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Chapter 96: Samantha’s Plans

Chapter 96: Samantha’s Plans

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Zhou Sisi mustered her strength to push herself away from Wang Tong’s arms, as she was about to leave, someone barged into the room.

“You two...” It was Ma Xiaoru.

Instantly Wang Tong felt what had happened a minute before was a bad joke from God.

“Oh, you’re still here Xiaoru?”

“I thought you said that you want me to help you with your Mathematical Theory tonight?” Ma Xiaoru looked at Zhou Sisi and Wang Tong suspiciously.

“Ah, my bad. I was helping Sisi with her Cloning Technique, I’m terribly sorry for my poor memory.” Wang Tong was embarrassed, not because of what Ma Xiaoru might suspect, but because of his ungentlemanly way of forgetting her kindness to help himself.

Ma Xiaoru smiled as she accepted Wang Tong’s sincere apology. However, she couldn’t help wondering what was going on between him and Zhou Sisi.

“Xiaoru, I remember that you’re not staying in the dorm, so why don’t I help him with his subjects rather than troubling you instead?” Zhou Sisi interrupted all of a sudden, she had nothing to fear of her “opponent”.

Moreover, they were not doing anything shameful, so she had no reason to be scared. Nevertheless, Zhou Sisi had no idea why she would bite her lips and summon up the courage to say so.

“No, it’s not troublesome at all. Furthermore, Wang Tong and I had other things to discuss, am I right?” Ma Xiaoru’s eyes were filled with a vague hint of “menace”.

Wang Tong subconsciously nodded. He knew he should think of a way to escape as he felt the atmosphere around the room was getting weird.

“A-hem, Sisi, that’s all for today, just make sure you practice more, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. I still have something to ask Xiaoru.”

“Thanks, Wang Tong. Let’s continue tomorrow, see ya!”

“Let’s go, Wang Tong.”

“Alright, alright.”

Wang Tong was drained due to the rivalry between the two girls. If the “well-experienced” Hu Yangxian were there, he’d have been able to please both sides perfectly like hitting two birds with one stone, unfortunately for Wang Tong, he was only a rookie when it was about girls. More importantly, he was still indecisive between Ma Xiaoru and Samantha, with the sudden appearance of Zhou Sisi on his “list”, Wang Tong was getting more confused.

He knew that Ma Xiaoru and Zhou Sisi were interested in him and probably had feelings for him too, and he was sure that he would be able to start a relationship with one of them. However, Wang Tong was mostly attracted to Samantha, yet the beautiful principal didn’t seem to be interested in a kiddo like him.

Wang Tong might have what it takes to subdue other tactics during fights, but he had zero experience in relationships with girls and even had no idea how to handle awkward situations like this.

In novels, beautiful ladies would surrender themselves to the manly male protagonist, yet Wang Tong knew he would be toasted if he was being careless around girls.

After they left, Ma Xiaoru never mentioned anything and didn’t even asked about Zhou Sisi, and Wang Tong didn’t say anything either because there was no need for him to explain since he didn’t have such a close relationship with Ma Xiaoru. Obviously, he didn’t understand ladies at all.

On Friday afternoon, Samantha gathered the ten candidates of Ayrlarng and headed to Bernabeu for their “crusade”. All of the ten candidates were freshmen because Samantha made up her mind to discover potential students amongst new recruits.

She decided to have Ma Xiaoru as the team’s elite, Wang Ben and Hu Yangxuan as the aces, and Wang Tong as their hidden triumph. The other six were normal candidates, and a few of them didn’t even have any idea why they were chosen since their results and performances were not as brilliant as the rest; one of them being Carl from F-Class Command Force, he totally had no clue why he was selected.

The rest of the candidates were Zhou Sisi from A-Class Command Force, Kyaero from B-Class METAL Combat Class, Rumi from C-Class Intel Force, Tita from A-Class Heavy Armed Force, and Cheng Chung from A-Class Battlecraft Fleet Studies. These three ladies and seven guys would be representing Ayrlarng against Bernabeu’s challenges.

The tournament consisted of ten rounds, five being METAL Combats because METAL Fighters were the most important military forces of mankind. Besides one round of Intel Programming Battle, there was also one round of Heavy Armed Brawl. The main role of Heavy Armed troops was to support METAL fighters during battle and ground advancements. These types of machinery might not be nimble, but they were important because of their bulkiness, strong mobility, and tough defense; they were mankind’s most preferred combination and also the most effective military resources against the Zergs.

As for the remaining three rounds, two rounds were Battlecraft Combats, which were the battle of commanding and controlling skills. Last but not least, one round of Survival Skill Assessment; in this round, all ten candidates of both academies were required to participate, because whether you were a commander or a foot soldier, one had to know how to survive. Fellow participant would have to finish their given task in this round in order to win.

Wang Ben and the other students from the rich families seemed not surprised to travel in Samantha’s private jet, but the others were totally amazed by this once in a lifetime experience. It was normal for Zhou Sisi, Tita, and Cheng Chung to be chosen since they were the top students of A-Class, even though their winning ratios were lower than the elites from Bernabeu. As for Kyaero from B-Class, Rumi from C-Class, and Carl from F-Class, the three of them absolutely had no idea why they were chosen by Samantha. They were not supposed to be chosen even if the slots were decided through an alphabetical order with their names.

Nevertheless, Carl was excited for being able to participate, Kyaero too was eager to try, yet Rumi looked anxious. Apparently, she had never been given such privileges before, she even requested Samantha to have someone else to take her place before the departure, of course, Samantha declined her excuse immediately.

“Wow, it feels so good! It’s been years since my last trip in a classy jet!” Kyaero exclaimed.

Samantha laid down gracefully on her seat, the boys couldn’t help staring at the principal’s stunning figure, the way she dressed definitely brought out her sexiness and elegance.

“Comfy isn’t it? You will be given better privileges if you are able to win, but you will have to go back to Ayrlarng by yourselves if you lose the tournament,” Samantha said.

“Please don’t stress us out before the match Ma’am Principal, our performances might be affected,” Carl said.

“I’m not sure about the rest, but I’m pretty sure you’re the one who lacks pressure and stress.”

The team laughed, Carl curled himself back into the sofa; he had been asking the principal to explain why he was chosen, but she never replied.

Apparently, Samantha had fully accepted Gansus’ opinion and chosen the six of them as the remaining candidates. Yet, it wasn’t because it would help them to win; she would have chosen the fourth-grade students if she wanted to increase their ratio of success. Samantha picked them because she wanted to build up their experiences for the sake of Ayrlarng’s future. Moreover, she couldn’t only rely on Ma Xiaoru and the trio, as Gansus mentioned before, she had to gather a group of elite that only belonged to Ayrlarng as soon as possible. Kyaero might not be clever, and he was also very impulsive, but he was born with an amazing physical strength. Rumi possessed an extraordinary observation during Intel Programming Battle even though she was timid, and she might have a couple of shortcomings, but she was no doubt a student with a great potential. As for Carl, he was not gifted with any special ability, but he was a daredevil full of adventuring spirit, and he might be able to create a few surprises with his activeness. As for the rest, all of them had outstanding performances in their respective subjects, in short, all of them were worth to be trained.

Even though she wasn’t sure what would happen in the end, Samantha still hoped that they would all be able to grow by taking on a tough road toward victory.