw Luv Ma concentrating on his screen. He almost felt like killing himself when he saw the replay.

He couldn’t believe he had missed such an event: “God dammit! I was only away for a while!”

“Miao Xiu, stop bothering me!” Luv Ma was doing his own analysis, he wasn’t going to wait for the official version because he knew he could do better than them.

Miao Xiu was furious at Luv Ma for not calling him, but Luv Ma wasn’t some dude who liked to be disturbed when he was trying to focus, his temper would be unimaginable if he were annoyed, and even Miao Xiu didn’t dare to piss him off.

However, everything in the video was quite blurry. If he were at the arena, he would definitely have been able to see every movement clearly. Too bad he missed the chance of watching it live!

Miao Xiu was amazed by the Steps of the Papillon. He had seen it before and even successfully deciphered the skill; however, he didn’t learn the Steps of the Papillon because it didn’t suit his style of fighting.

But would he be able to counter it if the skill were used by Einherjar Wannabe? Miao Xiu had no idea!

Meanwhile, at the Sky Mansion’s grandeur living room holographic theater, Ma Xiaoru and Samantha were watching the replay in their sleeping gowns. Ma Xiaoru was wearing a cute white nighty, and Samantha was wearing a luxurious and sexy violet gown like she was the elegant owner of the mansion.

“Xiaoru, in your professional point of view, what level do you think Einherjar Wannabe was at?” Samantha looked calm, but it was actually her expression of excitement.

Ma Xiaoru shook her head and replied, “I can’t judge. The match was a brawl of strength, and I couldn’t imagine him being sixteen years old given his incredible battle techniques and experiences.”

“What would be your winning percentage if it were you?” Samantha asked.

Ma Xiaoru paused and thought for a little while, then said, “I really have no idea, I couldn’t even imagine what Tactics he is using. There’re only a few sets of skills amongst Earthlings, Ivantians, Martians, and Kaedeians that are high in compatibilities, only the House of Dower’s Tactics of the Deva King are able to reach that level.”

“So you are saying… even the Tactics of Vayu and the Tactics of the Enchantress are not able to do so?” Samantha seemed shocked.