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Chapter 95: Men are Sexually Driven Animals

Chapter 95: Men are Sexually Driven Animals

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Zhou Sisi had always been a perfectionist because she knew if she didn’t take it seriously during her practices, she would have to suffer the consequences during her battles in the future.

“This time, why don’t you try to control it by putting your hands on mine? I’d like to examine your synchronization,” Wang Tong offered his hands.

Zhou Sisi looked startled as she gently placed her soft and fair hands onto Wang Tong’s huge palms. “Are you sure this will work?”

“Trust me, now all you need to do is imagine that my hands are the touch screen panels and do a few controlling gestures.”

Although it looked weird, Zhou Sisi gathered herself and seriously did a few controlling gestures. At first, Wang Tong didn’t believe in Zhou Sisi’s claim, yet he was surprised to find out that the synchronization of strength, frequency, and even rhythm on her left and right hands were even better than his.

“Is it bad?” Zhou Sisi looked worried when she saw Wang Tong wasn’t saying a word.

Wang Tong shook his head, “No, not at all. Your synchronization is better than everyone else around, you definitely have what it takes to use this technique; however, there is a problem with your Soul Energy. For this maneuver, the output of your GN Force is not the key, it’s actually the accuracy and flexibility, which is also known as the focus of your Soul Energy; in the meantime, you also have to make sure your GN Force is keeping up. I believe that you’re facing difficulties in the convergence of the GN Force.”

“So… what should I do? My subtle control hasn’t been improving ever since my Soul Energy dramatically increased, and I have no idea where to start with.”

“How’s your practice performance on the academy’s Tactics of the Blizzard?”

“It has been going well, I think I’ll be advancing to the next level in no time.”

“Let’s do it this way, later, I’ll need you to initiate your EMF and perform the cloning technique again, I’d like to see which part went wrong so that we can fix it together,” Wang Tong pondered and said.

Zhou Sisi nodded, “Roger that.”

Wang Tong stood behind Zhou Sisi as she began to cover herself in Soul Energy. Wang Tong had seen Zhou Sisi’s EMF before hence he was familiar with it, then he gradually contacted and connected to her EMF.

Zhou Sisi’s initialization of the Tactics of the Blizzard was fine, her Soul Energy was constantly outputted as she intensified her maneuvers. Soon, as she completed locking on to the targets, Zhou Sisi activated her GN Force.

However, Zhou Sisi’s subtle control was affected due to the hasty attribute of the Tactics of the Blizzard. Wang Tong was able to detect the snag with his sensitive Soul Energy and made a couple of coordinations to ensure the smoothness of her control.

Suddenly, Wang Tong felt like he was the one controlling it instead.

It was a strange sensation, like he was able to manipulate Zhou Sisi. The whole maneuver was successfully completed, but Wang Tong noticed Zhou Sisi’s vision was blurry, and for some reason, she wasn’t talking or moving.

“Stand up...”

Wang Tong’s subconscious commanded Zhou Sisi, and she stood up obediently.

“Sit down...”

Zhou Sisi obeyed and sat down like a puppet.

It sent chills down to Wang Tong’s spine… he couldn’t believe he was able to manipulate someone else’s mind. He quickly aborted his Soul Energy, and Zhou Sisi regained her consciousness as soon as he disconnected himself from her EMF.

“Wow, I did it! Gosh, that was perfect… are you okay? You look pale.” Zhou Sisi grabbed hold on Wang Tong, she thought he was drained due to the consumption of his Soul Energy. Nevertheless, she deeply admired Wang Tong, only those who had plenty of Soul Energy would be able to help others in that situation.

“I’m alright, no worries. You should memorize how it felt.”

Everyone’s Soul Energy varied and the waveband would differ even though they practiced the same tactics and having the same level of strength. Generally speaking, Soul Energy possessed both contradiction and compatible characteristics, and the methods of utilizing these characteristics were not easy to be mastered.

Although Wang Tong knew about that, he was surprised to learn that Zhou Sisi’s Soul Energy was completely compatible to his, contradictions between their Soul Energy would not occur as long as her body didn’t resist.

Somehow Wang Tong was terrified. He wondered if that meant that he was able to manipulate the others too if the strength of his Soul Energy had reached a certain level.

It felt like a horrifying demonic ability, but he felt good at the same time. Actually, he’d love to try it on Zergs. He wondered why he wasn’t able to figure this out when he was trapped on Norton, every living creature possessed Soul Energy waveband, and Zergs’ movements were controlled through this waveband according to their status, meaning higher ranked Zergs were able to control lower ranked Zergs. Wang Tong was thinking that if he could figure out a way to interrupt the connection of the waveband, he might be able to become the Zergs’ superior.

This crazy idea caught his interest.

He had no idea where did Old Fart get the Space Crystal, or how Einherjar Wannabe, who somehow looked like the real-deal, would end up trapped in that piece of ordinary looking Space Crystal, and also his mystical Tactics of the Blade that was once used by Blade Warrior. At first, he thought that everything was a joke, but with the emergence of several mysterious abilities and the rapid growth of his actual strength, he began to suspect that Old Fart was not as simple as he looked like!

Also, who on earth trapped Einherjar Wannabe into the Space Crystal and how was a person able to separate the spirit of an Einherjar level warrior from his body? An enormous secret was definitely hidden behind this normal looking piece of crystal; however, with the current knowledge he had, Wang Tong still wasn’t able to figure everything out.

It felt like an item beyond the technology and power of this era.

Wang Tong smacked himself upside the head, and said to himself, “Damn you Old Fart, always leaving me with a bunch of questions, don’t let me see you again!”

“Wow… Perfect!”

Zhou Sisi jumped out of joy; finally, she had memorized the feeling and successfully completed the maneuver twice without a fuss. It wasn’t a coincident, she couldn’t believe she had made it.

Wang Tong was startled as the pretty lady rushed into his arms, and the sweet scent of hers filled his senses. Actually, Zhou Sisi somehow regretted her impulsive action, but she wasn’t able to withdraw herself at this close range, her whole body had dived into his arm before she knew.

Wang Tong didn’t push her off, he couldn’t let go of Sisi’s downy body and her sweet aroma.

Zhou Sisi felt like melting, her face blushed as she began to lose her strength. The two budding youth had become more intimate. Sisi used to ignore boys and hated Wang Tong’s guts, but as a lot of things happened between the both of them, she began to discover his charm. When a girl was attracted to a guy, she would want to know more about him, even hope to find strength and dependency from him… little by little, she would give herself into desire.

Wang Tong wasn’t an idiot, at that moment, he realized Sisi had feelings for him, this could be the chance of his first kiss!

As an impulsive craving male, Wang Tong would never let this one in a million chance of a lifetime slipped past his lips. Men were sexually driven animals, he had submitted himself to lust and couldn’t control himself no more.

All of a sudden, footsteps were approaching, and it was getting closer.