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Chapter 99: To Hunt

Chapter 99: To Hunt

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Carl screamed as he was KO-ed and got eliminated. He was brave enough to choose the middle route but too bad, he wasn’t smart enough.

Samantha couldn’t believe she would dare to put all her faith onto Gansus; apparently, Carl was not as good as he said and looked rather like an idiot instead.

After losing the round, Carl patted himself on the back of his head, he still believed what he did previously was on the right track, and he lost because luck wasn’t on his side.

Martyrus tried his best not to laugh, he knew Samantha wouldn’t hold back this time because this tournament was very important to her; but unfortunately for her, elites were limited in Ayrlarng.

“That is one hell of a unique student!” Martyrus commented in a serious tone. Samantha was so embarrassed that she could kill herself instantly, anyhow she managed to keep her cool and let it go with a smile.

In less than a minute after Carl’s defeat, Rumi was KO-ed too. The poor girl instantly fainted when she encountered a Zerg.

Every student of Bernabeu burst into laughter as they witnessed what had happened, they knew Ayrlarng was weak, but they never expected their candidates to be THAT weak, what a loser. Rumi who was still trembling in fear came out with a pair of teary eyes, and she kept saying that she was sorry. At that moment, Samantha realized that she looked more like a nanny rather than Ayrlarng’s principal; nevertheless, she went up and cheer Rumi up with words of encouragement.

Samantha had expected that Rumi would fail because Rumi was a connoisseur in only one subject, and obviously, this wasn’t her field of expertise. Her loss might not be a bad thing as Bernabeu would become relaxed and let their guard down.

Ayrlarng had lost two participants at the beginning of the match. The secondary aces of Bernabeu had surpassed Kyaero, Cheng Chung, and Tita by a huge gap. However the three of them were stronger than Carl and Rumi, they didn’t give up and continued to venture further. Moreover, they might still have a chance since the main objective of level-A difficulty wasn’t only a race against time, but to make it to the goal in one piece.

It seemed like the secondary aces of Bernabeu were doing quite fine, their high performances in combat had proven them to be the students from a rising military academy.

“Five minutes have passed, shouldn’t that punk be doing something?” Martyrus mumbled to himself.

Back in the virtual scenario, Apache stretched his neck and said, “Okay, five minutes, time’s up. Let’s see how fast can the Tactics of the Enchantress get!”

Immediately, Apache unleashed a burst of GN Force as he stormed toward the designated goal like a hurricane. Students of Bernabeu began to cheer as they saw his unbelievable speed.

Yet, Martyrus shook his head, he was planning to keep his “secret weapon” identity as a secret, but now his plan was ruined all thanks to that kid’s bad habit of showing off. But he wasn’t bothered by revealing his secret identity because it would be impossible for Ayrlarng to defeat him. Wang Ben and the others might be strong, but they were only inexperienced freshmen, and he had already lost count of Apache’s tremendous amount of Soul Energy.

Apache was traveling as fast as lightning, judging from his speed, he would be able to overtake the tertiary aces within two minutes.

What about Wang Tong?

Apparently, he was still enjoying his time with the lush greenery, Samantha was pissed off and almost wanted to stomp and squash his ugly-*ss feet with the heel of her boots!

“Son of a *****, do something!!!”

Yet Wang Tong advanced slowly as he was sniffing the surroundings, he would even stop from time to time, like he was having deep thoughts.

“You have quite a remarkable student right there, Principal Samantha. Please don’t tell me he is your secret weapon, I would say he is more suitable to become a gardener,” Ovlor, the Disciplinary Master of Bernabeu, laughed as he spoke.

It might be inappropriate for the principal to say that, but it didn’t mean that the others were not allowed to say as well. Ovlor was no ordinary man, and the words he said earlier wasn’t only to humiliate Samantha but to see how she responded in terms of emotion; if he were able to make her angry and impulsive, Bernabeu would be another step closer to final victory.

