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Chapter 93: Intel Gathering

Chapter 93: Intel Gathering

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“They were referring to the Four Princes and the Princess of mankind Confederation, Li Shimin from the House of Li, better known as the Little Emperor because he has the same name as the Emperor of an ancient Dynasty. Patroclus Dower, House of Dower’s wonder boy, he was claimed to be the most perfect genetically modified offspring of Ivantian, and he also happens to be a super genius. Next, we have Lie Kent from the House of Lie, he was notoriously known as the Hooligan for being a pain-in-the-*ss troublemaker, he’s the worst among the Four Princes; however, his Tactics of the Blaze is outstanding, and flame attribute tactics are very rare. The other one lives on Mars, his name is Michaux Odin, the young Cardinal of the Church of the Deity. Mars and its surrounding satellites and even the entire Andromeda Galaxy are deeply influenced by the Church of the Deity. Last but not least, there’s Her Highness Heidi, the First Princess of Kaedeians. Rumor has it that her beauty is beyond marvelous, and every man would be petrified by her gorgeous grace. These people rarely show themselves in front of the media, except Lie Kent, the attention seeker,” Ma Xiaoru patiently explained to Wang Tong.

“That’s all?” Wang Tong scratched his head while drinking water in huge gulps.

“Wang Tong, these people are not only famous, but they also happen to be very dangerous. To be honest, I didn’t start practicing the Tactics of the Enchantress from the very beginning, and I finished by only mastering 60% of it. I’ve only met Li Shimin once, and I swear to God, I wouldn’t dream of picking a fight with that guy even though he is about my age,” Ma Xiaoru said.

Wang Tong carried on smiling.

“You don’t believe me?”

“Yea I do. But so what? Our lives would be meaningless if there weren’t any goal or opponent that we wished to reach or defeat. The thrill is in the determination to challenge a tough opponent someday in the future. Don’tcha think so, Wang Ben?” Wang Tong said with a smile, he wouldn’t give a damn about it, regardless if he had come across the Tactics of the Blade or not.

Old Fart once said, “Your opponent will be what you think he is, all that matters is how you would adjust your own mentality. Your opponent might be rich, but that doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

Moreover, histories and traditions were meant to be challenged. Although Wang Tong wasn’t being overconfident about defeating the Fab Five, he felt that their existence was a form of self-motivation, it even felt like a different kind of bliss.

Because unlike those five who had already stabled themselves at the highest point, the others were able to feel the joy of improvements from time to time. They are standing still while the rest are moving forward!

Wang Tong didn’t envy the Fab Five, even though they had inherited the powers of their ancestors, yet the powers came with shackles, and these people were bounded although they had all the fame and glory. Wang Tong didn’t care since he wasn’t a materialistic person.

“That’s right, I don’t believe in legends, I only believe in my fists and knuckles. Someday when my strength reaches a certain level, I’ll definitely have them to accept my challenge!” Wang Ben was full of fighting spirit, the word “fear” didn’t exist in the dictionary of his family.

“Alright, enough bragging you two. To be honest, I have no idea how strong the Little Emperor is, but I do know the strength of Dower’s wonder boy. When he first arrived at the Court of the Templar, he immediately became the public enemy, and everybody was eager to teach that bloody handsome sissy a lesson. Then there’s one Ivantian who stood up quite well amongst the community and made up his mind to tackle the dude, but in the end, he was the one who got KOed instead, and it took him quite a while to recover. They said the Dower kid didn’t even use his full strength, it was only a subconscious counter attack but it’s already enough to send the poor dude resting on a bed for months, it’s crazy,” Hu Yangxuan gave a bitter smile as he said that.

“Hey buddy, giving up before trying? That’s not like you.”

“Yea, we should proceed step by step. First, we shall defeat Bernabeu, next we will vanquish the other S-ranked academies, and then, we will take on the Fab Five. We’re gifted just like they are, all we need to do is train harder to overcome the difference in terms of Tactics and Soul Energy!” Wang Ben would never give up, he had seen hell before when he fell into despair, so nothing in this world would be able to stop him. However, Hu Yangxuan was kind of timid by contrast.

The Fab Five were not only some ordinary super wealthy families, but they were also able to influence the development of mankind societies.

“I’m just an ordinary girl, so I guess I won’t be joining your crusade. However, if this really happens in the future, I’ll definitely cheer for you guys!” Ma Xiaoru clapped. Unlike Samantha who loved challenges and never gave up to fate, Ma Xiaoru preferred to stay out of troubles.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong adored Samantha’s urge to fight, as both of them loved challenges.

Wang Tong wouldn’t bother if he didn’t care, but nothing could’ve stopped him if that was what he wished to do.

“Men only live once, life would be meaningless if we were afraid of everything!” It might sound like another “excuse” of Old Fart about enjoying life, but Wang Tong was deeply influenced by the words.

Ma Xiaoru admired Wang Tong’s confidence. He wasn’t arrogant, but he would give nobody a damn. However, she still doubted that Wang Tong possessed the strength to defeat the Fab Five even though he was quite talented. Ma Xiaoru didn’t like the stress, but she absolutely enjoyed the comfort, the happiness, and the surprises when she was around Wang Tong.

It could be his age, or because he was still in school, but Wang Tong’s unruliness was still in a latency stage. Someday he would unleash the beast within, and it would be quite a scene.

Wang Tong was burning with eagerness and excitement after hearing what Ma Xiaoru had said. He wasn’t afraid to take on the Fab Five because he had the Tactics of the Blade, the same Tactics used by the almighty Blade Warrior, and he would love to know how strong he could be. Wang Tong himself might not be able to call for a challenge, but his Einherjar Wannabe avatar would definitely do the trick, as long as Einherjar Wannabe was powerful enough, he wouldn’t even need to ask for a duel!

Wang Tong’s hand began to itch when he thought about tough opponents…

Meanwhile, in Bernabeu’s principal office.

“Sir, Our opponent still hasn’t sent over the name list of their participants.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that. By the way, were you able to find out anything? I hope you didn’t underestimate Samantha because she’s young.”

“Of course sir, yet I still couldn’t believe how she managed to recruit Wang Ben into Ayrlarng. Everyone knows that Ayrlarng was only left with its former glory, but how did she do that?”

“Haha, sometimes former glory would be more than enough for an achievement. Enough of that, back to your investigation.” Martyrus laughed.

“According to our investigation, Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben, and Hu Yangxuan are the only aces of Ayrlarng. Anyhow, they would only be able to score two more matches with the help from Wang Ben, and the advantage is still with us. Moreover, both Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan have obvious weaknesses, our guys might be able to knock them down even though the winning odds are not 100%. Still, our academy’s aces are good enough to take on the trio,” said Ovlor, Bernabeu’s disciplinary master.

“Nevertheless, I still believe she’s still hiding her trump card,” Martyrus said with a smile.

“Indeed Sir, there’s a new recruit in F-Class called Wang Tong, he’s quite a talent, he even managed to get a perfect score during the previous monthly assessment. I’ve checked his background and found nothing special, all we have to do is be careful when facing this gifted kid.”

“Seems like little missy Samantha has underestimated us from Bernabeu, I can’t believe she has the guts to take on our experienced elites with a bunch of interim mercenaries. I think I’ll have to teach her a lesson for treating this like a new recruit stage play. It’s time to summon our secret weapon.”

“But Sir, don’t you think it’s too much to have him fight against the weaklings of Ayrlarng?”