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Chapter 94: Fulfilling the Duties of a Mentor

Chapter 94: Fulfilling the Duties of a Mentor

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“Ovlor, we can’t afford to lose, and for some reasons, I have a bad feeling about this. Better be safe than sorry.”

“You’re right, Sir. Better be safe than sorry.”

“Haha, anyhow we might not be needing his help if we’re able to maintain our advantage; moreover, we’ll need to get prepared for the upcoming challenge against Capth after winning Ayrlarng, so this is the right timing to summon him back to undergo body checkups.”


Martyrus turned toward the analysis data on his monitor, he was impressed by Samantha’s ability and even believed that she would be able to restore Ayrlarng’s former glory in a few years if she was given the chance. Unfortunately, this was a dog-eat-dog world, the rivalry was unavoidable amongst military academies; every academy would do whatever it takes to acquire a better source of students, more appropriations, fundings and investments, and even fame and glory. The radiance of Ayrlarng has dwindled, now Bernabeu shall rise and become the next big hit.

Moving on to the info of Ma Xiaoru and the Tactics of the Enchantress. Indeed, she was a strong and talented student, but this female descendent from the House of Ma was too softhearted. According to the analysis, she didn’t like to fight, so as long as she wasn’t provoked, they might be able to pull a few tricks on her.

As for Hu Yangxuan, he kind of loved showing off, so the down-to-earth Cao Yi would be the perfect candidate against him. The fancy one versus the pragmatic one, Cao Yi might be able to pull this off.

However, Wang Ben would be a headache for Bernabeu. Being born in a military family, this guy was a flawless, tough rock, and he was always very serious during fights. Anyhow, he might not be a big threat since Martyrus already had the secret weapon against him and his Fist of the Racing Tiger.

Martyrus decided not to focus on Wang Tong, he knew Samantha had no choice but to seek for a candidate amongst freshmen because that was all she had, the other students were too weak. He was relieved after making a fine calculation, before that, he sort of regretted promising that Ayrlarng would win if they could score five matches out of ten; however, judging from the current situation, the odds were still very small. With that, Martyrus didn’t have to worry about creating an uproar among the public anymore since he had given Ayrlarng a one round handicap, and since Samantha decided to accept the challenge, she would have to admit defeat if Ayrlarng lost.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong headed back to his dorm after his training with Ma Xiaoru and the boys, and he was surprised to find Zhou Sisi in his room. She was doing some reading while waiting for his return.

“How did you get in?” Wang Tong looked puzzled.

“Hehe, I remembered the passcode of your door lock.” Zhou Sisi looked stunning under the lighting of his room.

“I see… but don’t you think it looks kinda weird?”

“Nope, I remembered your passcode so that I can come in and clean up your room when I’m free. Why are you panicking? Are you hiding something from me?” Zhou Sisi said with an impish smile.

“No, not at all, be my guest.”

“I was also chosen as a candidate against Bernabeu, so I’ll have to work harder and try my best not to embarrass myself!” Zhou Sisi grabbed her fist as she said that.

Wang Tong rubbed his forehead. He was almost driven by his lust when he saw Zhou Sisi’s expression of excitement. Wang Tong knew it was a close call as he nearly surrendered himself to the primitive desire of a man. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t attracted to Zhou Sisi, she was a pretty lady with an interesting personality; moreover, she was the only girl that had ever shared affectionate contact with Wang Tong. He was always good at controlling himself, but recently Wang Tong had no idea why he became impulsive, like an animal in heat.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Sisi thought there was something on her face.

“Nothing, it’s okay. Let’s go after I took a shower and get changed.”

“Take your time, I haven’t finished my reading.” Zhou Sisi wasn’t in a rush, she even cleaned up his room and turned it into a comfy little home.

Tidying and cleaning up might be Wang Tong’s weakness, but Zhou Sisi was very good at this; after all, girls do love cleanliness.

Wang Tong took his shower and got changed in a jiff.

“So what would you like to practice tonight?”

“Same, I’m not giving up on improving my space battle techniques. Oh, by the way, I have a good news, recently I discovered my Soul Energy has increased dramatically, and I’m feeling confident that I’ll be able to complete the maneuver soon!”

“Wow, really? Show me what you got later!”

“Bring it on!” Zhou Sisi’s big bright eyes were in flames.

In the end, she suffered three defeats in a row, as expected.

Zhou Sisi was thoroughly defeated by Wang Tong, she knew she couldn’t win him in fights, but she was confident when it came to her meticulous Battlecraft layouts and fine strategies, and Wang Tong had quite a lot of loopholes, yet she always failed while he managed to make a comeback.

“You cheated!” Zhou Sisi got frustrated.

Wang Tong laughed and said, “I didn’t cheat. You’re good in terms of conventional battle maneuver, but I prefer taking risks for the win.”

“Yet your strategies might send your troops into dangers, you can’t do that in real battles.”

“Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the results when it comes to battles.” Wang Tong didn’t continue to argue because there was no point to fight against a common fact.

Still, there were something that was worth to be learned in Zhou Sisi’s layouts. In fact, everyone had their own strengths and weaknesses; Wang Tong might have obvious strengths, but he was always risky in order to lure his opponent into his plots, even if there would be collateral damages. Nevertheless, it was a bad strategy during battles in reality.

The victory was the first priority no matter how; somehow, Wang Tong managed to learn that it was the uniqueness of simulation battles.

Both of them began to throw their thoughts toward each other, it might look like an argument, but they were actually studying each other’s ideas. Tactics and strategies on their textbooks were only theories, everything would be different during real battles, and they would have to keep on accumulating different experiences in order to improve their strategies.

Zhou Sisi then carried on with her practices on the cloning technique with Wang Tong observing alongside. Wang Tong could tell that she had been busy tuning up her old habits, and her performance had slightly improved even though she failed again in the end.

It had to be flawless when it came to the cloning technique, even the tiniest mistake would cause everything to crumble. It might only be a loss in simulation battle, it would put the user and the Battlecraft in grave danger when mistakes occurred during real battles. The greater the technique, the greater the effectiveness, but mishaps would become chances for the enemies to counter. War was not a stage play, to win was the only way to survive!

Unlike most Kaedeians who were good in cloning technique, Earthlings were able to understand it but were unlikely to use it because even though the success rate would be at 70% to 80%, if Earthlings were to adjust and adapt, nobody would take the risk since it was meaningless during battles in reality and might only be the last resort when there weren’t other options.

Zhou Sisi leaned back in her chair and sighed, “It’s too difficult. How did you do that? I couldn’t even maintain the success rate.”

Wang Tong smiled and replied, “Giving up already? Looks like—”

“Who says I’m giving up? Hmph, I was only asking how did you maintain the success rate. I had been using my left hand quite often since long ago; hence the flexibility of my left and right hands were okay, and recently I’d even increased the usage of my left hand, but the rates of failing were still high, and the failure rate would increase if the enemy targets increase. It would be meaningless if the success rate of my cloning technique can’t reach 100%.”