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Chapter 87: Wonderful Weekend

Chapter 87: Wonderful Weekend

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Despite the forced smile on Cameron's face, he could hardly conceal the confusion on his mind. He clenched his fist as he pondered on what had just happened.

While everyone was still awestruck, the reading on the screen kept on ticking up until it had reached 4000, where it eventually stabilized at.

Everyone looked to Cameron for an answer to this bizarre development, but they saw only Cameron's blank smile. Cameron himself needed some time to take in the dramatic turn of event.

The DREAM employees worked with extra enthusiasm, feeling elated for being part of an unfolding extraordinary event. They worked around the clock to come up with the analysis video, and once it was released to the public, it ignited the fighting spirit of all the other fighters.

The uncanny footwork of Wang Tong met with the graceful dance of the butterfly, a sight to behold! Solitary Snow, an ordinary citizen who had not been mind opened, had done miracles for mastering the butterfly dance. However, Einherjar Wannabe's performance still outshone his opponent.

On the screen, Einherjar Wannabe danced gracefully amidst bouts of furious barrages. His body never once revealed his next move as he seemingly drifted from one place to another, like a parchment paper in the wind. Belligerent strikes whistled by his body, missing by only less than an inch; these were the attack of superb power that could only be countered by evading techniques of equal prowess.

Wang Tong's eyes had been closed ever since the start of the battle, yet he was able to snatch the arrow of Solitary Snow's final coup de grace. From that moment on, the Butterfly Dash seemed to have changed its tempo. The details of the changes could only be examined in a slow-speed recording. Instead of the straightforward Butterfly Dash, Wang Tong also leveraged the lightning speed to quell the initial impact of Solitary Snow's coup de grace. As soon the arrow was firmly grasped in both of his hands, Wang Tong spun around and attacked without any hesitation.

Solitary Snow didn't even think that such a move was possible and therefore was caught off guard. Truth be told, should Solitary Snow be a TPA fighter, he would never have let his guard down in the heat of battle, regardless of how forlorn their countermeasure could have been.

The most popular technical analysis was the official version released by DREAM. In addition, there were also two fan-made versions that had gained a significant popularity: one was attributed to Skyscraper from the Bernabeu Academy on Earth; the other, to a student from the Starry Sky Academy who called himself "Lightning Fingers" on the PA system.

These two video analysis became popular mainly due to the unique perspectives the two had adopted. Skyscraper had focused on the footwork of Einherjar Wannabe, stating that the mysterious fighter did not use the Butterfly Dash at all, instead, he had been using something eerily similar to the moves of one type of Zerg called the Nestor. The Nestor Zerg was a notorious combat Zerg that looked much like a tank with sixteen skinny and hairy legs sticking out of it. Despite its strange and bulky figure, it was surprisingly swift and agile thanks to its many legs.

Having been equipped with only two legs, Einherjar Wannabe was able to mimic the movement of the Nestor Zerg. The solution seemed intuitive: Einherjar Wannabe sped up the speed of his two legs to compensate for the lack in number. However, it should have strained his body beyond the normal limit which a human could endure. Skyscraper, therefore, deduced his most important conclusion: The tactics used by Einherjar Wannabe, whatever it was, must have focused on conditioning his limbs. Otherwise, none of these moves would have been possible.

On the other hand, the Lightning Fingers directed his audience's attention to Einherjar Wannabe's evasion techniques. He challenged the mainstream belief that Einherjar Wannabe had been searching for his opponent's positions using his soul energy and proposed his own view that Einherjar Wannabe was simply intuiting out of instinct, no soul energy was involved.

In comparison with the two fan-based analysis, the official video seemed to lack technical flare as it focused mainly on the intensity of the fight.

The very short amount of time it took for the two fans to release their video analysis and their keen observations seemed to suggest that the two had to be competent in their own rights.

Most players had been waiting for the video review online ever since the fight was over, and with their desire satisfied, they were ready to make up their much-needed sleep. However, as the old spectators signed off one after another, a new wave of onlookers joined in the discussions on the various online forum. This amount of attraction from players across different leagues and levels was unprecedented. Some IPA players came to learn the technical finesse, but more came here because of Wang Tong's encouragement to his IPA opponent at the end of the fight. No longer relevant to only Solitary Snow, his encouragement had by then served as a motivational message to all of the IPA players. Unknowingly, Wang Tong had empowered himself by empowering others and pushed his reputation to a new height.

Instead of basking amidst the admiration, the modest Wang Tong had chosen to stay out of it and spend some quality time with his beautiful apprentice. Wang Tong spent the rest of his wonderful weekend in a relaxation that he had never experienced before, not even when he was with Ma Xiaoru at her luxurious mansion.

The Monday followed that weekend abode the coming of the next monthly test, as well as the first biggest challenge in Samantha's career as the principal. If she failed the challenge, this might as well be her last challenge.

The teachers had already chosen four students that will be representing Ayrlarng during the tournament: Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben, Hu Yangxuan, and Wang Tong. Samantha had decided to fill the rest six seats via a competition. This was not only an unusual move but also an abrupt one since it did not give much time to the students to prepare.

Despite that, there were only four out of the ten combatants whose ability Samantha could confide, somehow she still felt opportunistic about her odds. The risks her team was exposed to, albeit large, gave her a newfound rush as if the sense of living on the edge had given some measure of meaning to her life.

Ma Xiaoru sometimes would lose herself while watching Wang Tong like she was solving a puzzle. Despite his prowess, Wang Tong was the most careful in listening teacher's instructions, and although he seemed casual and carefree, he had made use of every second of his life absorbing knowledge.

Wang Ben didn't felt the need to adapt after arriving at a new environment, nor did he care to find out if there was anything that indeed required his attention, if anything, he might have noticed a thing or two that he thought needed to be changed for him. His first and foremost duty was to recuperate. One thing that Wang Ben and Wang Tong had in common was that they both scored low in certain subjects.

Days of high-intensity training did not allow Wang Ben too much time to focus on other subjects. Despite his high status in the military, General Hu Ben was planning to let his son start his career from the very bottom as a foot soldier, just like he did, and he was very proud to find out that his son had been thinking the same.

General Hu Ben always believed that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, a truth that only a few in the world were willing to accept.