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Chapter 90: Alternative Truth

Chapter 90: Alternative Truth

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"Thank you, Wang Ben. Wang Tong was right about that, and everyone who had fought with General Hu Ben, like me, had received this advice. I had since dissected thousands of bugs, and every single one of them had demonstrated that rhythmic spasm. I have no idea if any scientific research can explain it, but I can guarantee that it will work. You need to be watchful of your energy spent in a battle, so use this method to see if a Zerg is really dead. If it is, then there is no need to waste your energy."

As soon as he finished talking, he lifted the pen and marked a 100% beside Wang Tong's name, and a 60% beside Wang Ben's. Although Wang Ben had remembered his father's advice, he didn't come up with it.

Wang Tong came to this conclusion solely based on his observations on Norton. The unbearable boredom after Charcoal was out of commission had driven Wang Tong to keep a list of daily routines for the sake of his sanity and observing bugs was one of the tasks on that list of daily routines.

"I have to say that I am impressed!" Ma Xiaoru muttered quietly.

"I was just lucky."

"Yea, yea..." Ma Xiaoru pouted her lips. She knew Wang Tong was hiding something, and she was bothered by the fact that Wang Tong was not willing to share it with her.

"Very well, now we shall proceed to the next section. Some of you might have already watched what I am going to show to you guys." Gansus turned on the big screen, and it was playing the fight between Einherjar Wannabe and Solitary Snow.

The students boiled over at the sight of the PA match. They were surprised to find out that Gansus was also a fan of the PA fights.

"I have just got this video. I don't care who the two contenders are, so I don't want to hear any of you blabbing about it!"

Gansus waved a stick in the air to attract the student's attention, "Watch the fight carefully!"

Truth be told, many students had watched the video many times, but they felt a newfound excitement as they watched it in a classroom setting.

"What do you guys think about it?" Gansus asked loudly as soon as the video was over.



"The Butterfly Dash was awesome!"

"Einherjar Wannabe is bad-ass!"

Sensing the students were going off on a tangent, Gansus slammed the stick on the desk and yelled.

"Look for what's important! The smell, the smell of danger we had talked about last time!"

Gansus turned off the screen; he didn't care to know the identity of the two fighters, he showed the clip to the students only because he felt that it suited the topic of his class.

"There are two ways of discovering unknown dangers. One is through the soul energy, but that is an innate ability, and only a lucky few are born with that. The other is the so-called 'Smell', and that is an ability you can obtain through learning, although it is hard to learn and harder to teach. It is entirely up to you guys to learn it, and it is an essential skill for you to survive on the battlefield. So for your own sake, I hope that you will be able to learn it, if not, all I can do is to pray for you."

"Mister Gansus, last time you talked about 'sniffing out' the Zerg. But it doesn't seem to be the same as Einherjar Wannabe's ability to foretold his opponent's move, does it?" Carl had spoken again.

Gansus seemed to be displeased by the question, "It is the same thing, but Einherjar Wannabe is using it at a much higher level. So don't worry about it for now and try to focus on the basics instead."

Gansus' answer stirred another wave of muffled discussions.

"Mister Gansus, can I please ask a question?" a clear and pleasant voice raised up.

"Of course, you can ask any question at any time in my class."

The speaker was Zhou Sisi. "From what we saw, Einherjar Wannabe doesn't seem to be born with the ability of detecting danger, so he must have learned it. My question is, based on your experience, what kind of training did Einherjar Wannabe underwent and how long did it take for him to achieve this level of skill? We all hope that you could shed some light on it."

Although Zhou Sisi's question had nothing to do with the class's topic, she had laid it out like an intriguing puzzle that compelled Gansus to solve it.

"It might take a talented individual about three to four years, and of course I don't want to exclude exceptions. Although some luckier ones might have it easier, through hard work and given time, all of you could achieve this level of proficiency. As for the question of how this young fighter is able to possess such prowess, I have no idea, and I do not wish to speculate."

Gansus's answer had only made the matter even more perplexing. "Three to four years or even longer… Is he suggesting that Einherjar Wannabe had been mind opened since he was a child?"

While in disbelief, some of the students looked to Wang Ben for an answer.

Although he remained silent, Wang Ben had a well-formed opinion about this Einherjar Wannabe. He had conceded that Einherjar Wannabe's ability to predict opponent's move not only required prolonged period of intense training, it also suggested that the condition of the training must have been extremely dangerous so that the trainee's potential could be fully drawn out in a short period.

Meanwhile, Einherjar Wannabe must have cultivated an unusual tactic; otherwise, it would be impossible for him to elevate his power to such a high level.

Although Gansus's class was never the most encouraging one, it was nevertheless a reality check to the students, and also thought-provoking.

In Ayrlarng, like in many other schools, students formed their own cliques. Wang Tong and his tight circle of friends had formed their own clique which had seemed hard to break into other students thanks to its member's prestigious family background, except for Wang Tong. Zhou Sisi had her own group of friends, and almost all of them were hard working students from ordinary households. As the vice president of the student union, Zhou Sisi was not only good at studying but also possessed excellent personal skills. In comparison, the senior students of Ayrlarng seemed to lack the same vigor and morale as the first year students, and neither was there any top notch stars like Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan.

However, in an S-Class Academy, the senior students were most definitely much stronger than the younger students. However, there had been ones that broke that rule, and they had possessed such great power that it seemed almost terrifying.