However, Samantha remained calm, she knew neither sides would show their opponents any mercy in a competition. To students, this was the confrontation of skills and techniques; as for teachers, this would be the “battle” of mentality and emotional management, their rivalry would always remain unchanged. It would be impossible for Samantha to revive Ayrlarng if she didn’t have the ability to withstand such pressure.

“Mr. Ovlor, that kid is indeed our most unique student,” she said with a smile on her face. Ovlor’s trick was useless against her since she studied psychology. However, she was getting nervous as Wang Tong was still wasting his time doing nothing, she wished he could start paying attention to what was going on!

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru was still leading in the first position with her horrifying speed, stretching the gap between Wang Ben, Hu Yangxuan, Cao Yi, and the other primary aces. It appeared that most of them were trapped in battles, after all, it would be impossible for anyone to pass through the territory of Zergs without breaking a sweat. Ma Xiaoru was able to advance due to her incredible speed and ability to fight, the Tactics of the Enchantress definitely earned its reputation as one of the five greatest tactics of mankind due to its ability to kill with a single strike. Without a doubt, Ma Xiaoru’s capability to advance had proven that her strength was not to be underestimated.

Ma Xiaoru clearly understood that she had to avoid as many Zergs as possible, she would choose to kill if there were only a few of them, and she would escape in speed if there were a lot of them.

Actually, most of them were having the same thoughts, but the effectiveness would depend on their own skills. In the beginning, most of them charged toward the goal confidently, but no matter which route they chose, Zergs would begin their aggressive attacks as they got closer to the core of their territory.

Wang Ben was not an idiot, he was actually warming up by making ferocious attacks previously, he would also stop mingling with the creatures once his body was ready for action; time was the key to winning this round.

As for the other students of Bernabeu and Ayrlarng, they were gradually getting stuck in trouble, there might be a slight difference in terms of progress, but it didn’t really matter since neither of them was able to reach the finish line anyway.

Aside from normal students, the Level-A difficulty was also too harsh for the elites.

“Apache! Apache! Apache!”

Students of Bernabeu stood up and cheered as Apache charged with an amazing speed that was able to match Ma Xiaoru’s haste. Most of them that were in front of him a while ago had been engaging with Zergs and “helped” him cleared a path, more importantly, he was smart enough to discover those gaps and managed to avoid a lot of unnecessary battles.

Samantha was aware of Apache’s existence, but she didn’t expect that Martyrus would summon him back for this tournament, and she suspected it was probably because of Wang Ben’s recruitment. She was pleased by the arrival of this “double edge sword”, at least it managed to bring him a sense of danger.

It was normal for the students of Bernabeu to be excited because Apache was the only one who obtained two wins during Bernabeu’s last tournament with another S-ranked academy while everyone else was defeated. Apache was no doubt the legend of Bernabeu and the only one who had conquered every elite of S-ranked academies. Anyhow, Bernabeu would still be having difficulties against the almighty Capth and Yalden even though they were growing fast in recent years.

Bernabeu’s growth had almost surpassed Ayrlarng during its glorious days.

“Haha, Principal Samantha, looks like this is gonna be a showdown between Apache and Ma Xiaoru.”

Even though the result of this round was determined by the number of candidates who reached the goal and the time of arrival, that didn’t mean everyone would be spending the whole day waiting for their arrivals. According to the rules, those who were not able to reach the designated goal within thirty minutes would be disqualified.

Judging from the current situation, Ma Xiaoru and Apache were the only ones that would be able to reach in time. It would be a mixed outcome for Wang Ben and the others since they were mostly engaged and had no time advantages; especially Wang Ben, who had picked the wrong route even though he was strong, countless of Zergs had completely blocked his path.

Apparently, almost everyone was engaging with Zergs, no one was worrying about the time of reaching the goal anymore as they were busy worrying about escaping from the entrapment of Zergs. Without a doubt, Zergs’ ability to hunt was just as good as mankind’s.