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Chapter 88: A Lesson

Chapter 88: A Lesson

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While he was trying to recover, Wang Ben had also been observing his adversary: Wang Tong. However, no matter how hard he had tried, his defeat remained an enigma. He conceded that the only way to discover the reason behind his defeat was another fight, but that had to wait.

Wang Ben's injury came at a rather inconvenient time, as it had caused him to miss the fight with Einherjar Wannabe. However, he had enjoyed watching the show.

Although he was not interested in the player's techniques, he reckoned that this fight would open up a window for him to peer at Einherjar Wannabe's elusive power. It turned out that Wang Ben wasn't alone in that thought, and there were plenty of fighters who were eager to have a glimpse of Einherjar Wannabe's actual ability.

Gansus's open class was in the afternoon. Although it hasn't been long since the start of the term, many students had already changed their opinion on Gansus, to put it nicely, they had already got used to the eccentricity of this old veteran.

The classroom was jam packed since everyone in Ayrlarng wanted to see the famous rising star, Wang Ben. To their surprise, Wang Ben wasn't as muscular and haughty as they had imagined.

"What's the holdup? I had reserved these seats for you guys," Hu Yangxuan said with a smile on his face.

The A-Class and the F-Class were on different side of the campus, which made it hard for Hu Yangxuan to connect with his friends. This open class was a great opportunity that he could not pass up.

"I wonder what Gansus has in store for us today."

"I hope he tones down his language."

"You’re dreaming."

There were no loud prattles like it was before the start of every other class, but only muted discussions. Many boys usually would take advantage of this time window to strike a conversation with the girls that they had been admiring. However, no one dared to approach Ma Xiaoru due to the presence of Hu Yangxuan and Wang Ben.

When the distinct foot step of Gansus — one cyborg leg and one normal — sent down through the hallway, the classroom suddenly became quiet.

Gansus walked into the classroom and threw a stern glance at the students. "Sit straight! You wimps!"

Unlike other teachers, who would be content with a passable attendance rate, Gansus always carried a chip on his shoulder and was scathing while carrying out his class.

No one dared to disobey him; some students who were slouching against the back of their chair straightened their back, fearing any further ire from Gansus.

All the keener who sat in the front row, such as Wang Tong and Wang Ben, didn't need to adjust as they had always kept their posture steady and focused.

"Last class we had learned about the five major types of the Zergs. Today, I am going to teach you guys how to beat them while keeping yourself alive."

Gansus's announcement piqued everyone's attention. Not only it was a matter of life and death, but killing Zergs were also the most compelling topic to Confederation's would-be soldiers.

As an old cannon whose source no one could relate used to say: "If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.", the students knew that today's class would mark the start of their long journey of slaughtering Zergs. Despite Gansus's bad temper and anger management issues, student genuinely felt that they could learn a lot from his class as he not only taught students his knowledge but also transferred his precious experience of the battlefield.

Time flew by unnoticed while both the students and the teacher were absorbed in the process of giving and receiving knowledge. There were a lot of material to cover so when the class was over, they only went over the key points in dealing with the Spider Zergs and the Sickle Zerg.

"Ten minutes break, and we regroup at room 18." Gansus tugged the notes under his arm and left the classroom without a moment’s delay. As he walked out of the classroom, he heard a wave of cheers erupting inside of the classroom as his announcement set in.

The students were agitated because room 18 was equipped with a virtual arena, something that only the S-Class academy would be able to afford. The promise of confronting a Zerg in the virtual world filled the students with excitement.

The students filed into room 18 and were greeted with a freshly renovated room and sleek-looking equipment. Everyone had a taste of the sweetness of having a rich princess as their principal.

While students were still exploring the new room, Gansus walked in abruptly and was wearing a gym outfit that contrasted drastically with his usual uptight appearance.

"Now let's proceed. As we had discussed in the last class, you guys now should know the method of dealing with the two most basic types of the Zergs. If you can't even handle those two, I recommend that you change to a different line of work right away!" Gansus announced as he stroke the table with a stick to emphasize his message.

"Mister, don't you think it's a bit too early to judge us? We are still in the first year after all."

The one who spoke was Carl from the F-Class; he was well known for his directness.

Gansus threw a sharp glance at Carl, "You are from the F-Class, I remember you. Let's suppose you are right, let's suppose that you guys lack experience and strength, but why are you guys here? Do you take me for an idiot? You are here to f*cking improve, so why don't you shut your trap and think about how to improve? Uh?"

Gansus bawled out, a few spec of fizz flew a few feet away from his mouth in a fit of anger. He scanned across the room and allowed few words to escape his tight-clenched jaws: "Remember! This is MY class. You know where the door is if you don't like it. You! First! One minute! Everyone else, be quiet and watch!"

Silence fell into the classroom, and no one even dared to breathe. Truth be told, Wang Tong really liked the style of Gansus since it resembled that of Mr. Wannabe. Without Wannabe's constant scolding and dressing down, Wang Tong might have already been dead on that desolate planet.

Carl signed into the virtual arena. The virtual arena was a standalone terminal of the PA system that could be only used for educational purposes. Carl's opponent was a giant spider Zerg.

It was clear that Carl wouldn't be able to finish this terrible giant bug, he would be lucky if he were able to come out alive, but it was useless to talk any sense to Gansus.

"Watch carefully. Don't be swayed by that unpredictable movement. Use your eyes and brains, and you will find that there is a pattern in everything. Your best weapon is your brain."

Gansus spoke as he watched the poor Carl being chased around by eight brandishing sharp arms. Carl didn't start his cultivation until he entered Ayrlarng, so he stood no chance in a direct confrontation, and his only option was to run away.

The Spider Zerg moved with lightning speed, and it quickly caught up to Carl. Carl tripped over out of fear and fell. Everyone's breath caught in their throat as they watched a pair of razor sharp arms thrust at the immobilized Carl.