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Chapter 92: An Existence from Another Level

Chapter 92: An Existence from Another Level

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The other three were relieved when they saw Wang Tong stopping at the five times gravity zone, then they settled down and began their own practices. The Gravity Training Chamber was furnished with a full set of equipment which was perfectly designed for physical training. It was known by many that the improvement of physical strength would also help to enhance one’s overall GN Force status, after all, GN Force was an energy source that originated from the body itself. Yet, some of the actions and movements from various tactics would cause the body to overstress, and GN Force would only provide the first layer of protection; however, it was possible for a person to have a second layer protection through physique enhancement.

Wang Ben mainly focused on practicing the muscles of his extremities, which were the foundations of his Fist of the Racing Tiger. He needed to maintain a stronger body in order to bear the tremendous stress created by the ferocious force. Judging from his movements, his body was almost fully recovered all thanks to his ability of super regeneration. He wasn’t the type of person that would be easily held down by injuries.

Ma Xiaoru had her unique training methods, just like Wang Tong, her Tactics of the Enchantress was able to function as normal even under the harsh environment of a greater pressure. She was actually enhancing her Soul Energy and doing physical training at the same time.

Meanwhile, Hu Yangxuan was training his flexibility. Rumor has it that people from the Court of the Templar were all good at sword fights, which explained his outstanding sword mastery. His training mainly focused on improving his body’s agility and coordinating skills.

Wang Tong, on the other hand, looked like he was exercising. He once read about it in the academy’s archive. The movements might look old-school, but they were good enough to be used in warm-ups.

No one said a word as they began to train respectively, yet somehow, they still managed to compete secretly against each other through different physical activities. Generally speaking, a person had to initialize his or her GN Force under the pressure of five times gravity, which was already some sort of trial to the body itself.

Their performances were almost the same during the first five minutes. Yet after five minutes, Hu Yangxuan’s began to experience shortness of breath, and he had to increase his GN Force output to cope with the immense pressure. Gravity was a type of terrifying external pressure, one wouldn’t feel anything if it was within the acceptable range, but when the gravity exceeded one’s body’s limit, one would feel the increasing pressure even though the force remained unchanged. As time went on, it would gradually increase the damage to the body. It wasn’t something that could be forced to cope with, as it might cause the body to suffer internal injuries.

Hu Yangxuan was able to recover after infusing his body with a little GN Force. Then he turned to check on the others and was surprised to discover that none of them were affected by the strong force of gravity. However, that didn’t mean that Hu Yangxuan was weaker in terms of battle strength, after all, it wouldn’t cause many effects to the body during fights, yet he knew that his physical strength was weaker than the other three.

Hu Yangxuan might have been through tons of ruthless training during his days in Court of the Templar, but Ma Xiaoru was still stronger because she practiced the Tactics of the Enchantress, which was one of the Five Great Tactics that had the ability to strengthen her physique. Wang Ben was obviously stronger because he was born and raised in a military family, and he had received numerous tough physical training. However, Hu Yangxuan had no idea why Wang Tong was also stronger than him, and he was somehow frustrated by the fact that he was weaker than all of them.

Training under the protection of GN Force would only slightly increase one’s physical strength because the protecting force would cancel off part of the pressure.

Ma Xiaoru and Wang Ben began to sweat after ten minutes, both of them still didn’t utilize their GN Force. Ma Xiaoru might look weak, but her Tactics of the Enchantress also focused on life-force enhancement, which was one of the uniqueness of the Five Great Tactics and also explained how her body would contain such tremendous physical strength. As for Wang Ben, he had been going in and out different Gravity Training Chambers since he was ten, so he was already familiar with everything here.

Fifteen minutes had passed, Ma Xiaoru and Wang Ben had reached their limits and were forced to utilize their GN Force in order to cope with the pressure. Soon as the trio turned to check on Wang Tong at the same time, they were shocked to see he still didn’t utilize his GN Force. They were worried that he might hurt himself to compete against them.

Wang Tong was training happily. Honestly, he was happier by the fact that his training was accompanied by the rest. To him, five times gravity was only a warm-up before the real action, and it would not cause him any harm. It only took his body a short period of time to get used to the force of five times gravity, after a month, he was already fully adapted to the force. It seemed like the Tactics of the Blade was also able to improve his body’s condition apart from enhancing Soul Energy and GN Force. Wang Tong couldn’t wait to discover more about the extraordinary power of this amazing tactic.

Wang Tong finally began to sweat after twenty minutes. “Fellas, I’ve finished warming up, see y’all inside.”

Wang Tong thought the others were warming up the whole time. Soon as he walked in, the trio looked at each other.

“Which zone would you use normally?”

“Three or four times gravity zone.”

“Same here.”

Based on Hu Yangxuan and Wang Ben’s current level, it would be enough for them to train at this range because stronger gravity wouldn’t do any good to their bodies. Anyhow, they couldn’t imagine how strong Wang Tong had to be for using the five times gravity zone as a place to warm up.

As the disciples of famous Houses, the trio knew that it was a taboo to ask the others about their tactics and practices, so they asked no further questions and got back to their own training and practices. Yet it made Wang Ben wondered if the last punch he remembered during their previous match was probably Wang Tong’s real strength, if that was true, what level of monstrous strength was that?

Wang Tong still didn’t utilize his GN Force in the six times gravity zone. He was practicing the initialization of his Tactics of the Blade and training his physical strength at the same time with simple push-ups and so on. Wang Tong found that these activities were the most effective methods even though they were only simple exercises, it felt like he was separated into two parts, one part focused on the Tactics of the Blade and the other part of him was busy exercising.

He wasn’t going to utilize his GN Force in the first place because he knew it wouldn’t benefit his training; nevertheless, he was aware of not harming himself, and his body was still able to withstand the pressure of six and seven times gravity force.

He spent ten minutes in the six times gravity zone and five minutes in the seven times gravity zone and found that everyone has already left while he was walking out the chamber. The trio was waiting for him outside the chamber while having their drinks.

“Damn son, are you serious? Please tell me that you were acting cool all this time and secretly utilized your GN Force while you were training!” Hu Yangxuan was eager to know if Wang Tong was being treacherous since the beginning.

Wang Tong was startled, “What GN Force?” Then he looked toward Ma Xiaoru and continued, “Oh, yeah, I use a little when my body needs a break, I prefer physical activities that make me sweat.”

However, the trio wouldn’t be so suspicious if he didn’t admit. Yet he admitted, and the three of them became more curious.

“That’s impossible! We’re not idiots, we can tell if you’ve been utilizing GN Force or not. How are you able to stay in the heavy gravity zones for this long? Geez, actually I’ve been waiting to ask this for a long time; since we are pals, why don’t you just tell us what sort of Tactics you’ve been practicing? Seems like it’s even stronger than the Five Great Tactics.” Hu Yangxuan couldn’t hold back anymore.

The trio fixed their eyes on Wang Tong, eagerly waiting for his answer. Ma Xiaoru was also very curious about Wang Tong’s Tactics because some of its aspects were even stronger than her Tactics of the Enchantress!

“It’s called the Tactics of the Blade,” Wang Tong replied.

The three of them were stunned. Hu Yangxuan seemed unconvinced, “That’s the Tactics of the Blade? Shut the front door! That’s absurd!”

Wang Tong shrugged and said, “When I was trapped on Norton, I had no choice but to hide in a mining cave in order to escape from the Zergs’ attacks, and I passed out due to the strong pressure. Anyhow, God kept me alive, my EMF was galvanized after the accident, and since then, I’ve become stronger. However, I’m not quite sure about other details, guess I was really showered with blessings after escaping the disastrous incident.”

The three of them believed Wang Tong’s words because he couldn’t have learned any mystical or extraordinary tactics in that kind of situation; hence the best explanation was actually Wang Tong being blessed with luck. The mind of a human was a complex structure, in most cases, people would become lunatic and crazy after a certain range of pressure, but there were rare cases that greater pressure would increase one’s GN Force instead, Wang Tong was one of the lucky ones.

They stopped questioning Wang Tong after learning that he was telling the truth when he said he was practicing the Tactics of the Blade because all of them had learned it before, it was the basic of all tactics.

“Here you go, I remembered that you prefer water.” Ma Xiaoru handed Wang Tong a bottle of water, and he happily took it and began drinking in big gulps; water was his favorite.

He remembered the extracted water on Norton, it wasn’t poisonous, but it tasted just as horrible as the nutrient pills. A normal person definitely wasn’t able to drink that.

“So, you boys know anything about Bernabeu? We’re the invited ones so they’d definitely have the home advantages. We have been losing to them since years ago,” Ma Xiaoru asked. The four of them were chosen as the ace candidates, meaning the fate of the academy would be in their hands.

“With our strengths and abilities, I think it wouldn’t be a problem for us to win.” Wang Ben was confident.

“The previous agreement between our principal and the principal of Bernabeu mentioned that Hu Yangxuan and I will be limited to participate in one match each, while you and Wang Tong would get to participate in 2 matches each. We can’t afford to lose because it’ll be too difficult for the other candidates to win a match against Bernabeu.” The fact was that winning five matches would be enough, but Ma Xiaoru didn’t mention it because the boys might let their guards down; moreover, six wins out of ten would sound more victorious, a victory with five wins out of ten would feel like cheating. This time, Ma Xiaoru made up her mind to aim for six wins.

“I believe our principal will have her arrangements, after all, she was able to rock the Academy of Capth even though she failed her Mind Opening Operation. I’m sure Ma’am has tricks up her sleeves,” Wang Ben said. Apparently, Samantha was one of Wang Ben’s “idol” during his period of depression, he admired her success in Capth even though she wasn’t Mind Opened.

Living in this period of time, failing to be Mind Opened was definitely a huge pullback. However, some of them would still be able to shine in success, and Samantha was one of the greatest examples. Yet they had to go through a greater amount of hard work and challenges in order to step foot through the doors of success. One of the reason behind Wand Ben choosing Ayrlarng was also because he felt connected to Samantha’s sorrow and pain in the past.

“You’re right. Since we’ve all decided to face Bernabeu, let’s do our best and show them what we got!” Wang Tong laughed, he would always become energetic when Samantha’s name was mentioned. After all, he was a man that loved showing off.

“Very well, then we shall settle our issue after defeating Bernabeu!” Wang Ben said in a deep voice. He was very serious about his rematch against Wang Tong and couldn’t wait to fight him once he was fully recovered. Wang Ben wouldn’t make the same silly mistake twice because he knew he would fail again if he was being impatient.

“Yup, Bernabeu definitely doesn’t stand a chance against the four of us, our goal is to defeat every single S-Ranked academies across the Earth Confederation!” Hu Yangxuan loved cheers and mottos. The calm and relaxed expression while he was playing the piano was obviously faked.

“Not only the Confederation but also the Ivantians, I wish that someday I’d be able to fight against the Fab Five and let them have a taste of my powerful punches!”

Wang Ben looked bloodthirsty. Apparently, the Fab Five were some existence above his dimension, and possibly greater than Ma Xiaoru.

Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan knew who Wang Ben was talking about, only Wang Tong was looking confused.

“Who are the Fab Five? Some famous and tough dudes?” Wang Tong wasn’t ashamed to ask.

“One must ask if he wished to learn, only idiots wouldn’t do stuff that doesn’t cost money.” Quote by Old Fart when he was sober.

“Not only us, but even those from S-Ranked academies would have to look up to them. To be honest, people would always exclude these five persons when they are discussing about younger generations, and I believe Xiaoru know this better.” Hu Yangxuan from the Court of Templar looked depressed when the name “Fab Five” was brought up.

Wang Tong looked at Ma Xiaoru. Obviously, not only she knew who they were, but she had also met them before.